Let’s Take a Look at BTS and Their Pets

Jimin’s Pet Dog

bts pet

Jimin once had a cute dog named Ddosun. Jimin’s late pet was a dog that he already raised since the dog was a puppy.

Unfortunately, the photo above is not Jimin‘s dog, Ddosun. Because some years ago Jimin said that Ddosun, the name that has been included in J-Hope’s rap, already passed away.

He also said that he didn’t want to adopt another pet because he loved Ddosun so much, and claimed that Ddosun was his favorite dog.

Ddosun will always be remembered in Jimin‘s heart!

V’s Pet Dogs and a Cat


V or Kim Taehyung has three dogs and a cat as his pets living with V’s family. V named his three dogs Soonshim, Ssyongssyong, and the youngest puppy, Yeontan. His cat’s name is Kkanji. Apparently, V is the busiest member of BTS when it comes to raising pets.

Well, as most people say a dog is a man’s best friend. So here is a brief story of V‘s three cute dogs.

Soonshim is a beautiful female white dog, the breed possibly Korean Jindo. Soonshim lives with V’s parents. Soonshim used to appear in clips or photos posted by V though it has been two years or so since he was last seen. But if you are curious, you can see the video on YouTube from 2015.

Ssyongssyong is another dog owned by V. It is white and rather small compared to Soonshim. There is not much information about Ssyongssyong,

V’s Pomeranian Yeontan was first shown in Jin’s Birthday V LIVE on December 4th, 2017. He is the most well-known of all the BTS dogs. When Yeontan, who is three years old now, lived with BTS in the dorm, all of the members were very close to him. All of them were extremely close and had many interactions in the dorm. However, due to BTS’s busy schedule, Yeontan had to go live with V’s parents.


While Kkanji is a Persian-Chinchilla breed with silver-grey fur. Kkanji also lives with V’s parents. Kkanji made his first appearance in public in October 2013. V used to post pictures of Kkjanji yet it was actually 5 years ago. Despite V’s busy schedule with BTS, V and Kkanji are very close. You can see Kkanji sleeping on his lap in the following photo. Are you jealous?


Now, if you see V with his pets, he looks like a father of four kids. He is indeed such a caring and loving man!

Jungkook’s Pet Dogs


Jungkook has dogs that he has named Gureum and Bam. Gureum is a white Maltese
and Bam is a Doberman. In Korean, Gureum is a word that stands for “cloud,” so some fans also call Jungkook’s pet Cloudie.

Although Gureum has a cute face, his life actually turned out to be harder than that because Gureum once lived in an animal rescue shelter. According to the BTS fandom, Jungkook got Gureum by adopting him. It is a very wise option to adopt a dog than to buy one if there are lots of dogs waiting to be adopted in a shelter.

When Gureum was alone in Jungkook’s family house, Jungkook always said that he wanted to take care of Gureum in the BTS dorm but the hyungs refused it at first, because their dorm is not a proper environment for a dog.


Gureum is a bit similar to J-Hope’s Mickey, don’t you think? Especially as they both often appear wearing cute outfits. Seeing the picture of Gureum and Jungkook, who do you think is cuter, Jungkook or Gureum?


While Bam or Jeon Bam is the most recent pet of Jungkook that he introduced to the public. In October 2021, Jungkook brought Bam to the forest mansion where they shoot In The Soop Season 2. People are praising Jungkook for not cropping his Doberman’s ears.


Even though Bam is the youngest pet of Jungkook, but he is tall and big. Taehyung said that Bam is like 15 times bigger than Tan, Taehyung’s dog.

That was all the information about BTS’ pets. Seeing that all the BTS members have pets, though Jimin currently doesn’t have one, probably gave you a heavenly idea to raise a pet too. Well, it is not a sin to have pets, but please remember that it is a huge responsibility to take care of the pets when you decide to raise them.

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