Let’s Check Out BTS Member’s Instagram Feeds and Tweets!


The World’s Phenomenal Boy Group BTS

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan is one of the most popular Korean boy-bands right now. The band has seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The group has an official Instagram account: @bts.bighitofficial. Posts are usually made by BTS’s management and they’re nearly all promotional. At the moment, the official account has more than 16 million followers, and it only follows two accounts: @bighit_exhibition, the official Instagram for the BTS exhibition in South Korea several months ago, and @bts_love_myself, the official Instagram account for the Love Myself campaign being conducted by BTS and UNICEF.

BTS Instagram Feeds

Here are some recent updates from the BTS Instagram account:

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#BTS <Burn the Stage: the Movie>

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This is a promotional poster for Burn The Stage The Movie, a documentary film about the BTS Love Yourself Tour until the beginning of 2018. It was been aired in several countries, including Indonesia, last November. Have you watched it?

“Love Yourself: Answer” promotional concept for E version. This was their last full-length album, and it has four versions: S, E, L, and F. Each version has different photo concepts. If you swipe left on the post, you can see pictures of each member. The first picture is V, then Suga, followed by Jungkook, and RM, then Jin, J Hope, and last picture is Jimin.

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#BTS #방탄소년단 #화양연화TheNotes

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Notes for Love Yourself: Answer. It was in Korean and here is the translation:


3 August YEAR 22


I opened the door and went into the storage room for the classroom. In the middle of a summer night, the odor of fungi and dust were mixed with the humid air. I had flashbacks of many different moments at that time. I remembered the shiny shoes of the principal, Namjoon’s facial expression when he was standing outside the door, the day I ignored Hoseok and walked back alone. My heart started hurting and I got chills. I had this complex feeling that overwhelmed me with pain. It’s hard to say what it felt like, because it wasn’t annoyance but it wasn’t fear either. The sign was clear. I knew I had to get out of this place.

It seemed like Tae knew what I was going through & held my arm. “Hyung, try a little harder. Try remembering what happened here”. Then I got Tae’s hands off of me and turned back. We walked through the heat for hours. We were as tired as we could be. Other guys looked at me as if they didn’t know what to say to me. Memory. What Taehyung said about memory was just a meaningless story. That I did that. That it happened to me. Story that we did something together. It’s possible that it happened. I think we did that. But, memory isn’t something that you can understand or accept. You don’t understand experience through just hearing something.

Experience is something that is deeply rooted in your mind, head, and soul. But for me, the memories I had about that place were only about the bad things. Things that made me painful and made me want to escape. A fight happened between me and Taehyung, who stopped me from going back and leaving. But we were both tired. Hitting or avoiding…it both felt heavy and slow as if we were in a hot, viscous liquid. It happened all of a sudden when Tae and I tripped over each other. My shoulder bumped into the wall and I faltered as I lost my balance.

At first, I couldn’t tell what happened. I couldn’t open my eyes or breathe due to the dust filling up the whole place. I continuously coughed. “Are you okay?” I realized I fell after hearing that person. As soon as I tried to get up, something that I thought was a wall crumbled. There was a huge space over the crumbled walls. No one moved for a second. Oh, my world. Someone said, “we spent such a long time here, we never imagined there was a space beyond the walls”. But what’s that? As the dust settled down, we were able to see a cabinet in the middle of the empty space. Namjoon opened the cabinet. I took a step closer. There was a note inside the cabinet. Namjoon picked the note up and turned to the first page.

I instantly held my breath. The first page of a note that seemed pretty old…the page had an expected name written on it. That was my father’s name. As Namjoon tried to flip another page over, I took the note away from him. Namjoon seemed surprised and looked at me, but didn’t mind much. I went through the book shelf, then an old note tipped over as if it was about to crumble. This book written in my father’s handwriting was a diary by my father that recorded what he experienced with his friend in high school. All the days weren’t recorded. Sometimes, the diary skipped a month and there were pages where they were covered with blood stains. I knew that my father went through the same thing as me.

He also made a mistake in his life and tried to run and run to make up for his mistakes. The things that were written on my father’s note were the records of his failures. My father ended up giving up and failed. He forgot, ignored, and avoided it. He lost his friends. The last page only had a date written and the rest was covered with dark ink. The ink was stained into the next page and the page after where nothing was written on it. That stain seemed to show my father’s failure like if it was some sort of an announcement/speech/advocate.

After some time passed by, all my senses got blurry. I felt the cold wind blowing over the window and knew it was the darkest time of the day, the time right before the sun rose. My dongsaeng, including Namjoon, were scattered around, sleeping. I looked up to the ceiling. I remembered seeing my dad’s name written somewhere here. Below that, there was a sentence written, “Everything started from here.”

I felt something against the tips of my fingers when I was able to close the note. I was able to feel letters written under the ink stain. I felt something out the window. I guess the sun was about to rise. But this night didn’t end yet. The time wasn’t night or past midnight (AM). As the darkness and blurry light intertwined, I was able to see the words on the lines from the darkly stained page. The note had memories that were beyond something that was recorded. On top of the words, in the spaces in between the lines, the things that my father decided to forget and not remember remained on the pages. The color evaporated but the traces of how the pen was pressed onto the paper were left.

