A New Bromance Emerges Between BTS’ J-Hope and Japanese Actor Kentaro Sakaguchi!


A Handsome Duo You Did’t Know You Need, J-Hope and Kentaro Sakaguchi

The bromance between BTS’ J-Hope and Kentaro Sakaguchi began early this year when the Japanese actor was seen at a BTS fan meeting in Japan.


Jung Ho-seok, better known by his stage name J-Hope, is the main dancer and rapper of one of the world’s most popular boyband from South Korea named BTS (Bangtan Boys) that debuted in 2013. Prior to his debut, J-Hope had been relatively well-known for his skills in dance. Before his debut, he won various local prizes for dance, including placing first in a national dance competition in 2008.


Meanwhile, Kentaro Sakaguchi is known as a talented Japanese actor whose name is on the rise now since he has been around for a while.


You may curious about Kentaro Sakaguchi. He first rose to fame after appearing in the live action movie Heroine Shikkaku in 2015 and played his first leading role in the movie The 100th Love with You in 2017. He didn’t debut right away as an actor, he first debuted as a model in 2010 and has since appeared in cover stories and pictorials for several magazines including Men’s Non-no Magazine for which he was an exclusive model for 7 years, according to Wikipedia. He has been called the quintessential “Salt-face” which is described as a fair-skinned man with a good-looking face, defined man’s eyes will become fine lines when he smiles or laughs.


BTS Sung a Song For Kentaro’s Latest Drama ‘Signal’


The Korean drama Signal which aired in 2016 was successfully received the attention of many people. The Japanese version of Signal also stars a number of talented Japanese actors and actresses, one of which is Kentaro Sakaguchi. BTS who is also actively promoting in Japan was chosen to sing the theme song titled “Don’t Leave Me” for the Japanese remake of Signal which was also included in BTS’ third Japanese album Face Yourself. This is their first OST.


According to TVReport, about the soundtrack titled ‘Don’t Leave Me’ that sung by BTS for the Japanese remake of tvN’s hit drama ‘Signal’, J-Hope stated that he wishes “everyone who watches the drama to enjoy this song.” And Kentaro Sakaguchi, the main character of the Japanese remake drama said the song is “fine and profound,” as reported by Political Analysis South Africa.


On April 19, 2018, BTS held a fan meeting held in Yokohama Arena, Japan. There was one figure who was enough to steal the attention in the row of audience seat. Apparently, Kentaro Sakaguchi also attended the fan meeting. BTS who knew this also had the chance to call on Kentaro Sakaguchi’s name from the stage. In fact, they also presented a special performance of the song “Don’t Leave Me” which was the OST for the Japanese version of the Signal drama they sang for. Getting a special performance from BTS, it made Kentaro Sakaguchi very happy. The handsome actor seemed to join in cheering happily and smiled brightly from the audience seat. Kentaro Sakaguchi even met them backstage. I met them and I think they’re a really great team. We’ve become a bit close, so I want to work with them,” said Kentaro Sakaguchi, as reported by Soompi.


J-Hope Enjoys a Date with Kentaro Sakaguchi


They demonstrated their continuing friendship during Kentaro Sakaguchi’s visit to Korea. On July 5, 2018, J-Hope and Kentaro Sakaguchi enjoyed quality time together, as we can see by the tweet from BTS’ official Twitter account. J-Hope shared photos of them enjoying a meal together in casual attire at a Korean restaurant. Fans believe J-Hope and Kentaro Sakaguchi maintained a close friendship ever since.


On July 9, 2018, Kentaro Sakaguchi appeared on MBC’s Section TV show, he said about the time when his face was shown on-screen during BTS’s fan meeting, “I was really surprised. I thought they were really cool. Their dancing is amazing, their music is cool, and their voices when singing are amazing as well.”