Let’s Take a Look at the Incredibly Life-like BTS Figurines by SK Telecom!

BTS promotion with SK Telecom

All About SK Telecom’s Promotion with BTS

SK Telecom is a Korean wireless telecommunications operator. As a big company, SK Telecom periodically has special events to attract public attention and to increase its revenue. The globally popular group, BTS, gets approached by a lot of companies, both domestic and foreign, about the possibility of signing special contracts for endorsements. Those companies hope that they can trade on the group’s fame and that using them as brand ambassadors will help raise company revenue, but only a few of them ever get a contract with BTS. So, what is this SK Telecom promotion with BTS about? Let’s find out more about it.


Fact About SK Telecom’s BTS Figurines

BTS Figurines by SK Telecom

The BTS Figurines are a special promotion which was held by SK Telecom on February 18 – 19, 2017. Anyone who visited T World in Hongdae on those days would be given a key for the lock to open the cages with the limited edition BTS figurines inside.

In addition to the offline promotion, online promotion using Twitter also happening at the same time. Only 14 fans would be chosen as winners from the list of people who retweeted the event promotion on Twitter.


BTS Figurines Review

BTS Figurines review

The Figurines are all about 9 cm tall. There wasn’t a unifying theme used for the figurines, but they still attracted a lot of interest from BTS fans (A.R.M.Y) around the world to have them. As a bonus for fans, they could also get a postcard featuring the same BTS member as the figurine or figurines that they bought.