The King of Fashion, Get Inspired by BTS’ J-Hope’s Style!

Let’s Find Out More About The Fashionable J-Hope from BTS

J-Hope is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He debuted as a BTS member under Big Hit Entertainment. J-Hope, who has the real name Jung Heo Seok, is popular for his ability in dancing and won the national competition in 2008. Here, in this Channel-Korea article, you can learn about his choices of style that can inspire you! Stay tuned ūüôā

J-Hope’s Luxury Brands

Time and time again, his fashion sense has attracted many people’s attention. He even has pieces of clothes that are from the most expensive brands.¬†His choice of apparel is really unique and he always successfully balances the styles. And when we say balance, we mean balance in terms of¬†choice of colors, pattern, and any attribute from head to toe. Check out his fashion style below!

J-Hope has no problem wearing any color on him as long as he feels comfortable in it. For example, the pink shirt from Helmut Lang, his beanie from Supreme and the expensive necklace from Chanel. Look how good he looks in this style and color!

Expensive brands can indeed enhance your style. Just take a look at his choice of apparel in the photo above. Deck Pants from Human Made, Beatles T-Shirt and striped contrast hoodie from Charles Jeffrey making J-Hope look really cool!

Then, in the photo above, we have another cool style. J-Hope is wearing funky long pants from Fear of God, 3 Stripes Full Zip jacket from Adidas, and Sanders sandals from Discovery Expedition.

The style in the photo above is from his concert. J-Hope is wearing Anemone-Print Hawaiian Shirt which has a price of $315 and cool glasses from Neil Barrett which have a fantastic price of $179.

J-Hope’s style in the photo above is simple but chic.¬†His Nike Air Force High sneakers, which have a bombastic price, really stand out in his simple black outfit. Nice choice!

J-Hope’s Best Style Choices

J-Hope has shown that he really puts effort when choosing what to wear every time he appears in public.¬†His fashion sense no doubt has made him a trendsetter among the public. More than that, J-Hope looks comfortable with the unique appearance that appeals to people to copy and follow him. Now, let’s check out his styles in public below!

Airport Fashion

Almost always, J-Hope chooses to wear clothes that really stand out. Let’s check out some of his style choices for his appearances on the airport.

The photo above depicts J-Hope’s style at Incheon Airport, South Korea on his trip to LA. He chose to wear loose funky pants from Puma, and loose shirt from Balenciaga. He looks very comfortable and eye-catching in this style.

This style also has a simple vibe but still offers a boyish tone, especially with the coat matching perfectly with the knee-hole blue jeans.

This is the style that J-Hope chose to wear on his trip to Malta at the airport. He was wearing a checkered shirt and checkered shorts from Burberry. Obviously, he likes feeling comfortable while traveling so he chose a simple yet fashionable style.

The photo above shows J-Hope’s style on his trip to Taiwan.¬†He was wearing a brown classic tee and black classic fit track pants. Again, this is a comfortable outfit to wear during several hours of flying in the airplane yet contemporary.

Casual Style

This casual style from J-Hope comes from Kanye West Wyoming long sleeve t-shirt, Yeezy Cotton Jogger and lastly Wool check coat Sacai brand. This winter casual fashion from J-Hope makes him look like a Hollywood star.

Now, this J-Hope casual style fits him perfectly. His denim and sneakers from Yeezy also his trackers jacket from Ready Made x Fear of God.

Boyfriend Look

Would you be able to breathe if your boyfriend shows up dressed in this style? J-Hope is wearing a black to black outfit, looking uncomplicated but still fashionable.

This boyfriend look might make your heart beat fast: J-Hope with his denim jeans and long shirt, and attribute checkered scarf.

This style suits him so much, chic and Korean-boy style wearing Razor Hawaiian shirt, pink pants and of course, branded sandals from Gucci completing his casual appearance.