BTS Disband: Will They Renew The Contract?

BTS Disband

BTS Disbandment: Contract Expires In 2022, The 7-Year Curse, Future Activities, And More!

BTS is well known worldwide as one of the most successful K-Pop groups and has succeeded in popularizing top hits, such as “Dynamite”, “DNA”, “Permission To Dance” and many more. Recently, ARMYs began to be curious about the continuation of BTS’ career journey, will they continue their career as a boy group or not?

As you know beforehand, K-Pop groups will usually face several things, one of them being a contract with management and the determination of whether they will be disbanded or on hiatus for a while. Will BTS disband? Let’s learn more about the answer in this article below!

Will BTS Renew Their Contract Or Will They Disband In 2022?

BTS or also known as ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ officially debuted in 2013 as one of the K-Pop boy groups under Big Hit Entertainment.

As an entertainer in South Korea and also a career under a music label, BTS has a contract that must be fulfilled for several periods.

Not only that, but their promotion period is also determined by how productive they are and the achievements that have been made from year to year.

BTS Disband

As you can see, BTS always attracts the attention of many people, especially when they make a comeback and also when doing overseas promotions.

In this case, Big Hit Entertainment or also known as HYBE will prioritize BTS’ career and will also provide a great opportunity if they will renew their contract in 2022.

It will be a big loss if BTS is disbanded in the near future, right?

BTS’ Agency Hasn’t Announced Their Disbandment, But Most Likely BTS Will Renew Their Contract

BTS Disband

ARMYs must be surprised if BTS suddenly announced their disbandment. Then, what is the real fact behind the hashtag #BTSdisband on Twitter which is trending around the world saying that they will disband?

It has certainly caused great concern for some fans who are curious as to why #BTSdisband is trending in 2021. ARMYs immediately stormed on Twitter and confirmed about BTS disbanding issue and checked the truth.

While it may surprise many, Twitter also notes that the hashtag is actually about a different issue. “BTS is not disbanding, but there is conflict within the K-Pop fan community,” the message pops up every time a user taps on the #BTSdisband.

This then resulted in reciprocal comments that led to fan wars in the K-Pop community which heated up again when BTS and BLACKPINK fans started trending the topic.

BTS Disband

However, BTS renewed its contract in 2018 and extended it for another seven years. Because of this certainty, the issue of BTS disbanding should not be possible until 2025.

Even so, the disbandment of BTS may not happen again in the near future, although some members will undergo military service and they will probably appear without a complete lineup.

Until now, there is no official statement from BTS’ label management regarding their disbandment because they have renewed their contract.

BTS’ Contract Ended And 7-Year Curse

BTS Disband

The 7-year curse seemed to have become a frightening occurrence. Not only for the fans, but also for the members themselves. Several groups have also proven that an idol group will collapse in the 7th year of their career.

However, it seems that this curse will not happen to BTS, which became a successful K-Pop group under Big Hit Entertainment and managed to go international. During an event that was held in August 2019, BTS was faced with a question regarding the group’s contract with Big Hit Entertainment which was about to expire.

BTS Disband

As is known, BTS has been in the entertainment industry for more than 6 years, so in 2018 they can decide to extend or terminate the contract with the agency.

When asked about the contract’s renewal, Suga gave a hint by answering, “Good news will be delivered soon.” Although we can’t confirm the good news, it is likely that the good news is meant for them and their fans.

BTS Disband

Not only that, other members have also expressed their desire to end their career. At the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’ in 2018, Jin gave a speech and revealed that the group had thought about disbanding in the past.

“We suffered so much this year… We even thought about disbanding, but we all put our hearts together again,” Jin said. “Receiving this award, I am pleased that it led to such a good result.”

BTS’ Future Plan If They Are Disbanding

BTS Disband

Not only active careers as a group, BTS members also have their own busy promotions do solo careers.

Several members such as RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, and V were also busy releasing their solo songs. Not only that, the hyung line at BTS just like Jin is also actually preparing to be enlisted the military, even though the schedule was postponed some time ago.

BTS Disband

Therefore, the possibility for BTS’ members to promote as soloists, whether it comes as singers, actor,s and more is quite high. Besides, their abilities as entertainers are unquestionable.

There will be many offers for them in the future to continue their careers in the entertainment industry although the members had to go solo.

There is also another possibility for BTS to continue their career as a group, but sign up for a new contract with other management labels. However, it is still a small possibility that will happen in the future.

BTS Disband

What do you expect BTS’ members to be in the future if they are compared?

Well, that was all for the information about BTS’ disbanding, their possibility to get renew the contract, 7-years curse until future plan for their members as well. Let’s continue to give support and lots of love to BTS, hopefully, they had the best decision in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!