Don’t Miss BTS’ Funny Moments in ‘Running Man’!

The Biggest Idols in The World

Who doesn’t know about boy-group BTS? These 7 handsome men are indeed successful in stealing the attention of their fans because of their talent and also because they are very funny. ARMYs, as BTS fans are called, really love them, especially when they star in an event where each member has a unique behavior that causes a lot of laughs. When BTS had the chance to be guests on the Running Man show it got a lot of audience attention. There are some funny things that happened in this special episode with BTS.  If you want to know about the Running Man episodes with BTS, keep reading for more info!

BTS’s Appearance in Running Man

This episode, members of BTS challenged the cast members of Running Man. There were some challenges that they have to solve, including a dance battle between the two groups.

Episode 300

Jimin looks like a child when carried by Lee kwang-soo, they are really like father and son!

In a playing with 300 boxes of ramyun, BTS and the Running Man cast were each given a cart. Using the cart, they had to try to load as many boxes of ramyun as they could onto a truck on the other side of the field and whoever gets the most boxes on their truck would win with the boxes donated with their name.

BTS and the Running Man members embraced and shook hands. The relationship between senior artists and juniors is mutually supportive, even though they are very far adrift.

They are really happy and enjoy the moment, they have fun together and look like happy little kids looking at lollipops!

This is the final straw for Kim Jong Kook, who decides to use his strength to their team’s advantage.

Gary, Kim Jong Kook, and Haha will you become a new BTS member?

The photo shows Gary, Kim Jong Kook, and Haha in front of BTS. It appears as though the trio is posing like K-pop idols and amusing everyone with their efforts.

J-Hope, Jimin and Rap Monster pushed their loaded cart to the truck but Lee Kwang Soo tried to intercept them!

At first, BTS isn’t used to the tricks of the veterans in the Running Man cast, who keep playing dirty by doing things like grabbing their cart as they’re trying to load boxes off it. Jungkook caught on quickly, though, and tried to get revenge by offloading some of the boxes from the Running Man cast’s cart back into the pile!

BTS even got lucky when Yoo Jae Suk got confused and started piling boxes onto BTS’s truck.

the final straw for Kim Jong Kook, who decided to use his strength to their team’s advantage. He walked over to the BTS truck easily grabbing Suga, Jungkook, and then Jimin off Lee Kwang Soo’s back, holding them all underneath him as they try to break free.

They have very beautiful bodies! ARMY’s  fall in love with them

What happened? They’re very handsome, like brothers.

Is that Jin’s brother? Ji Suk-jin took a selca with Jin. Like fans and Idols, right?

Why do you like BTS? There is no need to have a specific reason to love them, because they look perfect. The guys in BTS are very handsome, like angels.

BTS competed with member Running Man. Running Man members had a little difficulty when they had to battle dance with BTS.

Hye Yoon’s Bboom Bboom vs Kwang Soo’s Fire Dance Cover in episode 448


That was all for the information about the Running Man special with BTS. Although BTS is currently busy with its activities, you can watch this episode when you are feeling bored and, please, always support BTS! Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!