Who Is the 8th BTS Member? Find Out the Answer, Here!

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All About the Eighth BTS Member That Might Shock You!

BTS is one of the K-Pop boy groups that have shaken the world with their self-love lyrics, memorable music composition, and interesting dancing. Suga, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, and J-Hope have become one of the most successful K-Pop boy groups in this era with a lot of achievements on the international stage.

Since their incredible career has approached many countries with ARMY as core fans, BTS’s career path has become a topic of curiosity to many people. The confession from Kim Ji-hun, as a trainee member of BTS, added a perspective to the story of BTS. Kim Ji-hun was going to be a member of BTS if he could pass the final cut. Check the complete story about the 8th BTS member in this Channel-Korea article below. Stay tuned!

The 8th BTS Member Going Viral: Kim Ji-hun

Kim Ji-hun went viral after his video interview with VICE. He said that he was training alongside artists that are now known as BTS members. Kim Ji-hun spent his teenage years singing, dancing, and exercising to be a member of an idol group.

Kim Ji-hun is one of the people who have dreamed to be a performer as a K-Pop idol. After all his attempts, he wasn’t selected but the experience taught him a worthy lesson. When he learned that BTS were successful enough, he was a bit jealous at first, but now he is supportive. He expressed that he wasn’t envious of their money or fame but of how they could stay and hang out together.

Kim Ji-hun is a YouTuber Called Bitoon


Kim Ji-hun is an ex-BTS trainee also called Bitoon. He is now active as a YouTuber on his account Bitoon and works as an intern in a government office, Korean Veterans Health Service. He used to be a trainee with Suga, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, and J-Hope. Now his YouTube channel already has 15,000 subscribers and counting, and there he shares his daily life and pop culture.

Since childhood, he was hyperactive and loved being on the stage. Kim Ji-hun was capable of performing in any talent show when he was in school. That’s why he believed he could build a career in entertainment one day.

Kim Ji-hun’s Story of Almost Becoming the 8th BTS Member


Kim Ji-hun was scouted by an entertainment company staff to join the audition. He was interested in performing since he was a child and definitely grabbed this chance. He was 18 years old and admitted as a trainee with other seven boys at that time.

Exactly from 2011 to 2012, Kim Ji-hun passed the audition and worked as a trainee. It was his first try participating in an audition and he had a gut feeling about it although, at that time, there were around 20 trainees along with him and all of them were talented. Kim Ji-hun never felt he wasn’t good enough on the journey of his training time.

In the VICE interview, he showed his dorm where he was living with now BTS members. The dorm is not quite spacious, only two-room. There was a time when eight trainee members were living together.

His activities at that time included waking up at 8 AM in the morning and going to school. After classes, he would come back to practice. They worked hard together practicing as a group and also sometimes practicing individually.

Kim Ji-hun Failed to Enter the BTS Lineup


All trainees usually hang out in the practice room but if there’s a problem they will call to come to the company office. It is always about the bad news whether about not being in good shape, coming late, etc.

One day, Kim Ji-hun was called to come to the office. He already had a hunch about the news he has to deal with since the voice on the phone suddenly changed into a serious tone.

When Kim Ji-hun came into the office, the room was quiet. He has a special skill in break dancing, nonetheless, he couldn’t make it into the final cut to debut. He went to the park and wondered how he couldn’t upgrade his skills after working hard and practicing until dawn almost every day. His mother also fainted after hearing the news that her child didn’t make it in the team.


He skipped school multiple times and felt depressed, however, he managed to graduate and meet again with a BTS member who came to the graduation ceremony. They took photos together, and he felt happy to get to meet them again after a long time.

After all, Kim Ji-hun and another trainee that couldn’t make it to the group also agree that they may not have been as passionate as them. If they had made it in the group, BTS might not be as huge as they are now.

Kim Ji-hun still dreams of becoming someone famous, so he started his YouTube channel where he is trying to find success in his work. His ultimate goal is making a party reunion with everyone in his trainee life.

Voted by ARMY, BTS’s 8th Member is Yeongtan Dog


Since 2017, there’s a member voted by fans as the eighth member of Bangtan Sonyeondan, which is Yeongtan. Yeongtan is a dog that appeared on BTS’s Vlive on December 4th, 2017, when Jin was having his birthday. V brought Yeongtan, as his dog to the fans. This event made some fans agree that Yeongtan is the eighth member of BTS.


Yeongtan keeps appearing regularly in many BTS events or shows such as the 2017 Wings Tour, BTS’s documentary: Burn The Stage: The Movie, and they even brought Yeongtan to the airport.

Some of the fans commented, “Yeontannie was part of the photoshoot, Yeontan is the 8th member of BTS confirmed.”

“King Yeontan is the 8th member, I’m crying.”

Fans agree that Yeongtan is adorable and suited as the 8th member of BTS. What do you think?

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