Check Out BTS Travelling the World in Their Variety Show ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’!

BTS, The Hallyu Stars

BTS isn’t only famous domestically, but also internationally. Their talent has been recognized internationally when they won several awards from famous award shows. Because they’ve been working together from the beginning until they reached their current level of fame, their friendship feels closer than others. To celebrate the group’s 3rd year anniversary, Big Hit Entertainment gave them a holiday and their fans can watch them through the show BTS: Bon Voyage. Would you like to know more about the show? Here’s the article for you!


Introducing The BTS Variety Show, BTS: Bon Voyage

BTS: Bon Voyage is a travel reality show that stars the seven members of BTS. The show itself only available on V-Live+, and fans have to be members to watch the show. The concept for the show involves the BTS members traveling and visiting various countries around the world to celebrate their 3rd anniversary as a group. Through the show, fans get to see their adventure and how they handle any obstacles throughout the journey. Bang PD, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, produces the show.


Season 1: Northern Europe

Season 1 aired fromJuly 5, 2016 until August 23, 2016. For this season, the members  traveled to Norway and Sweden. Here’s the recap of each episode.


In episode 1, the show opened when the group was getting ready for the trip and packing  their luggage. The PD only allowed them to bring one suitcase and one backpack each. Because of that restriction, the members were confused about how to choose what things they’ll bring. After the packing chaos, all the members were ready to go to the airport except V. Because of his schedule, he couldn’t leave with the rest of the members and would have to go alone to catch up with them. At the airport, they were faced with the problem of having to check-in by themselves. Of course, RM did it easily since he knows English. After the men arrived at the airport, Ji-min lost his bag, although he did eventually find it again. Even though there was some dramas before their departure, they were happy to get to see the new country.


In episode 2, we finally get to see V. While V is on his way, the rest of the members were going to watch a parade after eating breakfast. Because they were the only Asians there, they feel like tourists who were happy to take pictures.

Right after watching the parade, the members divided into two groups; a hiking group and a cable car group. Jung-kook, Jin, and J-Hope were going to ride a cable car. The other members, RM and Jimin, went hiking, and they would all gather together again later Meanwhile, V got lost after arriving at Bergen airport. Luckily, he able to buy lunch even though he was confused at first. Similarly to the first episode, one of the members, RM, left his bag behind. It turned out that the PD was playing pranks on him. When the members came back to their lodge, Suga happily cooked ramen for them.


In episode 3, they continued their journey for day 3. They decided to go on a boat and get a tour of Norway’s Sognefjord. J-Hope said this is the main reason to go to Norway. After enjoying the scenery, they were hanging out at a beautiful village. V decided to rent a bike and go for a ride, but when he went out he forgot the bag which held his passport. Again, the crew was pranking him, because he left his bag recklessly. The other members of the group helped the crew pull off their prank to make him realize how important it is. While doing the prank, the members got into a fight with V. In the end of the episode, V knew that the members were doing a prank and they were happily enjoying the night at the village. Here’s some of their photos at the waterfall.


This is the day they left Bergen and headed to Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm. The staff asked them to use public transportation to go to the hotel and challenge themselves to order in English. Because many of them aren’t familiar with the language, some members were a bit lost but, in the end, they all arrived at the hotel safely.

After putting their luggage in their rooms, they divided into 2-person groups and went to explore whatever they want. Some members want to eat, and RM, Jin, and Suga go to buy pants. Even though they went through the same incident again, lost passport, they still happily eat their dinner.


Because RM lost his passport, he took care of it first and the rest of the members continued their journey to Gamla Stan on a bus. Jimin’s ticket folded, which worried him because J-Hope kept telling him “If your ticket is folded, you can’t get on the bus.” If his ticket didn’t work, Jimin would have to walk for 36 minutes to their destination. Luckily, his ticket still worked, despite J-Hope’s teasing. When they arrived, Jung-kook was  enjoying himself taking pictures of the scenery. After taking a walk, V, Jung-kook, and Suga decided to eat at the local cafe and the rest went to look at a bridge. Here are some Jimin’s photo posing at the bridge.

Then they continued their journey. The next day, they were taking a cruise to Helsinki and fixing their place at the cruise. At Helsinki, RM joins the other members again, after taking care of his lost passport. When they were all together again, they celebrated their achievement by doing cheering at the cruise.


In episode 6, they were in Helsinki, Finland, except for RM, who had to go back to Korea. Unlike their previous lodgings, this time the rest of the members were staying in a camper, and they were heading for Santa Claus Village in Finland. During the road trip, the guys in the group played some games to pass the time. When they arrived, they had to go buy groceries. Because Jung-kook was losing when they were playing games, he was the one who had to buy the groceries. Kind-hearted Ji-min helped him carry the groceries. They all had barbeque for dinner, and spent the night in their camper. In the morning, they decided to leave the campground and continue their trip.


In this episode, they headed out Raveniomi to eat. Because they all have good appetites, they decided to eat at a buffet. After they finished, they went for a bike ride and J-Hope and Ji-min found some kids playing football. Ji-min and Suga suddenly joined the game and were playing with the local kids. The highlight of this show was the sauna. To make things fun, they decided to play a game to choose the one that had to jump in the lake and go into the sauna. Ji-min and V are chosen.

After playing at the sauna, the members were sitting together near the river and enjoying the sunrise. Things get more sentimental when the members get letters from their staff, including Bang PD and their manager. Even though RM wasn’t with them, he was also talking about his gratitude with his personal cameraman.


This episode was their last days on the trip. Their destination in this episode was Santa Park. The members were very excited to do some activities at Santa Park, except Suga. He sat at the back and even said to the camera, “I didn’t fit in here.” In the end, Suga did participate in some of the others’ activities. Afterwards, all the members were writing a letter to each other, with the idea that the letter would arrive a year later. Because of the trip, each member got a better understanding the others’ feelings and appreciate their friendship even more.