30+ BTS’ Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know Before!

BTS' Facts

BTS Facts that You Haven’t Heard Before

As a K-Pop fan, you must be familiar with BTS and some of their newest songs, such as “Butter”, “Permission to Dance”, “Dynamite”, and many more. For your information, BTS is a South Korean boy group with an original line-up of seven members including Jungkook, RM, V, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and Suga.

BTS also have a long history and facts that you probably haven’t heard before. In this article, we will talk about:

  • BTS pre-debut facts.
  • BTS’ song production’s facts.
  • BTS’ members’ beginning of debut days facts.
  • BTS’ members pull a prank on April fools’ day’s facts.
  • BTS’ members’ hair’s facts.
  • BTS in America’s facts.
  • BTS’ rumors’ facts.
  • BTS members’ facts about mobile game and app.
  • BTS’ concerts’ facts.
  • BTS’ members’ popularity facts.

ARMYs, are you ready to find out more about BTS’s new facts and get to know them more closely? Without waiting any longer, let’s explore the article below!

BTS’ Pre-Debut Facts

BTS' Facts
  1. Since releasing the album in 2013, BTS have had a trilogy concept with the release of albums. One of them is the album entitled 2Cool 4Skool which was part of a trilogy with the next album entitled O!RUL8,2? and then finalized with the album Skool Luv Affair.
  2. Before being known as a boy group called BTS, they were previously given the name BPB which stands for Bulletproof Boys. Then, in 2011, the name BPB was changed to BTS and this is how they are known to this day.

BTS’ Song Production’s Facts

  1. Not many know that BTS’s song “Blood Sweat Tears” was actually written by Jimin. This song was later released in 2016.
  2. In 2017, RM said that when writing song lyrics he researched in consultation with expert professors in the field of gender. The goal is that the lyrics he makes do not hurt anyone’s heart.

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  3. BTS have a song called “Glow”, which originally meant chasing someone who is in love. However, BTS later changed the meaning of “Glow” to pursue dreams with power.

BTS’ Members’ Beginning of Debut Days Facts

  1. At the beginning of their debut, BTS’s popularity was not as big as it is now. One of their members, V, who at that time did not have enough money, had to patch up holes in his clothes. However, the patchwork clothes worn by V actually looked fashionable instead of looking weird.
  2. J-Hope is indeed known as one of the BTS members who are experts in the field of dancers or dancing. Before joining BTS, J-Hope seems to have shown his passion or interest in dancing by writing a list of the dancers he likes and the reasons he likes these dancers.
  3. Similar to J-Hope who likes dancing, Jin apparently also has a passion for culinary art through a blog. Before joining as a member of BTS, Jin apparently had a blog that contained food reviews. As is known, Jin really likes to eat and cook or do other culinary-related things.
  4. Jungkook has a blog where he writes about his personal experience of when he was taking dance lessons in America. He took the dance course for a year before finally debuting with BTS.

BTS’ Members Pull A Prank on April Fools’ Day’s Facts

  1. Jimin hacked BTS’s official Twitter account by changing his name to “Jimin Park” on April Fool’s Day 2022 and changed his personal Instagram profile picture to Bang Si-hyuk, the founder of HYBE. In the introduction section of the profile, he added the caption, “BTS’s father-in-law.”
  1. Jin changed his Instagram profile photo to a photo of the character “Jhin” from the game League of Legends (LoL) on April Fool’s Day 2022. He also changed his bio to a quote from Jhin, “I bloomed at the scene, like a flower blooming in the red dawn.”
BTS' Facts

BTS’ Members’ Hair Facts

  1. Jin is known to dye his own hair purple based on his favorite Pokemon character. After playing several games, the owner of the name Kim Seokjin was inspired by Pokemon Gengar to try purple hair.
BTS' Facts
  1. Jungkook’s golden blonde hair is no coincidence. Jungkook managed to make ARMY excited when he debuted with long blonde hair. Funnily enough, it was just in time for the Golden Disk Awards 2021. Shining as bright as the name of the awards show, and the trophies they received, Jungkook’s golden hair was named according to the awards ceremony.
BTS' Facts
  1. During the “Boy With Luv” era, V admitted that he chose the bright blue after seeing some fan edits of the color himself. After seeing the photoshopped photo, V really made ARMY’s dream come true with this stunning color soon after.
BTS' Facts
  1. Jimin shared his funny reason for going back to his original hair color, black. Jimin revealed that the real reason was to show a new side that ARMYs had longed for. Jimin with black hair has always been ARMY’s favorite look.
BTS' Facts

