BTS’ Family: Parents, Siblings, Pets

BTS' Family

Learn More About BTS’ Family From Their Parents, Siblings, to Pets!

The fame of the South Korean boy group BTS is already worldwide. The group, which consists of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, has achieved a number of achievements, even breaking world records. Their popularity makes BTS members’ personal lives also attract curiosity when it comes to their family as their number one support system.

In this article, there’s detailed information about BTS’ members and their families. Being the family member of a BTS member is certainly one of the most profitable and happy things because they are a support system for a top star who is famous throughout the world. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about BTS’ RM’s family in the article below!

Who Is BTS’ RM’s Family?

BTS' Family

Some people already know that BTS’ RM has a high IQ, and he also has a family that can provide for him. This means that BTS’ RM has had a life full of sufficiency even before he debuted as a K-pop idol. However, he still faced several challenges when he begged his parents to pursue his dream as an artist. So, what about BTS’ RM’s family?

Let’s find out more about BTS’ RM’s family from his parents, sibling, to his pet in the session below!

BTS’ RM’s Younger Sister: Kim Kyung-min

BTS' Family

BTS’ RM chose to cover up his family from the public. He is known to have a younger sister named Kim Kyung-min. This boy group leader under Big Hit Entertainment almost never publishes his sister’s face to make the public curious.

On one occasion, the rapper whose real name is Kim Nam-joon once mentioned his younger sister. At that time, he was asked to choose which BTS member he would introduce his sister to. Then, RM replied with Jimin.

BTS’ RM’s Father Is an SK Telecom Employee and His Mother Is a Property Agent

BTS' RM Parents

BTS’ rapper and leader, RM, almost took a completely different path when he lived in Ilsan. Instead of writing lyrics, RM considered studying journalism. BTS’ RM described his first song written in 2007 as a “disaster.” At that time, BTS’ RM was 12 or 13 years old. “I don’t even know if the lyrics are in Korean,” said the owner of the real name Kim Nam-joon.

BTS' Family

BTS’ RM’s father is an SK Telecom employee while his mother is a property agent.

Initially, it was the parents of BTS’ RM who did not agree with their son having a career in music, especially his mother. It’s no surprise to BTS’ fans (ARMY) that the leader of the hitmaker “Dynamite” is a genius. Of course, as a caring parent, BTS’ RM’s mother preferred that her son pursue another career that is more stable and reliable than music.

In one interview, BTS’ RM shared his conversation with his mother regarding his decision to become a K-pop idol. After a long discussion about his career path, his mother finally allowed him to become an idol.

BTS' RM Parents

BTS’ RM shared, “If you make a comparison, my score can only rank 5000 in South Korea. When it comes to the way of life, I’d rather be a boy who is successful with work than grades. So I asked my mother if she would prefer her son to be number one in the things he likes, or be someone who could only be in the 5000th place. It was that conversation that made my mother allow me to pursue my dream,” he said.

BTS’ RM’s Dog: Rap Mon


Before changing his stage name to BTS’ RM, Kim Nam-joon was once known as Rap Monster, which is abbreviated as Rapmon. Apparently, his short name is the same as the name of his pet, Rapmon.

Rapmon is a white dog that BTS’ RM adopted in August 2013. Since then, BTS’ RM has often shared his togetherness with Rapmon on BTS’ Twitter account. BTS’ RM claimed to have dyed Rapmon’s nails with pink nail polish, the same color as his hair, when promoting “Run” with BTS.

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Who Is BTS’ Jin’s Family?

BTS' Jin Family

Some fans mostly noticed that BTS’ Jin has perfect visuals. This is one of the inheritances that come from both parents. Just like BTS’ RM, Jin also had a pretty luxurious life since before his debut as a K-pop idol. However, his career as an idol was quite successful because he received support from the beginning of his career as an idol from his parents.

Let’s find out more about BTS’ Jin’s family from his parents, sibling, and pet in the session below!

BTS’ Jin’s Older Brother: Kim Seok-jung, an Entrepreneur

BTS Jin Brother

The oldest member of BTS, Jin, has an older brother named Kim Seok-jung. Unlike his younger brother who has a career as an idol, Kim Seok-jung works as an entrepreneur who is in the culinary business. Nevertheless, both of them support each other’s careers.

In fact, Kim Seok-jung is mentioned as a loyal supporter behind Jin’s career success. He has also attended BTS concerts several times as a VIP guest, you know. When his brother got married on August 8, Jin appeared to be present and even became an MC at the event.

BTS’ Jin’s Parents: Businessman Family in Gwacheon

BTS Jin Parents

What is BTS’ Jin’s family like? It might come as no surprise for fans to learn that the business-savvy singer as well as good speaker was born into a businessman family in Gwacheon. BTS’ Jin had such a prosperous childhood. From the news circulating, he is the son of a rich businessman so he lives with sparkling luxury.

His mother was not a random person. According to some sources, his mother was once a Miss Korea contestant. Even so, this is just a fan’s guess because this news has not received official confirmation from BTS’ Jin.

