BtoB News Update: Yook Sungjae, V, and Other Breaking News


Hot News About BtoB

BtoB or Born to Beat is a boy group under Cube Entertainment. They debuted in 2012 with seven members, Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sungjae, with the song “Insane”.

Since debuting in 2012, BtoB has been highlighted in South Korea’s media often. Let’s see all the news related to BtoB, both the positive and the negative!

BtoB’s News Updates

1. BTOB’s Light Stick Steals Netizens’ Attention

btob ls

Almost all idol groups in South Korea have their own symbols, and they often apply these to light sticks. Light sticks of idol groups are a must have for fans, and these are usually used to support the group while they perform at music shows or concerts.

Recently, netizens gave an opinion on the three most unique and best light sticks of some idol groups in South Korea, including BtoB. In 2015, the group had released a blue light stick, which started controversy between BTOB fans and G.O.D fans. G.O.D fans pointed out that BtoB used the official color of the G.O.D. fandom.

Because of that, CUBE Entertainment’s office received numerous boxes sent in protest by G.O.D. fans with regards to the color choice.

btob ls

BtoB fans admonished that this was a sign of “terror delivery” because the boxes contained protest notes and were stuffed with items that looked like rolls of toilet paper. The toilet paper rolls were written on with sky-blue pens with the words “Blue sky is the pride of G.O.D and the fangod that has been going on for 16 years now. Please respond.”

G.O.D fans claimed that “Blue sky is the symbol of G.O.D” and “The official color is fan club identity.” BtoB fans argued, “BtoB’s official color is ‘slow blue,’ which is a unique color.”

The essence of the dispute is this: when fans of G.O.D found out that the official color of BtoB is sky blue, they contacted Cube a few times to have them change it because it is the official color of G.O.D.

btob ls

BtoB’s light stick also has a unique shape, which is like a trumpet with a very bright blue color. BtoB’s light stick is referred to as one of the most beautiful light sticks, especially when emitting a BtoB fandom color ray. In addition to BtoB’s light stick, WJSN’s light stick and SEVENTEEN’s light stick also stole netizens’ attention.

2. BtoB and HIGHLIGHT’s Comeback

highlight btob

Cube Entertainment shocked netizens, especially BtoB and HIGHLIGHT fans (formerly Beast). On October 16, 2017, Cube Entertainment released the BtoB and HIGHLIGHT comeback dates. With the same date, the two boy groups from Cube Entertainment would compete on Korean music charts. Netizens were puzzled as to why Cube released the same date for BtoB and HIGHLIGHT’s comeback. Reactions included, “Ahh Cube .. on the same day, really? All right, I still like their friendship, HIGHLIGHT and BtoB,” cried a fan. “LMAO, Cube even write Highlight tags when confirming comeback. I like Highlight and BtoB, but this Cube …..” said another fan. “This is very interesting,” added another.

BtoB and HIGHLIGHT also took photos together and uploaded them to their social media accounts. Their closeness backstage made their fans happy to see two groups from the same agency supporting each other.

3. BtoB’s Promise with Their Comeback

btob win

In October 2017, BtoB had a comeback with the title song Missing You, and the boys promised that they’d have a reality show if they won #1 with Missing You. They won #1 not just once, but 7 times. The boys went on a vacation, which they spoiled through an earlier live ‘V’ app. The additional promise was that leader Eunkwang would pay for the vacation, and it looks like he did, as the tour is called ‘Eunkwang Tour’.

BtoB along with GOT7, BTS, Bolbbalgan4, and NU’EST W were all nominated for the ‘Champion Song’ of the week. BtoB ultimately took the trophy home with Missing You. This marks their first win with the new track.


The members expressed much excitement and appreciation for the win. Eunkwang commented, “BtoB and Cube family have worked very hard. People who love our music and Melody, thank you and we love you.”

Sungjae added compliments for fellow member Hyunsik who participated in producing Missing You. He said, “Genius producer Im Hyunsik I love you.”

4. Praise for BtoB


South Korea has talented idol groups that carry ‘Korean Fever’ throughout the world. Some of these groups are BTS, EXO, Twice, and Red Velvet. They are famous and praised as some of the best idol groups in Korea and for expanding Korean Fever globally.