BTS In America’s Facts

  1. Snoop Dogg has confirmed that he will be collaborating with BTS. According to AV Club, Snoop Dogg confirmed the collaboration during an interview on the red carpet of the American Song Contest.
  2. BTS have made history, one of which is the first K-Pop boy group to give a speech at the United Nations and campaign to dare to chase dreams for young people.
  3. Rolling Stone, one of the biggest music magazines, ranked BTS’s “Butter” at number 13 on its list of the 25 Best Grammy Performances of All Time.
  4. Jin had an injury on his left index finger and had to receive an examination at the hospital and undergo surgery. He still had to go to America for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards and the BTS concert in Las Vegas. Many fans noticed the way Suga secretly took care of Jin in the most entertaining way that caught the eye and made sure that Jin felt comfortable and well.
  5. In a video taken by the media when BTS left for the United States on March 28th, 2022, one of the reporters said that they should only focus on three members because the other two might be considered less popular. One reporter said, “Not all of them came today.” To this, another reporter could be heard clearly saying, “Yes, five people (came). Of them, you don’t need to focus too much on RM and Suga, focus on the other three.”

BTS’ Rumors’ Facts

  1. At the BTS concert PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL, Jungkook’s buttons were problematic. Jungkook laughed because the buttons kept opening after he closed them. But RM claims Jungkook deliberately loosened his buttons. In response, Jungkook laughed, saying, “This is how the rumors started.”
  2. Jungkook and V are involved in rumors claiming that they don’t get along, even though they are very close. This time it was Jin who made the rumors about them. “Before they had a fight, that’s why it was awkward,” said Jin. V and Jungkook immediately straightened out the rumors, saying, “We were scolded together. This is how you create rumors.”
  3. V and Jungkook are not the only members caught up in ridiculous rumors made by Jin. The oldest member of BTS also made rumors about J-Hope who made 15 songs for his second mixtape. “Oh no, that’s how the rumors started,” said J-Hope.

BTS Members’ Facts About Mobile Game and App

  1. J-Hope is so good at using the app that his members are a little suspicious and start making other rumors. “I think he has an admin,” said Suga, during the live stream. J-Hope quickly denied it, but RM continued to tease him by saying, “Be honest with us. How much did you pay?”
  2. BTS named their pet in the mobile game, Free Fire. Jimin’s pet name is Kim Taehyung, V’s real name. While V named his pet Kim Namjoon, the real name of RM (Rap Monster), Jungkook named his pet Jin, while Jin chose Thumper for his pet name.

BTS’ Concerts’ Facts

  1. During the live show on Surprise! BTS!! they talked about Suga and Jungkook slipping during PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL. The BTS maknae couldn’t help but laugh when his hyungs fell. J-Hope, who witnessed the moment live, said that he laughed so hard he couldn’t sing.
  2. BTS’s concert in 2022 held offline shows and live streaming theaters, a total of 2,465,000 people watched the concert and managed to profit USD 32.6 million from the global box office with “live viewing” according to Variety, United States entertainment media outlet.
  3. On the last day of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL in March 2022, giving a deep impression by placing a sign language interpreter at the Olympic Stadium so that hearing-impaired fans can enjoy their concert, through the video posted by Kim Eana showing an interpreter sign language that provides real-time interpretation of sign language, while wearing a see-through mask that clearly shows the shape of his mouth in front of a disabled chair.
BTS' Facts

BTS’ Members’ Popularity Facts

  1. BTS’s visual line, Jungkook, V, and Jin, was given a new nickname by the fans, namely the Bermuda triangle. They look like three handsome men from the kingdoms of Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla from long ago in Korea. Goguryeo is Jungkook, Baekje is Jin, while V is Silla.
  2. BTS’s net worth in 2022 is higher than BLACKPINK‘s (Blackpink vs BTS). Both of them have been named as K-Pop boy group and girl group that have popularity not only in South Korea, but their income comes even from work abroad as well. BTS’s net worth is above USD 140 million with each member’s net worth estimated at USD 20 million. BLACKPINK are estimated to have a net worth of at least USD 68 million.
  3. Dispatch has partnered with the online survey platform Embrain to conduct a survey on exemptions from military service for South Korean citizens. From the results provided, the survey participants were asked to name certain figures who are currently contributing to “raising national prestige” and “promotion of Korean culture” of which 64% named BTS.
  4. A few days after BTS members started the concert PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL, Suga remembered seeing an interesting thing and said, “On the third day, I was told that you (Jungkook) used oil before going on (on stage).” Jungkook explained that it was something he used to do, “I always use oil/body oil (on my abs).”
BTS' Facts

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