Let’s Take a Look at BTS and Their Pets


Let’s Check Out the Cute Moments of BTS Members and Their Pets

As you know, BTS is one of the most popular South Korean boy bands, coming from Big Hit Entertainment who has gone popular globally. Did you know that they are always accompanied by their pets? Yes, they do have pets! Even though BTS members are superstars, they still are caring people.

All of BTS’ members have their own pets excluding Jimin. Here is the list of BTS’ pets:

BTS Member Pet Name Breed / Type Lives At
RM RapMon American Eskimo dog RM’s parents’ house
  • Odeng and Eomuk (passed away)
  • Gukmul
  • Jjangu (passed away)
  • Odeng, Eomuk, Gukmul: sugar gliders
  • Jjangu: white Maltese dog
Jin’s parents’ house
Suga Holly Toy Poodle Suga’s brother’s house
J-Hope Mickey Shih Tzu J-Hope’s parents’ house
Jimin Ddosun (passed away) Korean Jindo, and Pitbull Terrier mix
  • Soonshim
  • Ssyongssyong
  • Yeontan
  • Kkanji
  • Soonshim: Korean Jindo
  • Ssyongssyong: white dog
  • Yeontan: Black Tan Pomeranian
  • Kkanji: cat
Taehyung’s parents’ house
  • Gureum
  • Bam
  • Gureum: white Maltese
  • Bam: Doberman
Jungkook’s parents’ house


Are you curious about more details of BTS members’ pets? In this article, we will see the pets of BTS members and the interactions between their pets.

BTS Members and Their Pets

BTS members proudly show the fans their beloved cute little friends which are their pets. Who are they? Let’s take a look at the pets of the members of BTS!

RM’s Pet Dog


BTS leader RM, previously known as Rap Monster, has one cute little dog that he named Rap Mon, just like the acronym of his former stage name. Apparently, Rap Mon, the dog, is a male American Eskimo dog breed. Rap Mon currently lives with RM’s parents and is being loved tenderly by RM’s parents and younger sister. RM once tweeted a photo of Monie, Rap Mon’s cute nickname, with the caption, “I want you Monie Monie yup,” a witty reference to BTS’s hit song “Blood, Sweat, Tears.”

Since RM has a very busy schedule, Rap Mon has difficulty recognizing him when he visits. RM once published his sadness on social media saying that Rap Mon only approaches him when he gives him a dog treat. Despite this fact, he constantly uploads photos of him whenever he has a chance. You can see how cute Rap Mon and RM are when they take a photo together or if you are lucky, you can see Rap Mon face to face in RM’s VLive!

bts pet
bts pet

Do you want to be hugged just like RM hugs Rap Mon?

bts pet

He’s such a loving man, as you can see.

Jin’s Pet Sugar Glider


The oldest member of BTS, Jin, had a dog named Jjanggu. The Maltese breed dog looked so adorable together with Jin. Jjangu was a male dog who lived with Jin’s parents. Jjanggu who looked very adorable also loved to yawn and smell flowers.


Unfortunately, on September 28th, 2017, Jin posted on BTS’s official fan café that Jjangu had passed away. It was because Jjangu had already reached the lifespan of a Maltese dog. Precisely, Jjangu had been with him for 12 years.


Besides, Jjanggu, Jin also has two sugar gliders named Eomuk and Odeng that were actually gifts from Jin’s parents. These sugar gliders are named after the Korean cuisine fish cake soup. Living as Jin’s sugar glider is probably the life you want, because they have the privilege to live with BTS in their dorm, but because of his constant trips abroad, his parents often take care of them. Odeng and Eomuk made their first appearance on the BTS Comeback Show – DNA.

bts pets
bts pet
bts pet

Talking about his sugar glider, Jin once said that he was worried to show off his sugar glider pets because it could make young people want to pet them as well. In fact, it needs a lot of treatment and most importantly a responsibility to raise sugar gliders as a pet.

However, sadly, in 2018 Eomuk passed away. Then Jin brought a new sugar glider to accompany Odeng, named Gukmul. Yet, only one year later, in 2019 Jin announced formally in his live broadcast on VLive that Odeng has passed away. According to Jin, Odeng fell down from the bridge in his cage. It appeared the bridge is pretty high.
So, Gukmul, whose name means soup is the only remaining sugar glider that Jin has. Gukmul, the white sugar glider that belongs to Jin now currently stays with Jin’s mom.


Jin’s love for his pets is illustrated in his solo song titled “Tonight.” This ballad song with heartbreaking lyrics was written and produced by himself. Jin told fans that he wrote the song while thinking about his pets. How adorable, isn’t it?

So, if you think that Jin’s sugar gliders, Eomuk, Odeng, and Gukmul are cute, don’t just think to pet sugar gliders before you are ready to raise them!

Suga’s Pet Dog

bts pet

Everyone, I introduce you to the youngest member of the Min family, Min Holly a.k.a Suga‘s pet!

bts pet

Holly is a Toy Poodle breed with brown fur. Unlike the name, Holly is a male dog. By the way, the name Holly was given by Suga’s brother. If you look at him closely, you can definitely say that Holly’s stare can also melt your heart just like his dad, Suga.

bts pet

Do you know the very famous phrase that says dogs mirror owners’ personalities? Well, it has been scientifically proven, actually. And you can see the proof here! Suga is known for his introverted personality which is much like a Toy Poodle. Also, like Suga, Toy Poodles are famous for their loyalty and sweetness. They also show their goofier sides when excited.

It’s so cute to see Suga‘s smile when he’s around Holly or just talking about Holly. Oh, I’m jealous!

bts pet

Surprisingly, Suga once stated that he is not the type of person who likes dogs. He said that when he thinks about Holly, it hurts him. Since he is normally not the kind of person who likes dogs. But he ended up liking Holly. Suga’s soft spot for Holly can be seen clearly in Suga’s expression in the interview “ASK in a BOX.” Yes, he’s smiling within 1s when mentioning Holly.

bts pet

J-Hope’s Pet Dog

bts pet

A dog that is just as cute as the owner, please welcome, J-Hope‘s cutie pie pet, Mickey!

J-Hope's Pet Dog

Mickey is a Shih Tzu dog breed. Similar to other pets of BTS, Mickey, who is a male dog, lives with J-Hope‘s parents.

bts pet

With the adorable hair, J-Hope likes to play with Mickey’s hair and put a hairclip there. Mickey is even often dressed in cute outfits. Mickey is now approximately 8 years old. He still looks young, right? Because 8 years of dogs mean 80 years of human age.

But, the things they have in common, among J-Hope and his Shih Tzus are their loyalty and being family-oriented. It is known that Shih Tzus are companion dogs, and their favorite place is to sit on your lap. Therefore, Shih Tzus will be happiest when they are mingling with family.

bts pet

Oh, what a cutie Mickey is, just like J-Hope!

bts pet