Check Out BTS Travelling the World in Their Variety Show ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’!

Season 2: Hawaii

For Season 2, BTS went to the exotic island, Hawaii!. Thhis trip was a reward for successfully wrapping their American tour. What’s gonna happen with their journey in Hawaii? Let’s find out!


Hawaii has always been Suga’s dream destination. On the last interview with the staff, Suga showed his interest ingoing either to Hawaii or Phuket. After they got to Hawaii they were all excited to start their journey. At the lodging, they played games right after to decide which rooms to use. Once the room arrangements were sorted out, the first things they had to do were buying groceries and shopping for Hawaiian clothes with a limited budget from the production team. After the members finished buying their clothes and putting some of them on, they headed out to buy food then returned to the hotel to decide the activity for the next day.


The members decided to take a boat out into the ocean, and were excited to see dolphins under the ship. Once they were out in the water, the members got to go diving. An instructor gave them directions first before diving into the water. One of the things the instructor told them was that if they met a dolphin, they can’t smile. from the moment they dove into the water, they got to have whole new experiences such as touching corals and swimming with the fishes.


This episode was their third day in Hawaii. Their first destination of the day was Akaka Falls. To get to the falls, the members had to walk over ae bridge. While they were walking, J-Hope asked the members questions about Okaka Falls’s history.

After walking for quite some time, they decided to try Hawaiian food, but they ended up concluding that Hawaiian tasted pretty much the same as American food. Their next activity was waiting for sunset while hiking. Along the way, they made friends with some of the locals.


For day 4, their destination was Volcanoes National Park. To get to the park, they had to hike through the forest. They were all excited to see volcanos, because it reminded them of science class. However, they were faced with a new challenge on their hike, because the forest was full of mud.

To look at the volcanoes at the park, they got to ride a helicopter. RM became their tour guide. After experiencing the volcanos, BTS headed back to their lodgings and the the PD gave them the mission of cooking for each other.


After spending some time on Big Island, the next place they went was Oahu. The PD gave them a theme to the trip, which was ‘friendship’. The members again divided into 2-person groups and had to find their way to their lodgings by bus. They were still struggling because everything was still new for them. To get information, they had to keep approaching various locals and trying to communicate with their limited English.

Luckily, all groups successfully made it at the lodge. The members spent the night by playing some games in order to get closer with each other.


The trip was almost over, but that didn’t stop them from exploring more of Hawaii. For episode 6, they’ went to Shark Park. Some of the members were quite scared. When Ji-min went in for a while and saw a bunch of sharks, he realized that it was quite scary, but he took up his courage and was able to see sharks with his own eyes.

After diving with the sharks, the next activity was looking for lunch and going to Waikiki beach. When evening fell, they also looked for dinner near the beach. On the way back to their lodgings, the members paused to buy souvenirs.


The episode starts with the members playing throw shoes and the loser had to pick one member to dive together. RM and J-Hope diving together in the water. Then, the members head off riding ATVs around Jurassic Park themed. After driving around, the boys were eating dinner in a restaurant and watching Hawaii traditional dance.

The next day, the members were going surfing. Before they could start surfing for real, they had to learn how to handle the surfboards first.


This episode started with the members writing each other letters, like in the last episode of Season 1. When their letters were complete they headed out to sail in a yacht.

In the yacht, they took a look at a video to remember their achievements throughout their career as a group. After reminiscing over good memories, they went outside to read the letters that they had write and talk about their honest feelings.

Then, the members enjoyed the sunset, and the episode ended with each member giving their gratitude about their achievements.