Check Out BTS Travelling the World in Their Variety Show ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’!

Season 3: Malta and Europe

For Bon Voyage Season 3, BTS went to Malta!. What’s gonna happen in their journey? let’s find out!


The first episode starts with the usual fiasco of packing. V had a personal conflict, and couldn’t leave with the rest of the group, and would have to follow them out later. After arriving at Malta, the members were given an SUV and they headed to a restaurant for filling their stomachs.

After their meal, the members were given the mission to their accommodation using clues. Even though they have a hard time finding their way, in the end, they all got there.


After arriving at their accommodation, the members sorted out their rooms and had a pajama party. The next day, the members headed out to ride on a private boat. Jin and Jimin were standing at the corner of the boat and re-enacting the famous scene from the movie Titanic. Suga commented that they’ve been doing that for three years.

They also made a video call V, who was still in Korea. The next day, they become tourists and headed out into teams of 2 people. RM and J-hope went to the cathedral, Ji-min and Jung-kook went to Grandmaster’s palace, and Jin and Suga were buying friendship necklaces.


The third episode continues the members’ journey from the previous episode. Jimin is trying henna on his hand and Jin and Suga went fishing while wearing shirts that said “I Love Malta”, like tourists.

After their various excursions, BTS went back to their hotel and cooked dinner, then they went back out to enjoy night-time in Malta. They went to a pub and Jung-kook drank a bit too much and got tipsy while getting a lesson about history. Sadly, they missed the cannon ball event.


V finally arrived and joined the boys in Malta! For this episode, they continued their journey to explore Malta. They ride a ferry to Gozo and learned scuba. Sadly, Suga had to go home because of personal business. Before V joined the others, he took a tour of Popeye village.

After learning how to scuba dive, they all headed out to a restaurant and reunited with V. Then, Jung-kook, Jimin, RM, and J-Hope started their scuba diving. Satisfied with playing in the water, the boys headed off again to ride horses.

V had already mastered horseback riding because of a drama he played in, but it was a new experience for the rest of group. Done for the day, BTS went back to the their accommodations, missing Suga.


In this episode, BTS went camping!. Before going to camping site, the boys went grocery shopping. The first shop they visited was a fish market and they bought fishing gear. Before going to the market, they stop at the pizza shop and bought pizza. After completing their shopping list, they went to their campsite and got ready to go fishing.

Because of their poor fishing skills, they only caught a few fish. When night fell, the members are divided to groceries shopping and putting up tents and make camp fires. Once the members are complete, they started dinner and enjoyed their night at the camp fire.


It’s night time at the campsite. After filling their stomachs, they’re playing a game to decided where to sleep, and V suddenly feels sad because he misses Suga. When morning comes, Jung-kook wakes alone to watch sunrise while the other members are getting ready for the day. Their day started with heading to the market to buy souvenirs from their trip. After shopping for souvenirs, their next destination is Mdina, where Game of Thrones was shot. RM gives the other members a history lesson and explanation about the beautiful scenery. Afterwards, they’re heading to their accommodations and going out again to have dinner at the restaurant they visited on the first day. After eating dinner, the members are divided into teams and enjoying night sightseeing downtown.


Their journey still continues in this episode. After sightseeing around downtown, they decided to visit the pub. In the pub, the members talk about all sorts of things. While the others are chatting, Jin heads out alone and goes to a new bar. He made friends with the owner, Charles, and learned how to toast Malta style. Ji-min, Jung-kook, and V also head out, feeling a bit tipsy. Looking at the people busking, V decided to join in and sang Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. Arriving at the hotel, Jung-kook dyed half of his hair.

The next day, the boys are heading out again riding the ferry, except for RM and Jin. They decided to eat at the local restaurant. In the afternoon, they all met up again and played flying boards. They ended their day back to their accommodations.


Like the usual routine, they open up the letter that they wrote to each other a year ago. To complete their last night in Malta, the members went out to an amusement park. The episode ended with the members giving interviews about their wishes for their careers.