Which BTS Member Has the Best Abs?

BTS abs 2017!

Time goes really fast and so the abs and the muscle has gone (?) Fans started to miss the members abs as they got skinner this year. Maybe because they have to prepare the comeback album and the promotion schedule.

Throughout this year, BTS has not show their abs as much as they have shown us in the past few years. But, there is still one member who has been showing his abs! Guess you already know who is this.

Jimin Abs 2017

As we said, over this past year BTS has gotten skinnier and lost their abs. Just like with V’s abs turning into a sexy stomach.

Tehyung Stomach

He must eat a lot of food or maybe the pants size was not right?? LOL! (no offense)

BTS Abs Ranking

And we back again to see the result of BTS abs rank. Every member of BTS does have their own fans ( for each member). And sometimes fans have fought over who has the best abs. Fans always said Jimin had the best abs among the other members, but Jungkook, said Jungkook must have the bestabs since he’s the strongest among the others. Well from that objective perspective of fact we have, here we will show you the order of The Best Abs of BTS! Whoop!

On the first place it is definitely Jimin! Many people admitted Jimin has the best abs among the others. He has also shown the best moves when he dances, and maybe it’s one of the reason where he gained his abs!


In the second place we got Jung Hoseok a.k.a J-hope! The dancing machine! Fans believed J-hope is in the second place because he practises a lot!


The third place we got the maknae Jung Jungkook! Fans know Jungkook is the strongest person in the group.

Jungkook Abs

It’s a little bit of gambling when we should choose the fourth place, but we dicided Jin take the fourth place! Maybe he doesn’t have the sexy abs like other members above, but Jin had the most sexiest broad shoulders! Many fans talked about it a lot!

Jin Shoulders
Jin Muscle

And for the fifth place we have V! He maybe lost his muscle lately, but this cute awesome guy has a sexy back! Look how sexy V back when he performed in MAMA 2016!

Taehyung Back

In the bottom two spots we have Rap Monster and Suga! Both of them should practice or go to the gym more often to gained more abs and muscle!

Suga Abs
Rapmon Abs

Poor both of them, they didn’t get the abs! LOL!

Nevertheless, BTS has brought some new fresh air to the K-pop Music Industry and International Music Industry! Besides their perfect body shape, they have good quality music! BTS is just like a bird who has hatched from an egg – They just surprised the world with their existence. Whatever has happened, we still have to support their music!