Take a Look at BTS Members with Glasses!

V with Glasses


Next, we have our charming member with the 4D personality, Kim Tae-hyung!

Also known as V, Taehyung is often the subject of discussion among netters because his visuals are too handsome. But it can’t be denied that he also has an adorable side, as discussed in one of the recent Instiz posts. The post revealed the reason V was wearing clear, round glasses. He revealed his reasons when holding a “Wings Tour” concert a few years ago.

Now that I’m wearing glasses, I look smart, right?” he said at the time. The post includes some photos of V wearing glasses. This post was immediately flooded with many comments.


A number of netters apparently could not accept the reason V was wearing glasses. They consider the 1995-born idol to look more adorable than smart.

Sorry I have to say this. But you look more adorable, Taehyung,” commented the netter. “No! You actually look adorable with glasses! The best Kim Taehyung,” added another netter. “But he looks very cute. Not that I don’t agree that he wants to look smart,” concluded the other.

Another netter commented that V does look smart, to cheer him up. “Yeah, Taehyung. You look smart. Hahaha,” teased the netters. “He once again proved that he is the most adorable person in the world,” said another netter. “Yes, yes, Kim Taehyung is indeed the smartest person in the world, hahaha,” said another.

Check out V’s other photos wearing glasses!


V’s appearance on stage often gets the spotlight from fans. Besides a headband, V also often wears glasses, which makes it look cooler.

Jungkook with Glasses


Lastly, we have our golden maknae, Jungkook!

September has become the month that BTS fans have been waiting for. The reason is that, at the beginning of September, fans had a rollicking celebration of Jungkook’s birthday. Surely, once September 1 arrived, ARMY (BTS fans) immediately flooded Jungkook with various birthday greetings. Not to be outdone, BTS members also celebrated Jungkook’s birthday in a very unique way.

Through Twitter, BTS uploaded hilarious photos of Jungkook in 2017. Visiting one of the shopping centers, in this photo, Jungkook tries cute glasses with Spiderman webs motif.


The original glasses for the children look so tiny when worn by Jungkook. Of course, the super-cute photo successfully entertained ARMY who immediately saw it.

Jungkook may not be famous for his aegyo ability, but his adorable appearance makes fans exasperated with his cute side. Although Jungkook is famous for his manly appearance and athletic physique, he recently changed his appearance by wearing accessories in the form of round glasses at the BTS fan meeting. His appearance almost left the fans breathless, and showed the soft side of the maknae.

Check out Jungkook’s other appearances wearing glasses!


Jungkook has proven to his fans that he can appear in any style. On the stage he wore leather pants and sweaters. In fact, he had performed without makeup. With the combination of the round glasses and the choker he wore, Jungkook once again proved himself able to make any outfit look good.

Latest News about BTS

Jungkook Surprised Fans By Releasing His Own Video, titled ‘G.C.F In Helsinki’. Once Released, The Video Became A Hot Topic

Jungkook surprised fans with his latest video release on the BangtanTV YouTube channel. The youngest member of BTS (Bangtan Boys) released his own video, titled “G.C.F in Helsinki”.

G.C.F, which stands for Golden Closet Film, is a recording series that was edited and directed by Jungkook in his own studio. The video was taken in Helsinki, Finland, where BTS did a photoshoot for Winter Package 2020.

The video was opened with a series of pictures of the beautiful scenery of Helsinki, and continued to show the members in turn. Jungkook closed the video with a transition picture of the sunset. He uses Talos’s “To Each His Own” as a musical backdrop.

Once released, Jungkook’s “G.C.F in Helsinki” immediately became a hot topic of conversation. Many netizens said they were surprised at how beautiful the video was. Some called it genius and very talented.

Check out netizen’s comments on Jungkook’s latest video!

“Daebak, this is crazy, the video is very beautiful. Is Jungkook a genius?”

“I can see how much he loves the BTS members in the video. The color is very beautiful, all the members look handsome. This video is so perfect.”

“I was surprised when he said, ‘I’m sorry,’ in the middle of the video. Very funny.”

“His talent is crazy. Really good. I’ve never seen a talented idol like him.”

“Does he really record and edit it himself? The quality of the video is not at all amateur. My God, he is very talented.”

“What the hell is this? I look like I’m watching a short film. The members are so amazing. What is Jungkook not smart at?”

“The members are very handsome and harmony with music is the best, especially the color changes at the end of the video that are amazing.”

“Jungkook was born with many talents. I like the interaction between the members and their acting in the video. This video is very beautiful and a little sad. Jungkook is really a genius.”

“I can feel his sincerity in the video. Jungkook is a genius.”

“Jungkook is the most talented idol to me. I really like this video.”

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