The Relation Between BTS’ Jimin And His BT21 Character, Chimmy

BTS' Jimin

BTS’ Jimin – a South Korean Singer

Park Ji-min (박지민), better known mononymously as Jimin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and dancer. In 2013 he debuted as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, under the record label Big Hit Entertainment. He was born on October 13th, 1995. He made his debut as a member of BTS with the release of the single “No More Dream” on June 13th, 2013. Jimin’s vocals have been described as delicate and sweet. He is regarded as an exceptional dancer among the members of the group and in the K-Pop world in general. Jimin also said in the documentary that he thinks of himself as a perfectionist, stating even the smallest mistakes on stage make him feel guilty and stress him out. BTS’ Jimin also made a character of himself called Chimmy. It’s a character that was made for a project between LINE Friends Creators and BTS. Each member’s drawing and sketching for his own character. Let’s take a look at Jimin’s character CHIMMY!

BTS’ Jimin’s Inspiration For Chimmy


Jimin created a character that’s a puppy thinking of the other band members as a source of inspiration. BTS members remind people of puppies since the boys love to hang out and are super active.

LINE Friends Creators and BTS created BT21 on September 26th, 2017. BTS was the first artist of this project, and the main theme of the project is to show the connection between BTS and Line Friends in terms of popularity in the world. BT21 consists of 8 characters. The characters were inspired by drawings created by the seven BTS members, with one correlating to each member and the final one representing the band and its fandom, ARMY.

Chimmy’s Background Story


Chimmy is a character that has his tongue out all the time. It is a passionate puppy who wears a yellow hoodie but doesn’t know its past. It loves harmonica. It was created by BTS’ Jimin (박지민). Although everything is questionable about CHIMMY, not even knowing oneself, CHIMMY tries very hard at everything with passion.

Chimmy’s Video

Similarities Between BTS’ Jimin and BT21’s Chimmy


Out of these 8 characters of BT21, fans often find themselves surprised at just how similar Jimin and his creation CHIMMY are. Fans have even started referring to CHIMMY as Jimin’s son.

Yellow Color


The yellow color represents the band’s overall image, according to Jimin. “The animal that goes best with BTS is a puppy,” he said in the BT21 making of videos. CHIMMY always sports the signature yellow hoodie and is compelled to work hard on anything that catches CHIMMY’s attention.

Does Not Like To Be Alone


CHIMMY was all alone and when it was lonely, CHIMMY played the harmonica. CHIMMY is going through hard times when he is alone all the time. CHIMMY is working hard to make friends and he resembles Jimin when trying his best to work better in the future.

Once Jimin told the story behind one of these tearful moments to Jungkook over dinner. “[The members] said, after drinking, I came to the hotel and asked for more soju. Then, I said, ‘I’m really lonely.’ I kept saying, ‘I don’t think using separate rooms was a good idea.”

J-Hope also talked about how Jimin loves being around others, which is why having his own hotel room can make Jimin feel lonely. J-Hope said, “Jimin though, he enjoys spending time together. Jimin once said, he thinks he is fortunate to be roommates with me. That he’d have been lonely at the dorm. After hearing that, I thought I should be there for him.”

Mochi Cheek


CHIMMY’s chubby cheeks remind people of Jimin’s face when BTS made their debut. Jimin had chubby cheeks ever since pre-debut. Fans started calling Jimin Mochi because his cheeks resembled the squishiness of a mochi.



On the BT21 website, Chimmy has this caption:

“CHIMMY enjoys wearing a yellow hoodie, and is born with a passion to work hard on everything, no matter what.”

Bangtan members do agree that Jimin is very hardworking that he practices until late at night. CHIMMY is also pure at heart.

Chimmy’s Relaxing Music


Chimmy’s relaxing music was released on December 27th, 2019. It was a kind of lo-fi music to help you sleep better.

Fans’ Reactions in the YouTube comment section:

  • Chimmy wanted a friend. He also wanted someone to listen to him play the harmonica. He wanted people to listen to him play. And now, thousands of people are listening to him which is just so heartwarming. His dream came true T^T How do they make me feel this way wah🤧💗 Edit: Chimmy, look at how many people are supporting you~ :> (from: I Purple You)
  • This music, and Koya’s sleep music really help me realize… That everything is ok, and that it’s ok to let everything out, whether you’ve been through the darkest of times, been hurt or just scared. And it really makes me so thankful for BTS. They’ve brought a light into my dark world, after developing depression 2 years ago. Even to this day, no one knows, not even my parents, and I don’t tell them, because they would most likely not care, and I’m scared. So scared that I realize I have so much stored inside of me, waiting to be let out. Listening to this has made me realize that, it’s ok to let everything out now. Now is the time to empty my clustered mind and my sad thoughts. If you have found the time to read this, thank you. Because this is an extremely hard topic for me to talk about, a topic of which I have never shared before. So thank you. Thank you so so much 🙂 (from: ¿ shirley ?)
  • I really loved the video’s caption “Stressed Out? CHIMMY’s got you!” I feel like I was saved from the darkness, I feel like all my problems are gone. I don’t know why people don’t see the contributions BTS gave to ARMYs and to everyone. They were our inspiration, our happiness, our everything. I don’t really get the point why other people hate these dorks, they showed me how to love myself, how to rise from the floor when everything isn’t right and make things right. They showed me that everything will be ok once you believe in yourself. I love them for that… Thank you BigHit and BTS💜 Love, ARMY💜 For someone who is reading this, I purple u💜 (from: Cutsie Swirl C.A.)

Check out CHIMMY’s Relaxing Music below!