However, netizens revealed some K-pop groups that performed in a concert held in Gwanghwamun. Apparently, a netizen highlighted a cue sheet that shows the stage actions performed by EXO, BTS, BtoB to Twice.

On that paper, it was mentioned that BTS and BTOB performed live while Twice and EXO lip-synced.

As a result, this cue sheet reaped reactions. BTOB and BTS were praised for singing live while EXO-Twice is blasphemed for lip-syncing:

I thought BTS and BTOB were singing live, but how can groups that have been promoting for years instead of lip syncing?

BTOB is the most difficult song to sing and the BTS and the cinema are also complicated, but they live!

There are 9 people in Twice, because 3 people cannot sing them all so lip sync.

5. Five BtoB Facts You Don’t Know Yet


There are five facts from BtoB that you may, as their fans, not yet know. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Ilhoon’s Older Brother

Ilhoon has an older brother who also works as an artist. Joo from JYP Entertainment’s agency is the elder brother of Ilhoon. These two brothers are known to be very close and supportive of each other. They often show off their intimacy through social media.

2. Eunkwang Is Never Mad

Leaders are usually always firm and courageous to reprimand other members when making mistakes. But, it is not so for Eunkwang. He is a leader who is never angry at other members. For him, all the members are like siblings.

3. Eunkwang Always Said “I Love You”

Eunkwang is known as a leader who is never shy about expressing anything he feels. Neither does the love of other BTOB members. Eunkwang was never embarrassed to say his love to other members. This is very often done.

4. Im Hyunsik’s Father Is a Famous Folk Singer

The fold singer Im Ji-Hoon is Hyunsik’s real father. Hyunsik is known for his extraordinary golden voice. Apparently, his singing talent was inherited from the father.

5. Minhyuk Made the Others Members Envy

When making the music video for Remember That, the CEO chose Minhyuk as the main star. He had an intimate scene with a beautiful girl which made the other members feel jealous.

News About Yook Sungjae


Sungjae is no stranger to netizens, especially when he participated in the TvN drama Goblin. Sungjae’s acting ability is highly praised by netizens, including his fans. Since then, Sungjae has begun to get more acting offers than any other BtoB member, though other BtoB members continue to support Sungjae’s activities. Though, recently, Sungjae was unable to participate in BtoB’s activities due to an injury. Let’s look at more news of Sungjae!

1. Sungjae Proves His Ability as an Actor in 2017


Netizens appreciated Sungjae’s perfect acting skills in the drama Goblin that aired on TvN. Sungjae admits he worked very hard to deepen the role he got in Goblin. Because he was the youngest, he always received encouragement from the older actors. In fact, his friendship with Gong-Yoo and Lee Dong-Wook is tightly intertwined even now.

2. Sungjae’s Secret Recipe


In January 2018, Sungjae became a model for the magazine InStyle. He talked about many topics with InStyle, including secret recipes to keep him always looking young and his childhood dreams.

Because he is the maknae or youngest member of the group, he always performs strange behaviors that make his hyung laugh. He is also famous for his friendly personality. When asked about his friendly behavior, Sungjae said: “I am very shy, but I have the type of attitude where I get brighter when I hang out with other people, so I became a person who is friendly with people quickly. Wherever I go, I feel comfortable with people. It is easier with people who are older than me but more difficult with people of the same age or younger.

He also revealed his handsome visual secret, “My face has been formed like this since youth, and I ignore my facial treatment. My younger sister and mother always manage me, like washing my face with rice water. But, even now, I do not use lotion when alone,” he added.

In addition, he also revealed his initial goals were not to be a celebrity, “My dream when I was younger was to be the owner of a PC [Internet cafe.] I feel so proud that I have become a model for ‘Overwatch,’ a beloved game all over the world.

3. Sungjae’s Back Injury


Recently, Cube Entertainment informed BtoB fans that Sungjae could not join BtoB’s activities with the injuries that he received. Representatives from Cube Entertainment made the statement, “We want you to know that Yook Sungjae will stop all his activities temporarily because of a back injury he is suffering right now.

