These 2 Idol Groups Have Maintained Their Friendship Together! Check Out BTS & GOT7’s Interaction!

BTS and GOT7’s Moments That Are Proof They Are Best Friends!

Mostly K-Pop groups are rivals with each other since they have to gain attention and potential that differentiates their taste of music, personality, and talent from all the others. But there are also some K-Pop groups are very friendly with each other and they actually go out spend free time together outside their hectic schedules.

In this article, we’re going to see the interaction and moments between the legendary K-Pop group that already has a big fandom inside the country and internationally. Let’s find out about BTS and GOT7’s friendship with each other, below!

Interaction At The Awards

During the awards, there are so many K-Pop groups that come, both girl-groups and boy-groups, who attend the awards then perform. Beside that, the awards usually make a special stage that had groups collaborate, and audiences can that they bond very well during the performances.

During the encore of awards shows, BTS and GOT7 usually greet each other since they know each other personally, as friends. The interaction between them is very pleasing to see since both are popular groups for their songs and they are also known for their friendly personalities.

Most of their fans know that GOT7’s Yugyeom and BTS’ Jungkook were born in the same year. During a photo session, the two idols, who was born in 1997, were sitting with each other and they had a chat, without any doubt. They seemed very close!

After that, BTS and GOT7 greeted each other again. Although it was only for a few moments, the idol groups from Big Hit and JYP Entertainment feel like brothers to each other, rather than only being friends through this moment.

While sitting next to each other, BTS and GOT7 had a little conversation during their interaction with each other. It looks cute how Jungkook is speaking to JB, and they’re laughing together.

During the encore, JB is a member who likes to wander around and greet every idol he meets, especially BTS. He walked very close talked a little with the rapper of BTS, Suga. They ended up walking together with JB’s hand on Suga’s shoulder.

During the same awards show, BTS’ Jungkook and GOT7’s Yugyeom, who are known to be very close with each other, came along while holding the self-camera during the encore and they didn’t forget to greet each other. This interaction was the same when BTS’ Suga came to GOT7’s JB and they ended up walking together.

This is another picture where we can see during BTS and GOT7’s interaction. Beside Yugyeom, Jungkook is also very close with GOT7’s Thai member, Bambam. The two definitely look more like brothers than just best friends..

During the award announcements, GOT7 won an award and went up to the stage. When they were walking up the stairs, BTS was sitting in front of the stairs and got all hyped up when GOT7 won their award.

When it was the time for GOT7’s performance on stage, BTS, who was watching from their seats, looked happy and amazed seeing the energetic moves used by GOT7 while dancing to their song, Hard Carry.

Many people know that they’re not only friends with each other. BTS and GOT7 also made special performances on stage and made a great stage appearance, which made their fandom surprised and happy to see their favorite biases together.

Let’s watch BTS and GOT7’s special stage below!

Reaction Towards Each Other

Beside their interaction at the awards, GOT7 and BTS have had other friendship moments together, like on variety shows, music shows, Idol Star Athletic Championship, and many more. Check out more of their moments in the section below!

One of the main vocals of GOT7, Youngjae, was participating on MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singer’. Although he needed to remove his mask before winning the show, Jimin, who become the guest panelist at that time, recognized him and said that Youngjae sings better than him. Also, Youngjae said that they know each other very well and talk often.

During M! Countdown, GOT7’s Jinyoung wore a peach costume and hid inside the elevator, meeting BTS’s Rap Monster, Jimin, and V. They were surprised at first, but then realized it was GOT7’s Jinyoung so they managed to greet each other before leaving the elevator.

The only friend I have among male groups is Yugyeom. I’m talking to him to try bowling. It’s fun. ” Jungkook said during a V-Live.

During BTS’s win on Music Bank, GOT7 also approached to congratulate the idol group, who was singing Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Backstage, GOT7 was always playful when BTS came. They greeted each other in the hallway and Jackson was joking by saying ‘sugar’ bro to BTS’ Suga as they came. Rap Monster, who knew that he was going to be attacked by GOT7’s member, tried to run away after greeting Jackson

Why do you always treat me coldly?” Jackson asked Rap Monster. He did it on purpose just to made the rapper and leader of BTS laugh.

GOT7’s Jackson and Rap Monster met each other during the 2015 MAMA, and they were joking around that BTS is the group who gets ‘All Kill’ on the music chart and he was honored to perform with them on the stage.

During JTBC’s ‘Taste Of Others’, GOT7’s Jackson also had a chance to called BTS’s Rap Monster and asked him whether he’s on schedule or not. The rapper of BTS said that he was outside when he called and he will be working soon. Jackson also said that he missed Rap Monster then the idol asked him to meet later.

GOT7’s Mark also once revealed that BTS’s V sometimes contacts him and asks him what he’s doing.

During the special appearance of GOT7’s Jinyoung and Bambam on M! Countdown, they also had a chance to interview BTS during their promotion with Lovers High. It seemed like they were already close friends for a long time, and they weren’t awkward when they saw each other.

When GOT7 was backstage, they also mentioned that Jackson has learned about getting attractive eyes from BTS’ Rap Monster. At the time, BTS was also backstage with GOT7, so when Rap Monster heard that from Jackson, they were laughing out loud together.

During rehearsal, BTS’s Jungkook also mentioned that they actually have a group line with the idols who were born in 1997, such as GOT7’s Yugyeom, Bambam, Seventeen’s The8, Mingyu, DK, and NCT’s Jaehyun.

There’s no shyness or awkwardness when BTS and GOT7 meet each other, whether it’s on stage of off-stage. They have fun with each other and even dance along!

Beside the music shows, GOT7 and BTS’s interaction still happened when they participated on Idol Star Athletics Championship, where celebrities, mostly K-Pop groups, attended to compete in multi-sport events.

Check out BTS and GOT7’s interaction during Idol Star Athletics Championship below!

The two idol groups, BTS and GOT7 will definitely become legendary idol groups who are really friendly and have a great bond with each other as friends, not as rivals. Although they were working in the same field in  the music industry, they still remain close with each other. Well, let’s keep supporting the groups’ careers so we can see their comebacks in the future!