Like Father Like Son, BTS’ J-Hope and His Dad Are Alike

BTS' J-Hope and Dad

Let’s Get to Know About BTS’ J-Hope and His Dad Relationship!

Everybody knows that BTS is a popular boy group from South Korea, especially with 7 handsome members, one of them is J-Hope. He is a member who is called “Sunshine” by ARMY because he has a bright personality and easy-going. Not only because of his character that people like, but J-Hope’s family relationship also makes people interested, especially with his father.

So, in this article, Channel-Korea will give you all about J-Hope and his dad’s relationship until their resemblance. Keep on reading this article!

BTS’ J-Hope and Family

BTS' J-Hope family

If we talk about J-Hope and his family, our hearts feel happy because this family has positive vibes like J-Hope. J-Hope’s family consists of 5 family members, namely his older sister, who is 4 years older than him. Her name is Jung Jiwoo. His sister is a businesswoman who has her own clothing brand, namely MEJIWOO and some brands.

Besides his sister, he also has parents who always support him in every way. If every BTS has no schedule, J-Hope definitely took his time to go home to meet his family.

J-Hope and his sister are close. Whenever BTS has a concert, she will always attend to see her beloved younger brother shows. Not only with his sister, but J-Hope also close with his mother.

Relationship Between J-Hope and His Dad

J-hope and dad

J-Hope really loves his family. Even though he and his dad are not as close as his mother and his sister, J-Hope and his dad have the same frequency, strong bond, and love. J-Hope talked about his dad when he was in V-Live. He said that his dad was a teacher. One day, J-hope was immersed in dance and watched dance videos during an exam while pretending to study.

And then, his dad came into his room to make sure whether he’s studying or not. But suddenly, his dad was a shocked and deep sigh. At that time, J-Hope didn’t get support and approval for his dancing. But now, his dad is J-Hope’s most prominent supporter of his career. In fact, he had once asked him to dance on his dad’s face without music.

This is the video shared by J-Hope fans’ account @jhope_vibes showing J-Hope while dancing in front of his dad!

After this, his dad approved and supported his passion.

ARMY Got Shocked by the Similarities Between J-Hope and His Dad!

J-hope and dad twins

In early February 2021, Jung Jiwoo (J-Hope’s Sister) uploaded her photo with his father on her Instagram story @mejiwoo103. She posted the story with the caption, “He is not my boyfriend but my dad. But honestly, people might believe if I say that he is my older brother (laugh)”

After seeing Jung Jiwoo’s Instagram story, ARMY got shocked by the photo because they think J-Hope and his dad really like twins! J-Hope’s dad has the same vibes as his son, J-Hope, especially for the physical and the hairstyle.

Many ARMY immediately commented on Jung Jiwoo (Mejiwoo)’s Instagram message or other social media, such as Twitter. Here are some tweets from ARMY regarding BTS’ J-Hope and his dad!

J-hope and dad twins
J-hope and dad twins

BTS’ J-Hope’s Dad and Super Junior’s Leeteuk

J-Hope dad and Leeteuk

This is unexpected, and it turns out that Super Junior’s Leeteuk is close to J-Hope’s dad! Leeteuk said when he was a guest star on “Ask Us Anything” on October 12, 2019. At that time, he told about his early acquaintance with BTS’ J-Hope’s dad.

In the show, Kang Ho Dong (as a host program) asked him about his popularity among the elderly/parents due to his cooking program. Then Leeteuk answer that everybody recognized him when he went to the sauna. He also said that J-Hope’s dad approached him while he was in the sauna (near from his apartment), and J-Hope’s dad said :

“You’re Leeteuk, right? My son is also a celebrity. I am J-Hope’s Father. Hobi really likes Super Junior! Please keep promoting graciously and reliably so my son can work hard too”. 

J-Hope dad and Leeteuk

Not only with J-Hope’s dad, but he also meets J-Hope’s mother, and she gave him skincare and BTS’ album as J-Hope’s gift. Even though he is close with J-Hope’s dad, the funny thing is that he admits that he didn’t have J-Hope’s contact.

That’s all information about BTS’ J-Hope relation with family and his similarities with his beloved dad. After reading this article, what do you think about them? Are they twins? Put your thought in the comment section. And, don’t forget to keep in touch with us by waiting for another article of ours!