BTS’s J-Hope’s Girlfriend, Dating Rumors, Ideal Type, and Status!

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Let’s Take a Peek at BTS’s J-Hope’s Relationship Status and Girlfriend!

Almost all the people in this world surely know who J-Hope is. One of the BTS rappers is known for his playful attitude and amazing dancing skills. Apart from his activities with BTS, many people are curious about his personal life, especially his relationship status. They wonder who is J-Hope’s ex-girlfriend and his current status: is he single or not.

So, in this article, Channel-Korea has provided a piece of detailed information about everything related to BTS’s J-Hope’s history of girlfriends and his current status. Keep reading this article everyone!

BTS’s J-Hope Has Never Confirmed His Status and Is Single

Since J-Hope’s debut with BTS in 2013, there’s no information available regarding his status in terms of relationships. J-hope has never spilled the beans about his private life, including his relationship status. Actually, we never know the truth about J-Hope’s status now because he has never talked about it. But, there’s a statement from him that seemingly refers to his real current status. A few years ago, he gave a statement and shared his goal that he wanted to be “a precious person to someone.”

Beside that, while J-Hope didn’t give an explication by himself, surely he might be still single.

J-Hope’s Ideal Type: A Feminine Woman

Even though we don’t know about his status, you must know something about J-Hope’s ideal type. J-Hope doesn’t have a specific age gap and he didn’t take it seriously. For J-Hope, the feelings between the two people are the most important.

But even so, J-Hope still has an ideal type in terms of personality and fashion style. He wants a person who can take care of him and the people around him, like his family. He also wants that the woman can’t take her eyes off J-Hope and make him feel that he is the only one in her life.

Another feature of his ideal type is related to fashion style. We all know J-Hope is known for being fashionable, so he also wants a cute woman with long hair who can wear a feminine outfit but not too much. For example, she should wear a dress with simple shoes like sneakers or even high heels.

J-Hope’s Past and His Ex-Girlfriend

Before becoming an idol, J-Hope was dating in the past. This all was revealed by him in an episode of Rookie King where he was performing “Solo” by Dynamic Duo.

In that episode, he said that the song reminded him of his girlfriend and his past relationship. He said that his ex-girlfriend simply dumped him and chose to be with another man. Even though it hurts, J-Hope now feels better than before.

J-Hope and Becky G’s Dating Rumor

On September 27th, 2019, this dancing machine did a collaboration with American singer Becky G, entitled “Chicken Noodle Soup”. This project managed to get over 348 million views on YouTube and got more achievements. Not only the music, but J-Hope and Becky G also have a special and strong bond, so much so that people started thinking that they are dating.

Even though they have never spoken about it, neither J-Hope nor Becky G, they have shown the truth in their interactions. They have a special relationship indeed, but as best friends and partners in that project. Their closeness was also caught up at the 2021 American Music Awards, two years after their latest collaboration they finally met at the event. If you want to see their moments, here are some photos:

Well, that’s all the information about BTS’s J-Hope’s relationship status and his ideal type. After reading this article, your curiosity must be satisfied, right?

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