My father’s time of fear, hopelessness. And his small and fragile hope and despair whirled around. My father’s map of the soul was reflected and left on the note. When I closed the note, I tore up. I looked at each one of them. Maybe we had to come back here. Everything started here. I realized the joy of being together. I realized the meaning and the joy of being together and being able to laugh together. The initial mistake that committed…the mistake that I was never able to confess… was left like a scar. I think all these things are not a coincidence. At the end of the day, had to get here. So that I will find out about the mistakes and faults that I have committed, and find the meaning of the pain and my agony. And perhaps take a step closer to finding a map to my soul.

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과거와 미래를

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Another concept photo by BTS, titled Past and Future. There are some individual photos for each member, too.

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Teaser video for 2018 BTS Festa.


BTS members posing while they were at the Billboard Music Awards in 2018. The BBMAs are worldwide awards, and being there was a point of pride for BTS and ARMY.


BTS members posing on the red carpet for the Billboard Music Awards. Each member had a different concept for their clothes, giving them all a unique feel.

BTS concept photo for Love Yourself: Tear. It has Y, O, U, and R version. Like Love Yourself: Answer, each version of the album has different concepts.

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#BTSLoveMyself #BTS #방탄소년단

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Love Myself balloon campaign for BTS’s partnership with UNICEF. As it mentioned before, the campaign had it’s own official Instagram account.

Curious about the first Instagram post from BTS’s Instagram account? Well, here it is. It looks like it was a concept photo for their album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2’ in 2015. Time really flies, doesn’t it?

Twitter Timeline

BTS members are more active on Twitter than Instagram. Their Twitter is @bts_twt and currently, it has more than 11.6k tweets and more than 18 million followers. There are some tweets from BTS:

RM’s Tweets


Here is one of RM’s newest tweet. He is doing a workout as it mentioned on his caption.

RM was posting two pictures of himself on January 19th, 2019. In the first picture he was posing in front of many books, and the second picture was taken near the mountain. In the caption, he was writing “careful memories”.

He posted several pictures of himself during his trip. In the caption, he wrote “good weather”. Looks like he visited BTS exhibition and taking some pictures there.

Jin’s Tweets

Jin is rarely posted on Twitter, same as Jungkook and V. He was taking two pictures of himself, and unlike the others who posted the trophy, he was taking selfie with the case of the trophy. The caption is:

“Thank you to everyone ..! I’ve seen a lot of trophies, so I took a case to see the case.”

Jin posted four selfies of himself. Two selfies were himself in normal mode, showed his worldwide handsome face. The other two selfies were himself wearing the sunglasses, showing his absurd side.

Unlike the previous tweets, Jin is quite normal in this post. The caption was:

“ARMY, Thank you so much for joining us today. Thanks to ARMY, I am happy and happy. I love you”.

Suga’s Tweets

Suga being super sweet to the fans. He was taking a picture of himself, and in the caption he wrote “Take care of the cold”. Be healthy, everyone!


Suga, J Hope, and RM were posing together in front of many foods. Looks like they have a feast, because in the caption they wrote “Application song to match this food !!!!!!!!!
Today too, too !!!!!! Expected expectations”.

Suga was taking a picture with the Daesang trophy, and he was saying thank you to ARMY, and said Happy New Year and good night to them.

J Hope’s Tweets


The sunshine of BTS is taking a video with the dog. He was lying in the sofa and taking selfie video with his dog. The name of the dog is Mickey, and in the caption he wrote “Tired Mickey”.


J Hope was posting some selfies, and he was saying thank you to Singaporean ARMY who attended his concert on January 19th, 2019.


J Hope took two selfies. One selfie was himself with the Daesang trophy, and the other selfie was he wearing the suit. He said that he loves ARMY and thank you for support him.

Jimin’s Tweets

Jimin is the most active member in BTS’ Twitter. Here is his newest tweet. He posted a picture of his face in white background, in only black, white, and red color. In the caption he wrote “I feel a little better today”.


Jimin was posting a selfie of himself, and the caption is “Oh already expected. I was already doing it. Oh I love you a lot”.

Jimin was taking the selfie with the Daesang trophy, and here is the captions by him.

“It was your last awards.
Thanks to that, I was able to finish last year last year.
Thank you so much today
This year, I make more fun and beautiful memories.”

V’s Tweets


V was posting a video of himself saying “good evening” to Japanese ARMY on January 16th, 2019.


V was taking a short video of himself doing several cute aegyos before the performance.

V was taking the picture of himself with two trophies, and saying thank you to ARMY.

Jungkook’s Tweets

Jungkook is known for his rare update on Twitter. In this post, he was posting his cover song on Soundcloud that has posted in BTS blog in Bighit website. There were two version of the cover song, and in the end of the post he posted two photos of himself in a stadium that seems like one of the venues of BTS concert.

Jungkook was posting several memes on his face.


In this tweet, he was taking a selfie of himself with the trophy, and he was saying thank you to ARMY.