HYYH: The Story and Meaning Behind BTS’ Marveolus Concept

bts hyyh young forever

Story Concept Behind BTS HYYH

BTS HYYH is the beginning of a whole story from BTS world. HYYH is the opening of the story which lead BTS to win their first trophy. The uniqueness of BTS story with the combination of BTS songs are superb and beyond the scene. Let’s check the story concept behind BTS HYYH.


BTS HYYH Meaning

HYYH is a BTS concept which stands for “Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa” (Hangul: 화양연화) (Chinese: 花樣年華). It means the most beautiful or happiest time of one’s life.


HYYH Logo Meaning

bts hyyh butterfly

HYYH logo is really beautiful. On HYYH album logo, there are butterflies as the background. Butterflies can represent a lot of meaning. As a spirit animal, butterflies are a symbolism of transformation and finding joy in life and lightness of being.

bts hyyh young forever

On the Young Forever album, one of the albums in HYYH shows an air balloon which represents freedom.

bts youth hyyh

On the Youth album, as a Japanese album during HYYH era, the cover shows a train railway which represents finding a new journey in life.


HYYH Notes Meaning

BTS hyyh the notes

Taken from the translation, HYYH notes contain the story of each BTS member on their younger days when they were together. The notes reveal the story of their love, happiness and sadness in their life. Each of the obstacles that BTS had gotten through are explained shortly in the note.


Meaning of HYYH Series

bts hyyh video series

Whole meaning of HYYH era is about story of youth which hardships of young adults surpass their life. Starting from I Need U, they have been sharing these stories where each person needs someone to be with. It is all about togetherness.

During Run, BTS members share the story when they are tired and want to run from their hardships of life. As the story is centered on V, he encounters hardships from his family problems, which makes him depressed and want to run away from his problems.

During Young Forever, BTS members are shown to be trapped in a maze which represents confusion. Slowly but surely, they are finding their own way from their problems to reach freedom.

During Fire, BTS members show their energetic side as they represent the energy of youth and their strength to surpass their hardships as they burn everything down so they can be free.

During Save Me, BTS member are dancing freely on a free space, but seems quite lost. The song is like a shout out so everyone can hear and give them a hand to surpass the hardship of life.


Whole Meaning from HYYH Era

BTS Hyyh whole story

The HYYH Series contains the story of young adult hardships in life. Each one of BTS’s members represent different story. The main story centers on V’s hardship with his family problems which ended with his successful suicide plan near the beach. There are several story meanings like togetherness, friendship, family, love, and happiness.