They added, “On December 27th, Yook Sungjae suffered a back injury and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Quick healing for our artists is a priority of everything at present, so he will not participate in any activities scheduled. Until Sungjae is completely healed, BTOB will be doing a temporary promotion as a group with 6 members,” said a Cube Entertainment representative.

Currently, Sungjae is also busy starring in SBS’s latest variety show “The Butler” with Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sang-yoon, and Yang Se-hyung. It is a show where members spend the night in the home of a famous personality to learn about their lives in hopes of gaining knowledge and new experiences.

It is feared that his busy schedule will make his illness worse, allowing Sungjae to hiatus from the South Korean entertainment scene for a while until his health can recover.

But, Sungjae seems to be a celebrity who can not just disappoint fans. Although not fully healed, Sungjae will attend a press conference event for “The Butler”. Sungjae decided to attend because he felt responsible for the event. “Thanks to those of you who have worried and supported me. I recovered quickly. You do not have to worry,” he said.

4. Sungjae’s Greatest Fear


Being an idol is not an easy thing. They are always haunted by feelings that can cause fear in the long term. This happened to handsome Yook Sungjae. After a career of 7 years, it turns out he is worried about his ability as a singer.

It’s been about seven years since I debuted. I’ve had a lot of changes all the time. Sometimes, I’m worried whether people who liked my voice seven years ago or a couple of years ago, will still like me now and still like me in the future.

Listening to the concerns of young singers like Sungjae, Jeon In-Kwon advised him by saying, “Everyone has his own time. You’ll spend your energy trying to hold everything in. As long as you just do what you need to do, your time will come. Hope of others, focus only your own desires.” Lee Seung-Gi also said that he wholeheartedly agrees with Jeon In-Kwon’s advice.

5. Similarities Between Yook Sungjae and Lee Seunggi


“The Butler” is SBS’s variety show with Lee Seung-Gi, Yook Sung-jae, Lee Sang-Yoon, and Yang Se-Hyun as members. PD Lee Se Young revealed Lee Seung-Gi and Sung-Jae have a lot in common. They are equally talented in singing, variety shows, and interacting with other celebrities. Therefore, they look similar.

Yook Sung-Jae likes Lee Seung-Gi to the point of choosing him as a role model and he immediately agreed to appear on The Butler because of Lee Seung-Gi, and you can watch their heartwarming chemistry,” said PD Lee Seyoung.

Sung-Jae is a smart guy and works hard wherever he goes, so the staff really likes him. Previously during Lee Seung Gi’s time on variety shows, he was always surrounded by older members so we thought it would be nice to give him a maknae. When we met and heard that he likes Lee Seung Gi, we thought it would be okay.

When Yook Sung-Jae leaves the room for a while, Lee Seung Gi says it’s like seeing him when he’s young. He’s happy to hear that he and Sung-Jae have a lot in common.

PD Lee Se Young says Sungjae is matching the nickname given by his fans, Yook Jal Ddo, which means handsome but weird. He does respect senior members. But, he is also suspected of nosy pelting them with a curveball while filming the premiere episode.

Lee Seung-Gi grew through his performances on various variety shows, so I hope Yook Sungjae will do the same, and he does it very well, so please give him a lot of support,” he concluded.

Friendship Between BtoB’s Sungjae and BTS’s V

sungjae and v

Friendship in the Korean entertainment world is very wide. Many members of a certain group are good friends with other group members because they were once in the same school or used in the same agency then moved or other similar reasons. Even when groups are rivals on stage, they are friends backstage.

The closeness between BTS’s V and BtoB’s Sungjae is stealing the public’s attention. In the episode of “Celebrity Bromance” which aired on February 18th, BTS’s V and Kim Min-Jae enjoy time together on the banks of the Han River with a variety of fun activities. V started close to Kim Min Jae because of the music show “Music Core” where Kim Min-Jae became MC. Not only close to Kim Min-Jae, in an interview conducted with V, he revealed that he is also close to many other artists.

After that, V also mentioned his proximity to BtoB’s Sungjae. He says that Sungjae is his best friend. He also praised Sungjae’s friendly, cheerful, active, and caring personality towards others. He first met Sungjae at the time of debut. He met him in the bathroom and bowed and greeted him. Sungjae instantly responded by asking, “Are you 95 liner too? Let’s be friends!” From then on, they became good friends.