Here’s What You Need To Know About BTS Who Recently Won Daesang At The 34th Golden Disc Awards


Meet the Prince of Pop Groups From South Korea, BTS!

Big Hit Entertainment’s first-ever boy group, BTS, has set so many records over the last two years. For example, being the first Korean artists to perform at the BBMAs, AMAs, and the legendary Grammy awards. Not only that, their album is selling with fantastic numbers, with more than 5 million copies sold, marking it as the best-selling album for a Korean group in 2020.

BTS has also won many awards in South Korea, at MAMA 2019 they swept all the Daesangs (one of the main price in Korean awards), making them the first group ever to reach that level of achievement. Recently, they also won many awards at the 34th Golden Disk Awards.

Curious to know what they were nominated for and how many awards the group won during the show? Don’t worry because we have the answer for you. Without any further ado let’s get into our topic for today!

On the Red Carpet

Before the various groups that attended the award show gave their performances or received their awards, they all had to walk the red carpet and have photo sessions, sometimes with short interviews.

As for BTS, they always come out with fancy, yet simple clothes on the red carpet. On the red carpet at the 34th Golden Disk Award, the group came out with all the members wearing some kind of blazer-like jackets. Some of the members were wearing a light color rather than black, including Jin, J-Hope, and V.

Let’s take a look at their group red carpet picture, shall we?


Here is the each member’s photo during the red carpet. Which one do you think dresses up the best, ARMY??

Our eldest, yet still young-looking, Kim Seokjin or better known as Jin, wears a cream colored blazer over a white shirt and pants, which gives him a soft and fluffy appearance, like a hamster.

bts jin seokjin

Our dedicated producer and rapper, Min Suga, wore an all-black ensemble during the red carpet. He looked so fierce with the eye make-up, as well, which totally fit his style.

bts suga yoongi

The sunshine and dance captain of BTS, J-Hope, wore a white shirt under a dark blue suit that made his outgoing personality stands out more.

bts jhope hoseok

Our best leader, RM, wore a black blazer over a turquoise shirt. RM also wore some small iron accessories on his black pants, adding a bit of extra interest to his simple, clean look.

bts rm namjoon

Park Jimin appeared wearing a dark blue shirt under a long black blazer and baggy pants. he rounded out his look with his black shoes from Givenchy.

bts park jimin

For the most handsome man in the world, V, he chose to wear a black shirt under a longish blaze with a tropical print. With his mullet hair, V totally gives ARMY heart attacks with his look.

bts v taehyung

During the red carpet, the golden maknae Jeon Jungkook wears an all-black outfit from top to bottom. Just like his hyung Jimin, he was also flexing by being dressed entirely in Givenchy. Well, I guess this is the true definition of ‘Crazy Rich Asian.’

bts jeon jungkook

Here is BTS’s full video during the red carpet interview session, let’s take a look!

V Accidentally Fell On His Knee

During the interview session, there is this funny moment that happened to one of the BTS members. Yup, it involved Kim Taehyung, who is also known as V. While they were coming up to the red carpet stage and adjusting their positions, V suddenly fell on his knees because (maybe) he tripped over his own legs.

We will show you the video when he fell, let’s take a look and guess what why it happened.

So what do you think? Did V trip on his own legs, or maybe he wasn’t well at that time, so he lost his balance? The answer is in your own hands, ARMY.