Everything You Need to Know About BTS’s 2022 Hiatus and Their Solo Projects

BTS hiatus solo projects

Here’s The Truth Regarding BTS’s Hiatus and Disbandment Announcement!

BTS is the biggest boy group from HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) and has won many awards and achieved worldwide popularity. They debuted in 2013 and on June 13th, 2022, BTS held their anniversary celebration as usual. This year, BTS also gave a surprise to ARMYs through the 2022 FESTA, starting from Family Portraits, BTS Practice Records, Selfie Collections, special songs, and dinner groups.

However, BTS announced their hiatus, and disbandment rumors appeared as well. So, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the truth about their hiatus and the disbandment rumors. Keep scrolling down!

BTS Shocked Fans with Their Hiatus Announcement

bts hiatus disbandment

On June 13th, 2022, BTS celebrated their 9th anniversary and the finale of this celebration took place at the Reak BTS Dinner Party on June 14th, 2022. That night, they talked about their memories and their journey during these 9 years. At the moment, Suga’s statement regarding BTS’s hiatus electrified ARMYs. After that, he also said:

“Should we need to talk about not holding FESTA or creating content?”

Then, RM said that although BTS have achieved a lot, they need to be more mature and grow up as individuals in the midst of the idol system problem there. The maknae added that they would take a break for a while to have fun and explore more experiences as individuals. He promised that BTS will come back more mature than now.

Their statement made ARMYs feel sad and proud at the same time, especially, when V said that J-Hope once said that they can focus on their solo activities and then come back someday. V believes that ARMYs will always support them no matter what they choose. At the same time, BTS revealed that they are now living separately. All the members looked teary when announcing this, especially RM.

CEO of HYBE Denies BTS’s Disbandment Rumors

hybe response bts hiatus

A day after this news exploded, HYBE opened up about this hiatus and the disbandment rumors. Park Jiwon as CEO of HYBE said that BTS won’t be taking a hiatus and the members are going to focus on their solo projects at this time. He also added that there’s nothing going on regarding any process of disbanding the group.

bts on hiatus 2022

It turned out that, on the dinner video, there was an error in the translation of Suga’s words. It should be “off session” or “off period” not “hiatus”. So, on June 15th, 2022, the CEO explained everything and cleared the misunderstanding.

HYBE’s Stocks Drop After the Hiatus Announcement

hybe stocks down hiatus

The news about BTS’s hiatus seemed to have an immediate impact on HYBE’s stocks which dropped overnight after the news exploded. The agency’s stocks fell by 27%, heading for the lowest closing record since their trading debut in October 2020. That announcement triggered the losses suffered from the decline in these stocks to around $1.7 billion and almost wane 60% throughout this year.

BTS’s RM Speaks Out Regarding the Hiatus Announcement

rm response hiatus weverse

After he admitted that his group had experienced an identity crisis after “Butter” and “Permission to Dance”, on June 16th, 2022, RM spoke regarding the hiatus news. Through his post on Weverse, RM shared his thoughts and feelings at the dinner party. He said:

“That is a time for us to express our feelings to fans who have been connected with us.”

Those who watched the video would know, but the message that they really wanted to convey wasn’t like that. RM added that they also read and looked at the article titles whereas there are many interpreted as provocative as their disbandment, hiatus, and more.

This leader of BTS also said, “It’s not like we didn’t know what happened or we weren’t prepared for it, but it’s still bittersweet.”

rm response hiatus weverse

BTS Members’ Individual Projects

BTS individual projects 2022

As we know, alongside HYBE’s statement and clarification, all BTS members would focus on their individual projects and it started with J-Hope who will be the headliner at Lollapalooza on July 31st, 2022. Then, BTS’s V will have a variety show along with Wooga Squad (Choi Woo-shik, Park Seo-joon, Peakboy, and Park Hyung-sik) named In The Soop: Friendship Trip.

Actually, Jungkook is already featured in Charlie Puth’s song entitled “Left And Right” which was released on June 24th, 2022. Here’s the MV:

Then, on the same date as Jungkook’s and Charlie Puth’s song release, Kim Taehyung reportedly went to Paris to attend the Men’s Paris Fashion Week held by CELINE alongside Park Bo-gum and BLACKPINK’ Lisa.

bts v and lisa paris fashion week

As it was said before, J-Hope is the first BTS member who will release a solo album on June 25th, 2022. Through his Instagram (@uarmyhope) he has already dropped the 1st teaser for the solo album named Jack in the Box.

bts jhope jack in the box

ARMYs’ Response to BTS’s Hiatus

army response bts hiatus

As fans, of course, ARMYs would be surprised after hearing the news regarding their favorite group’s hiatus or disbanding. Many ARMYs weren’t shy to express their feelings at the time. So, here are some of ARMYs’ responses to BTS’s hiatus news:

army response bts hiatus
army response bts hiatus

Well, that’s everything about BTS’s hiatus news and the rumors of their disbandment, and also all the members’ individual solo projects. After J-Hope, we will see other members’ solo albums soon. So don’t forget to kindly share this article with your fellow ARMYs on your social media.

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