The King of Fashion, Get Inspired by BTS’ J-Hope’s Style!

Red Carpet

This red carpet style; J-Hope usually wears formal suits, making him look professional but still not giving up on his own style.

Again, in this red carpet style, he wears a different type of suit with grey color. How fascinating to see!

This professional look on the red carpet wearing a red and blue sweater combined with a thin black jacket and completed with black pants making him trendy yet still sharp.

Summer Styles

His basic summer style entails wearing a white T-shirt and short denim jeans, completed by Balenciaga slider. He looks effortless but still hot!

In the photo above, J-Hope is wearing a line pattern Shirt, brown short pants, and sandals. This style is easy as pie but he still looks trendy. Love your choice J-Hope!

And again, we can see another beautiful choice of clothes for a summer style like the short and comfortable pants in the picture above. His style is complemented with a denim jacket that really suits him.

That’s all about BTS’ J-Hope’s fashion style. Let’s continue supporting his journey in the music industry as a BTS member and also his fashion taste. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts in the section below!