Let’s See How BTS and ARMY Have Been Celebrating Taehyung’s Birthday Throughout the Years!

BTS’ Tweets For Taehyung’s Birthday

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After taking a look at how ARMYs all around the world have been celebrating Taehyung’s birthday, now we’re moving on to another part: how BTS’ members extend their birthday greetings to Taehyung through the BTS official Twitter account. Each of the BTS members has his own style in extending Taehyung a birthday wish, but the most important thing is their goals remain the same: wishing Taehyung a wonderful birthday!

Let’s take a look at some of the tweets of the BTS members on Taehyung’s birthday:

On Taehyung’s 23rd birthday, BTS’ Jin tweeted his birthday greeting for Taehyung through BTS’ official Twitter account along with Taehyung’s picture. From the translation of the Korean post, we can see that he said, “Our Taehyung, happy birthday is a very cool fashion.”

Still on Taehyung’s 23rd birthday, BTS’ J-Hope also shared his birthday greeting to Taehyung through a tweet. He said, “My brother, Taehyung, is celebrating his birthday,” he also shared some photos of himself with Taehyung!

Next one, BTS’ RM posted his birthday wish for Taehyung’s 23rd birthday. With a cute character picture, RM simply tweeted, “Taehyung, happy birthday.” Simple yet memorable, right?

Just like BTS’ J-Hope, BTS’ Jimin also shared some of his pictures along with Taehyung as the 23rd birthday greeting for Taehyung. He also wrote on Twitter, “Our Taehyung, happy birthday. You worked hard this year too. I want to upload an embarrassing photo, but if I do hahahahaha it seems like you won’t want to see me again so hahahahaha.”

Meanwhile, BTS’ Jungkook shared his birthday greeting to Taehyung in a different way! He posted a video of Taehyung on BTS’ official Twitter with the caption, “Happy birthday to Mr. Taehyung.”

Last but not least, there’s BTS’ Suga and his sincere and honest support towards BTS’ Taehyung! Without a single picture, Suga simply tweeted his birthday greeting to Taehyung which read, “Take a look at me sleeping at 11 o’clock. Happy birthday Taehyung-ah!”

Well, that was all of the information and explanation about Taehyung’s birthday celebrations throughout the years! We can easily see that there’s a lot of people who are supportive of Taehyung, and they especially show their love for Taehyung on his birthday. Even though Taehyung and the other BTS members are busy with their activities, but they manage to take some time to celebrate the special occasion, which is a birthday celebration. We do hope that times like this always happen throughout the years, and ARMYs all around the world would always celebrate Taehyung’s birthday as usual!

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