Which BTS Member Has the Best Abs?

Steal The Show: Good Appearance & Awesome Vocals

Being an idol is not easy, they have to had both good vocals and also good looks. In fact almost every idol group has their respective style. Indeed, it’s all about the perfect look. To get peoples attention they have had to do a lot of things, to keep up their idol image. Like most people already know, the most fashionable idol is G-Dragon. He always mixes and matches with his appearance and always look fabulous. He is never scared of being weird or wearing interesting clothes, he just tries everything he has on in his closet.


But nowadays all over the world everyone pays attention to BTS’ looks. Especially when they attend the Billboard Music Awards, all eyes are on them. Including the most prestigious fashion magazine ‘Vogue’ admitting BTS has a wonderful taste in style. Their forward fashion sense has gained the attention of many for their eyecatching outfits and they have taken the world by storm. The chief editor of Vogue said BTS has shown their own personality (of every member) and sense of style by the outfits they wear.


Aside from the the music awards events BTS always gives their best appearance when they’re on stage too. With a good style, incredibly energetic dances, they also keep their voice consistent when they’re dancing. It’s hard to keep good vocals with energetic dancing at the same time. A big applause to them can keep their consistency while dancing.

On September 18, BTS cameback with their new album called ‘Love Yourself’ which featured new energetic vocals and dances. The title songs of the album are ‘DNA’, ‘MIC DROP’ and ‘Go Go Go’  and all feature hard dances and energetic moves.

In the video above we definitely can see BTS has a good appearance and good vocals, plus a keen moves. This songs give people a grunge vibe which is good, with an old school style making it a perfect combination with the song. And we also can hear their sharp voice with bold lyrics.

BTS ABS in 2016

Having dance practise almost everyday will build sexy muscles on their bodies. Many fans are starving to see their abs, especially since Jimin has shown his abs on the BTS Music Video No More Dream’. Jimin gained so much attention for his abs and also his dance performance. Well, let’s we take a look for their abs and muscle progress in 2016!

Jimin Abs 2016
Jimin Abs 2016
J-hope abs
Jin Muscle
Jungkook Abs
Jungkook Abs 2016