BtoB’s Ilhoon’s Latest Single, Variety Shows, and His Most Recent News!


Let’s Get Ready To Meet The Handsome Main Rapper of South Korean Boy-Grouo BtoB: Jung Il-hoon

Jung il-hoon was born on October 4, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea. He is known as Ilhoon. He is an actor, singer, dancer, composer, lyricist, main rapper, and member of the boy-group BtoB under Cube Entertainment. He graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School and attended Korea College of Media Arts with acting courses. He is the younger brother of singer Joo.

Ilhoon debuted with BTOB in 2012 under Cube Entertainment. Besides actively promoting as a singer, since 2012, Ilhoon is also often seen on the variety show Weekly Idol. In addition, he had the opportunity to collaborate with 4minute’s Gayoon in a song called “My Love By My Side”. He also appeared in Hyuna’s “Unripe Apple”. 

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about Ilhoon’s latest single, discography, appearances on variety shows and his latest news. So, stay tuned!

Ilhoon’s Latest Single, Spoiler


The 24-year-old K-pop star returned on February 21 with the new song “Spoiler”, featuring Babylon. Prior to the single’s release, Ilhoon shared a teaser image for the single on the BtoB official Twitter account. The image shows a ripped piece of yellow paper with the song’s title in the gap.

Jung Il-hoon Digital single [Spoiler (Feat. Babylon)] 2019.02.21 18:00 (KST) COming soon! #JUNG_ILHOON #Spoiler #Babylon,” the post reads.

Ilhoon is already known for the solo singles “Fancy Shoes” and “She’s Gone.” He released his debut solo EP, Big Wave, in March, 2018. He previously collaborated with Babylon, a former member of the boy-band N-train, on the R&B singer’s single “What I Miss is You Back Then. The song debuted in December.

Ilhoon’s Solo Discography

  • Spoiler (feat. Babylon) (2019)
  • It Was Love (with Bang Min-ah) (2019)
  • Big Wave (2018)
  • She’s Gone (2018)
  • Remember (Babylon feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2018)
  • One (Samuel feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2018)
  • Obvious (Hwanhee feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2018)
  • Hug Me (U Sung-eun feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2018)
  • Cookies (Lee Hong-gi feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2018)
  • Fancy Shoes (2017)
  • Baesisi (with Jisook) (2017)
  • You Seem Busy (Melody Day feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2017)
  • Chamisma (CLC feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2016)
  • For You (with Changsub, Eunkwang, Minhyuk) (2016)
  • 2Limes (Inoran feat. Minhyuk, Peniel, Ilhoon) (2015)
  • This Ain’t Me (2015)
  • Roll Deep (Hyuna feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2015)
  • Wind Clock (Wax feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2015)
  • Goodbye Sadness (with Changsub, Eunkwang) (2015)
  • Just Pass By (Subin feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2014)
  • Bye Bye Love (with Dongwoon, Yoseob, Changsub) (2013)
  • Nightmare (2YOON feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2013)
  • Oops! (G.NA feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2013)
  • My Love By My Side (with Heo Ga-yoon) (2012)
  • Unripe Apple (Hyuna feat. Jung Il-hoon) (2012)

Ilhoon’s Music Videos


Ilhoon’s Appearance in Variety Shows


Because he is known for his hilarious behavior, Ilhoon has been invited by several TV stations to be a guest or even the main host on several variety shows. Ilhoon even makes people laugh with every appearance. Here are some variety shows that have starred Ilhoon!

Weekly Idol

From 2012 to 2016, he appeared regularly on MBC’s Program Weekly Idol, as a regular guest, as an assistant MC, and even as a co-host with Apink’s Bomi.

The Cushion


On the NAVER’s program The Cushion, he was part of the main cast with Yu Seon-ho and Lena. This program was aired in 2017 on NAVER TV.

Idol Room


On JTBC’s Program Idol Room, he came on the show as vo-host with IZ*ONE’s Ahn Yu-jin
Special MC on Episode 31.

Insane Quiz Season 1 and 2 (이세퀴)

On program Insane Quiz, he was the main host. This program aired in 2019 on NAVER TV and YouTube. And when season 2 was aired, he was trusted again to be the main host.

KBS Music Shuffle, The Hit

Korean photoshoots – Tumblr

On this program, he appeared as a contestant with his group-mates Im Hyun-sik and Eddy Kim.

The Quack Philosophers (개똥이네 철학관)


On The Quack Philosophers, he was part of the main cast with Lee Seung-chul, Kim Jun-hyun and Im Soo-hyang. This program was aired on tvN.

Ilhoon Joins His Sister Joo at Wedding Photoshoot


BTOB’s Ilhoon was with his older sister JOO in her wedding photos!

On March 26, JOO’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, announced that the singer would be getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend on May 4. After the announcement, wedding dress designer Rosa Sposa released photos and behind-the-scenes videos of the two siblings from the photo shoot.

Ilhoon and JOO are four years apart and are known to have a close relationship. Check out some videos below!

Ilhoon as Radio DJ in Idol Radio

BTOB’s Ilhoon will soon be taking on the airwaves!

According to sources from MBC radio, the new DJ for “Idol Radio” will be Ilhoon. He shared, “This is my first time being a radio DJ, so I feel very nervous and scared. However, I am very fortunate that I can follow in the footsteps of Eunkwang. I will try my best “.

This BTOB member is known for his rap skills and making songs, and put together BTOB’s main song “Movie” in 2017. He has also previously been active as an additional MC for MBC every1’s Weekly Idol, where he popularized the song “Gwiyomi” .

“Idol Radio” is the first Korean radio program dedicated to content related to idols. Fans can listen to it live through the Naver V app channel.

Ilhoon’s Most Recent News

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Latest News


Actress Lim Soo-hyang, singer Lee Seung-chul, BTOB’s Main Rapper Jung Il-hoon, and comedian Kim Jun-hyun have acted as MCs of the unique TVN variety program, titled ‘Firefly’s Fortune Telling’ (title of work).

Expected to run for the season 8 episode, the upcoming variety show aims to invite celebrity guests who have very different and contrasting personalities, preferences, etc. on their way to fortune tellers. Guests are invited to spend one day together while sharing their personal views on life, luck, etc., not only with the other guests, but also with the MCs.

That was all for the information about Ilhoon’s latest single, discography, appearances on variety show to his latest news. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!