Find Out More About BTS’ Concert Stories Through the Original YouTube Series ‘Burn The Stage’

Movie Adaption


As we mentioned in the introduction, the Burn The Stage series has been adapted into a big-screen movie, with the title Burn The Stage: The Movie! It was released in November 2018, and was directed by Park Jun-soo. The movie was kind of a musical documentary film which also consisted of behind the scenes action from The Wings Tour.

ARMYs who wanted to watch the movie often bought the tickets on pre-order, since it only ran for a limited time at select theaters. Unsurpisingly, the demand for Burn The Stage: The Movie tickets was really huge! The movie ran for 85 minutes, and mostly was about BTS’s live performance, interviews, behind the scenes, and BTS’s activities during off-screen.

Well, that was all of the information about BTS and their series, Burn The Stage! Through that series, ARMYs were able to get to know more about BTS, and even feel as though they were involved in the group’s daily activities as well!

Let’s keep supporting BTS on every step they take, and wait patiently for another upcoming project! Channel Korea has introduced you BTS and Burn The Stage, don’t forget to give your opinion about them by leaving a comment down below!