Meet BT21 Characters, the Cutest LINE Stickers Made by the Creative BTS Members Themselves!


The popularity of BTS raise the popularity of these characters as well. BT21 has collaborated with a lot of brands to create various products ranging from dolls, makeups, to fashion! Here are some BT21 collections that are just too cute to resist!

BT21 X VT Cosmetics – Look at those packagings! BT21 X VT Cosmetics has everything from primer, foundation, cushion, eyebrows, lipstick, eye shadow, and so much more! Even if you’re not into BTS, if you like makeup, these products are definitely worth a try!
BT21 X 10×10
BT21 X 10×10 – This collaboration will provide everything you need for you gadgets! The cute BT21 designs can make your gadget accessories look cuter~
BT21 X ASSC – Who doesn’t know the Anti Social Social Club? BT21 collaborated with this brand and it adds a little bit of cuteness into the design. Don’t you think it’s super adorable?
BT21 X CGV – as BTS Burn The Stage were being shown on the cinema, CGV collaborated with BT21 to make those who watched the movie entertained by the film as well as the merchandise they provide
BT21 X Converse – BT21 Characters are playing on your shoes! Isn’t it cute?

BT21 X Dunkin Donuts, it’s cute, it’s sweet, you just can’t resist!
BT21 X Mediheal – Not only it is adorable but it’s also good for your skin. It makes your skin care experience more fun!

BT21 X HUNT INNERWEAR – Too cute to be pajamas! Do you want to see the BT21 characters in your dream?

BT21 X Olive Young – From fragrance, handcream, body wash, it’s everything you need but it’s BT21!



BT21 X TMoney – Now you can commute accompanied by BT21 characters!
BT21 X Reebok – Run with BT21! These unique designs are limited edition!

BT21 X 10×10 – Be the coolest kid in class by using BT21 stationeries!