BTS Jin Parents

BTS’ Jin also has a good relationship with his family. On various occasions, he did not hesitate to show respect and affection for the parents who raised him.

BTS’ Jin’s Sugargliders and Dog: Gukmool Siblings and Jjangu

BTS' Jin Sugarglider

In September 2017 while BTS was promoting “DNA,” Kim Seokjin introduced his new pets to ARMY, namely two sugar gliders which he named Eomuk and Odeng. In Korean, Eomuk and Odeng mean fish ball or fish cake, part of Ginseng Country’s seafood menu.

BTS’ Jin said he often feeds his pet sugar gliders plain yogurt. Unfortunately, sometime later, BTS’ Jin told ARMY that Eomuk died so he adopted another sugar glider to be Odeng’s friend whom he named Gukmool, which means soup in Korean.

BTS' Jin Jjanggu

Before raising a sugar glider, BTS’ Jin had a close friend, a dog named Jjanggu. BTS’ Jin often shares Jjanggu’s cuteness and togetherness with ARMY through the official Twitter account.

In September 2017, through a post on the fancafe, Jin announced the sad news to ARMY that Jjanggu had died due to illness. BTS’ Jin said Jjanggu had been his best friend for 12 years. One thing that ARMYs remember the most about Jjanggu is his fondness for food, just like his master, BTS’ Jin.

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Who Is BTS’ Suga’s Family?

BTS' Suga

BTS’ Suga became one of the members who had a hard time struggling to debut as an idol, not because it was difficult to get the opportunity but because his parents were reported forbidding him to debut as an idol because the job was less promising for him in the future. BTS’ Suga then had to break the rules and keep pursuing his dream so that he could be as successful as he is today. Who is BTS’ Suga’s family?

Let’s find out more about BTS’ Suga’s family from his parents, sibling, and pet in the session below!

BTS’ Suga’s Older Brother: Min Geum-jae

BTS' Suga Brother

Just like BTS’ Jin, BTS’ Suga also has an older brother known as Min Geum-jae. In the past, Min Geum-jae chose not to expose himself, but now he is quite open and shared a portrait of his brotherhood with Suga. In addition, Min Geum-jae apparently participated in one of Suga’s solo albums, August D, in “SKIT.”

BTS’ Suga’s Parents

BTS' Suga

In another life, BTS’ Suga who was born in Daegu might have met BTS’ RM as a fellow journalist. His father encouraged him to pursue journalism, but BTS’ Suga’s true love was music. He wrote his first song at the age of 13.

Like some of his family members, BTS’ Suga doesn’t come from a musical family, but there is still a love for art in his genes. His mother started drawing in her 60s, and Suga started studying painting this year.

Not much is known about BTS’ Suga’s parents because, at first, his parents were not very enthusiastic about his career as a K-pop idol. Even though his parents objected, BTS’ Suga continued his career. He eventually joined Big Hit Entertainment through auditions and started his journey as a member of BTS.

“They were very against my career path for about half a year. My dad is a very strict person. He and Mom have been going through tough times. So, they don’t want their children to suffer. My parents want their children to become civil servants and lead stable lives,” BTS’ Suga said.

BTS’ Suga’s Dog: Min Holly

BTS' Suga Min Holly

Holly is a brown poodle dog kept by Suga. Because BTS’ Suga’s surname is Min (Suga’s real name is Min Yoon-gi), ARMY also calls Holly by the name Min Holly. BTS’ Suga introduced Holly to ARMY in September 2016 via BTS’ Twitter account.

The news of BTS’ Suga raising a dog was quite surprising to ARMY because he was known as a cool figure. BTS’ Suga himself even admitted it. But, as soon as he saw Holly, BTS’ Suga admitted that he immediately fell in love. BTS’ Jimin once leaked a secret that Suga likes to call or talk to Holly in a cute and soft voice.

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Who Is BTS’ J-Hope’s Family?

BTS' Family

Besides being talented as the lead rapper of the group, BTS’ J-Hope also loves his family very much. He became one of the members who most often shares moments with his family, and many fans praise his closeness with his family. Who is BTS’ J-Hope’s family?

Let’s find out more about BTS’ J-Hope’s family from his parents, sibling, and pet in the session below!

BTS’ J-Hope’s Sister: Jung Da-won a.k.a Mejiwoo, a Designer, Model, and Influencer

BTS' J-Hope Sister

BTS’ J-Hope has an older sister who is 4 years older than him named Jung Da-won. No less famous than her younger brother, Jung Da-won is known as a designer, model, and influencer. She has her own clothing line called Meijiwoo. As a form of support, J-Hope also had time to promote his sister’s clothing brand and use it himself.

BTS’ J-Hope’s Parents

BTS' Family

BTS’ J-Hope’s Dog: Mickey

BTS' J-Hope Mickey

Mickey is a white and brown Shih Tzu dog belonging to BTS’ J-Hope. He has posted several times about Mickey and their togetherness on BTS’ Twitter account. BTS’ J-Hope and his sister, Jung Ji-woo, often dress Mickey in clothes and accessories for dogs so that Mickey looks very adorable.

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