BTS’s ARMY Get Mad Because of James Corden! What’s the Beef with Them?

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Find Out the Truth About the Beef Between James Corden and ARMY!

BTS have already been quite popular after winning many awards at the Billboard awards and their albums always occupy the top positions on the chart. Consequentially, BTS have frequently been promoted in the USA and has been invited to many American talk shows, like The Late Late Show with James Corden. He and BTS became very close after that, but suddenly James Corden was attacked by ARMY because of the jokes that he made about ARMY. So then, how come ARMYs got mad at James Corden? Also, what did he say about ARMY?

In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions about ARMY and James Corden because Channel-Korea has provided detailed information about everything that has transpired between them. So, stay tuned!

Chronology of the James Corden-ARMY Relationship in the Last 15 years

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On September 20th, 2021, BTS got an opportunity in the United Nations General Assembly and then James Corden brought the news and said that BTS are unusual guests at the UN. In this context, James Corden actually praised BTS’s presence but some people thought that it didn’t sound like a compliment. Not only did this statement make people infuriated, but additionally, James Corden mentioned ARMY and called them 15-year-old girls.

During the Late Late Show, James Corden said it more precisely like below:

“The United Nations Assembly kicked off this morning and it started with some unusual guest, like BTS.”

James Corden also added, “It is remarkable that 15-year-old girls everywhere have found themselves wishing they were Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.”

James Corden Attacked by ARMY

james corden army fight

After James Corden gave that statement and it has been uploaded on Twitter, YouTube, and other media platforms, many ARMYs were disappointed and got mad at him. Even more, half of ARMY had thought that James Corden is a true fan, especially of Jimin. The original video has been deleted on YouTube by The Late Late Show official YouTube Channel. However, this controversy already exploded on Twitter and become a trending topic.

So, here is what some ARMYs posted and commented regarding James Corden’s sensitive statements!

james corden army fight
james corden army fight

James Corden Apologized to BTS’s ARMY

james corden army fight

ARMY was so mad and felt disappointed in James Corden at the same time, until they made a hashtag #JamesCorden to the top trending. James Corden admits that he never imagined he would be in that position. Meanwhile, he is actually a big fan of BTS. Corden even said that many negative comments were directed at him, for example, there’s someone who wanted him to die.

James Corden also said, “I hope you know this, we really like you and love you ARMY,” on The Late Late Show on November 23rd, 2021. Corden also added that he always totally supported BTS, such as holding a charity. At this moment, James Corden took the time to apologize to ARMY and BTS.

BTS Members Personally Appreciate James Corden’s Apology

BTS ARMY james corden fight

On November 23rd, 2021, BTS finally come back to The Late Late Show with James Corden and they both (BTS and James Corden) met for the first time after the incident. At that moment, RM as a leader intentionally brought up the problem, he said that he and BTS were delighted to be back. Then he asked about James’ condition.

“You’ve been in a fight with ARMY,” RM added.

After hearing James Corden’s story and clarification, Kim Namjoon (RM) with all the BTS members appreciated Corden’s apology. RM said:

“It’s okay James, we appreciate your apology.”

After that, the relationship between ARMY, James Corden, and BTS has gotten better. In fact, James is still “Papa Mochi” for Jimin.

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