From BTS’s Jimin To Jamie Park, Which One Do You Think Has The Best Tattoos?

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One of the Taboo Things That K-Pop Idols Shouldn’t Have is a Tattoo

Korea is still a part of Asia, where some things are still very much frowned upon. Their entertainment industry is one of the examples, where all their artists should have a clean background and follow these super-strict rules anytime and everywhere. There are some things which are considered taboo, but still crop up in the world of Korean entertainment, like Idols with tattoos.

These days, idols having been coming out of their comfort zones, step by step. They have begun to date publicly, be more open about their mental health, and of course, have been tattooing their bodies. But sadly, some fans still don’t accept it, even sending some pushback that those idols who have tattoos are not setting a good example for the public. But, thank goodness, several idols have chosen not to care about what netizes say about them, and instead enjoying their life without any problems.

For today’s article, we will dig up more information of these three legendary ‘Jimin’ idols who all have tattoos on their bodies. So, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic.

BTS’s Jimin

bts jimin

It all started during the MAMA Awards back in December 2014, when Jimin and J-Hope did a dance performance. During the performance, Jimin ripped off his tank top and revealed a tattoo around the right side of his ribcage.

Take a look at this picture below, and you can see the  words ‘NEVER MIND’. Soon, it became apparent that the words were a hint about their next comeback in 2015, which became one of Suga’s intros for their album ‘Hwayangyeonhwa PT.2.’ The tattoo on Jimin’s ribcage turned out to be the temporary type, where it only lasts for several months or even years.

bts jimin

Not only that, Jimin also had a second tattoo on his left side. As you can see in the picture below, there is a Chinese metaphor called ‘花樣年華’. That metaphor stands for ‘Fleeting Youth’, or the other meaning is about Jimin beginning to lose the innocence of childhood.

The fact that it was also a temporary tattoo could also reflect the message ‘Nothing lasts forever, including our youth.’

bts jimin

Here is a video of when Jimin was performing, and ripped his shirt off in front of many artists and the audience. Prepare for your soul ARMYs, especially those of you who are Jimin-biased:

After the performance, then through the mid-year of 2014 to 2018, his tattoo finally disappeared from his body. During the BTS Love Yourself concert in Chicago, where Jungkook lifted Jimin’s shirt up. His ‘NEVER MIND’ tattoo was nowhere to be found, only his clean ribcage with his juicy abs.

Here is the video during those moments:

During one of BTS’s performances on a year-end award show, Jimin wore a see-through white shirt.The fans were quick to notice a glimpse of the ‘NEVER MIND’ tattoo, where it was placed again on his right side.

ARMYs had differing opinions on the topic. Some believed it was a real tattoo this time, but there are still many fans that speculated Jimin’s tattoo was still another temporary one. Here is the image for you.

bts jimin

Then, during his solo stage ‘Serendipity’ at the LY concert, the choreography included Jimin lifting half of his shirt up. The fans clearly saw the ‘NEVER MIND’ tattoo again. From here, some ARMYs started to believe that Jimin’s tattoo are real.

bts jimin

But most of them still believe that Jimin used another temporary tattoo that can last for a year, just like he did before in 2014. Just take a look at the video below, where Jimin performed ‘Serendipity’ at one of the concerts in Fukoka.

Jimin’s tattoo was still there up until May 2019. Jimin lifted his shirt even higher during LY:Paris, and because of that, his tattoo became much more visible to the eyes of the fans at the venue.

bts jimin

A few week ago, ARMYs were surprised that Jimin was seen to have another tattoo on his wrist. The tattoo this time was a number, ’13,’ which was their debut date in 2013. The fans first saw it during a BTS V Live, where Jimin spread his arms out and then revealed it by accident. ARMYs began to review the jacket album photoshoot, where they also found it!

Here is the sight of his newest tattoo, the number ’13.’

bts jimin
bts jimin

So what do you think, are Jimin’s tattoos permanent now? Or it might still be a temporary one, like the majority of ARMYs think?

Whether is real or not, we have to respect Jimin’s decisions about his own life, don’t we? As fans, we still have to support him, no matter what, but especially as it doesn’t bring any negativity towards himself, or the other people in his life.