BtoB Members Reveal Their Awesome Abs


BtoB Members’ Hot Abs

Besides having good singing abilities, BtoB members also have very nice body shapes. On several occasions, BtoB members have shown off their abs in front of the camera.

Netizens who see the perfect body shape of BtoB members give praise to them because on the sidelines of BtoB’s schedule they have a chance to keep their body in shape. Let’s see the body shape of the seven BtoB members.

BtoB Member Eunkwang’s Abs


Recently, Eunkwang, the oldest member and leader of BtoB, is making fans of BtoB scream. Eunkwang was considered a shy member and did not want his body exposed to the camera, but Eunkwang posted photos of his body on his personal Instagram.

“I’m very embarrassed but kekekekeke Setting my heart, for bodybuilder Hamlet, midpoint check Seeone again on 2 months kekeke Everyone work out hard with Toughness #Hamlet #Chungdam #Fitnesscenter #Toughness #Bodybuilder.” Eunkwang wrote as his status.

Fans reacted after seeing the upload. Eunkwang is known to be very hilarious, but he became manly like this.

“I laughed at the previous picture but was instantly amazed to see the abs so suited so haha your hard work is achieved,” netter wrote. “Wow, is it really Eunkwang that I know? The expression on his face can change so after having abs haha.”

What do you think about Eunkwang’s abs? So hot, right?

BtoB Member Minhyuk’s Abs


Minhyuk also had time to make BtoB fans melt after seeing his perfect body. Minhyuk was chosen as the cover model for “Men’s Health” February edition and revealed his flawless body.

The photo shoot was accompanied by an interview of Minhyuk’s endless self-management, titled “BTOB Lee Minhyuk’s Endless Self-Management.” Minhyuk went through intensive training, which was captured and revealed through the interview.

Minhyuk is skilled in singing, rapping, dancing, acting and appearing on variety shows, but on top of that, his acrobatic skills are exceptional as well. He is known to be quite a perfectionist and a very hard worker.

BtoB Member Changsub’s Abs


According to fans, Changsub promised abs if his fan cafe surpassed 70,000 members, and his goal reportedly was met with BTOB’s promotion for “Way Back Home”. Fans then kept asking him, “When can we see your abs?” When they met him at a fan show, Changsub replied, “At the concert.”

“I worked for four months to keep my promise,” Changsub admitted, before adding, “During this concert, I’m really going to do it, so I hope to meet the fans’ expectations.”

“Each of us works very hard to prepare for each stage, and last time we made a lot of promises, and now we will keep the promise during our show,” he explained.

BtoB Member Peniel’s Abs


Peniel rarely shows his body to the public, especially his stomach. However, fans believe Peniel also keeps the same body shape as the other members.

By looking at photos Peniel had uploaded some time ago, netizens believe there is a chest shape that is a field. Peniel recently reported that when his hair loss began, netizens always provided support.

BtoB Member Hyunsik’s Abs


BTOB made a hot transformation for their 3rd mini-album “Thriller” and released the making-of for their album jacket.

Hyunsik casually showed his abs while doing a photo shoot. With his bright green hair and seductive expression, Hyunsik succeeds in making fans melt after seeing just how perfect Hyunsik’s body is.

BtoB Member Ilhoon’s Abs


BtoB recently held their BtoB Time concert, making memorable moments with special performances, surprising visuals, and some famous friends in attendance.

The concert was held on January 22 at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul. The show featured some classic BtoB songs. There were some of the most memorable moments, including when Ilhoon showed his body. Although his abs are not very visible, fans still melted from seeing Ilhoon not wearing clothes with a seductive look.

BtoB Member Sungjae’s Abs


Sungjae once shocked his fans by showing his body. Although his abs are not clearly visible, fans are still made hysterical with Sungjae’s body.

Actor Kim Young-kwang and Yook Sungjae both showed off their manly charms with their shirtless bodies in recent stills. The two will be portraying brothers with an age difference of 10 years.

In the released stills, Kim Young-kwang is at a swimming pool. As a model-turned-actor, his broad shoulders and perfect proportions are impeccable. On the other hand, Yook Sungjae is showing off his charisma at a judo gymnasium.

In the drama, Kim Young-kwang and Yook Sungjae will be portraying the roles of a 20s male representative and a teen male representative, respectively. First, Kim Young-kwang is the attractive 29-year-old tour planner Kang Jin-goo. Kang Jin-goo is a free spirit that works at the nation’s first major travel agency. Within the company, he is the perfect man with looks and intelligence. However, his only issue is the inability to catch the heart of Ma Se-young, and this becomes his major struggle.

On the other hand, Yook Sungjae plays the judo athlete Kang Min-goo. As a 19-year-old, which is apparently when the blood is hottest for growing males, Kang Min-goo is passionate, charming, and has a huge appetite. His dream is to go to an elite college for judo but ends up experiencing his greatest crisis at the most critical moment. One day, he meets his destined Han Soo-ah and falls for her instantly. He is expected to experience a passionate love that he has not experienced before. Yook Sung Jae has been falling into his role by learning and training for judo so he can better portray his character. His transformation into the manliest man is highly anticipated.

Now, who do you think is the BtoB member with the best abs?