Find Out More About BTS’ Concert Stories Through the Original YouTube Series ‘Burn The Stage’

Ep 6: Moonchild


Next, we have “Moonchild“, the 6th episode! There’s a lot of  happiness in this episode, since it covers the period of time when the group first heard that they were nominated for Billboard Music Awards, specifically for the Top Social Artist Award! At the same time, BTS had also started their Southeast Asia tour, as well. The episode was released on April 25, 2018!

Obviously, the members were beyond grateful and excited at the same time. They were even more so after they found out that they won the award! With that win, BTS became the first K-Pop group to take an award at the prestigious event! Even amid all the excitement, the group kept focusing on their Southeast Asia Tour, following it with their next destination, Sydney, Australia.

Well, you could expect one memorable scene from this episode, couldn’t you? Yes, it was winning the Top Social Artist Award! Moreover, the group members stayed as humble as ever, even though they already gained a lot of attention, even overseas!

Ep 7: Best Of Me


We’re almost reaching the end of the Burn The Stage series! In the 7th episode, BTS came up with “Best Of Me“! The episode was released on May 2, 2018 and full of lots of emotions! The Wings World Tour 2017 landed in Japan, and their dreams were about to come true, since they were performing in a dome stadium for their Japan tour!

Since the group had traveled to Japan before, this time they were more relaxed during their days in Japan, and meeting with Japan’s ARMYs, as well! Unfortunately, there was one sour note to their time in Japan. One of the members, J-HOPE, was involved in an accident during his solo stage performance. However, the other members were still supporting him and reminded him that, no matter how hard the situation, his fellow group members were there for him!

Ep 8: I Need You


The final episode of the series is “I Need You“! This episode was released on May 9, 2018. The Wings World Tour was wrapping up, and BTS were successfully performing their encore tour in South Korea, back where they started! With a mixture of tears and happiness, BTS proudly finished the tour, with the final destination in Macau!

After their Billboard Music Award, their next stop was at American Music Awards! Their performance during American Music Awards was like a dream which finally came true! They showed the audience why they and their music are so irresistible.

Meanwhile, during their last tour in Macau, Jimin fell sick, leaving the rest of the BTS members were worried about his health. Fortunately, it was under control and they still could manage it all well. After a long world tour, a lot of experiences, various emotions, and tensions between each other, BTS shared their honest moments to their eternal fans, ARMYs!