Check Out BTS’ Latest Song and Their Next Comeback Prediction Here!


The Crème de La Crème of Boy Bands, BTS!

For those who are familiar with K-Pop, BTS is nothing new on the scene. Having made their breakout performance in America just last year, it is safe to say that they are the hottest thing in the industry right now. Not only that but in 2018 they also had such an outstanding year with multiple comebacks, awards, and no.1 hits to prove it all. With tours, spanning countries like Japan, Indonesia, America, France, and more, when will they get to squeeze in time for songwriting and make a new release?

Fans have been anticipating the return of what could be K-Pop’s legendary superstars of this generation. Their last comeback left a lot to be desired with anticipation ramping up for the last installment of their Love Yourself album series. With awards season filling up their schedules until January, tour dates that seem to only add up as time goes and Big Hit’s plans to debut another boy band early next year, let’s find out about BTS’s comeback plans and predictions for 2019!

BTS Latest Comeback: Fake Love and Idol

bts fake love

In 2018, BTS came out with only two hits, titled “Fake Love” and “Idol.” Both are part of their ongoing Love Yourself series, that tells a story of one’s journey in discovering self-love and more, in a chronological manner. Previously, in the series, with the song “DNA,” we learn about the love that the group professes to the one they adore as they are destined for each other. Yet with their single “Fake Love,” they supposedly address what comes after the love they had felt for their soulmate.

The title track “Fake Love” was released on May 18th, 2018, as part of the Love Yourself: Tear album that dropped on the same day. The song tells the story of a broken relationship where the two people involved can no longer endure the burdens of the relationship. Some of the lyrics include, ‘Love you so bad, love you so bad, Mold a pretty lie for you, Love it’s so mad, love it’s so mad, Try to erase myself and make me your doll…’, which refers back to the overarching theme of self-love found in the series of albums. BTS is arguing that without first loving yourself you would not be able to fully appreciate your lover.

They premiered the song at the Billboards Music Awards in the US on May 21st, 2018, making it the first ever K-Pop group comeback stage on US national television. Check out the performance in the video below!

The song became BTS’s first Certified Perfect All Kill in Korean Music charts, hitting the no.1 real-time in all six major digital streaming sites. This feat is only then strengthened by the performance done in the US, as it not only charted in South Korea but also in the US through the Billboards chart. It hit no.1 in the albums charts and is one of the only Korean songs to have reached top 10 in the Billboards Hot 100 charts, usually filled to the brim with American artists and musicians.

BTS followed up the release of their summer hit with another hit for the fall season, titled “Idol.” The song was the title track of the album that supposedly concludes their Love Yourself series, Love Yourself: Answer, which chronicles the journey they had when they finally realized the self-love they had in themselves. The album included hits such as “Trivia: Seesaw,” “Epiphany,” “I’m Fine,” and more. The title track stands out for that the subject matter can be considered very meta, as it self-refers to the position they are regarded in the industry; not an artist, nor an idol. With the song, they reclaim the title of an idol, showing to the public that there is nothing wrong with being an idol, despite its negative connotations.

The album and music video dropped simultaneously on August 24th, 2018. There are two versions of the title track, with the version featuring rapper Nicki Minaj dropping later than the original version. Check out the music video below!

The song was first performed on the Korean music show, M-Countdown, with a very warm reception from fans and viewers alike. Although they were not able to follow up their first Perfect All-Kill with “Idol,” BTS was still credited with debuting at the eleventh spot on Billboards Top 100 charts with the version featuring Nicki Minaj. Check out their comeback stage below!


BTS Next Comeback

Fans have started wondering when will they come back next time, after all, their end of the year schedule is packed to the brim and they are planning to again tour for months beginning spring of 2019. So when do fans think they will come back? Some predict a comeback sometime in March or April if they are planning to release two mini albums this year as they had just concluded the Love Yourself series with a compilation slash repackage album. This will allow them to come back again sometime in September or October, with a schedule that is very similar to the one they did last year.

Another group of fans theorized that they will definitely come back this year, sometime around April or May, with a full album or a repackaged album that contains once again brand new solos such as their previous album, Wings. This timing could also match up with next year’s Billboards Music Awards, which they had been attending since 2017, as they have won the Top Social Artist awards two years back-to-back. This could also lead to them coming back with a brand new concept and image, similar to the previously mentioned Wings album.

All in all, there is no surefire way of figuring out Big Hit’s plans for BTS next year. Something similar also occurred as fans tried to predict this year’s comeback plans, with most of them betting on the wrong dates. Something we do know, based on articles made on Big Hit’s statement as the year came to a close, is that they are planning to debut a new boy band sometime at the beginning of this year. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that this does not mean a hindering of BTS’ comeback plans for the year of 2019.

BTS Solo Activities

While we are waiting for their next comeback this year, BTS has been posting content coming from each member personally regarding their habits in their daily lives. One of them being Jungkook’s personal project of documenting their behind the scenes life, titled GCF, short for his production name Golden Closet Films. So far he has posted 6 videos on BTS’ official Youtube channel, detailing some tidbits and shenanigans the band members get into during their downtime. Jungkook personally films, edits and supposedly posts the videos himself, something he seems to enjoy doing when spending time in his ‘Golden Closet’ studio. Check out his latest video below!

Other than that, BTS is also highly active on other social media platforms such as V Live, where they usually do live broadcasts of their personal schedules. One of the most popular ones is Jin’s Eat Jin, where he does a live broadcast of him having a meal and chatting with the fans. He also does gaming broadcasts, the most recent being where he asked fans to join him in playing Maple Story on his birthday. Member Jungkook also streams often while they are on tour, while RM likes to broadcast himself talking about some behind stories regarding the making and production of BTS’ songs and albums.

Lastly, collaborations have also been a big part in making BTS’ career as successful as it is now with numerous features in and out of their albums. The most recent of their collaborations is the one with Steve Aoki, titled “Waste It on Me.” It features members RM and Jungkook predominantly and backing vocals by the other members. Check out the music video for the song below!

So what do you think of BTS’ supposed comeback plans? Comment your thoughts and predictions in the section below!