Who Is BtoB Members’ Girlfriend?

Does BtoB Minhyuk Has A Girlfriend?


Recently, BtoB was rumored to want to be back in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend after a long time. The rumor started as Minhyuk messaged his ex-girlfriend via Instagram. But then Minhyuk explained the fact through BTOB Official Fancafe, saying “I sent a message to my ex-girlfriend yesterday. I coincidentally came across a photo of someone who looked like her so I messaged ‘(Name)~ Why don’t I have your number?’ That was all, but I shouldn’t have done something so stupid like that..”

After that incident, Minhyuk is finally known to have an ex-girlfriend. Minhyuk also confessed in a variety show that he used to be in a one-sided relationship before, and even dated her after confessing 5 times. Sadly, his relationship with that girl also didn’t last long.

Does BtoB Changsub Has A Girlfriend?


Some fans claim that whether BtoB Changsub has a girlfriend or not is a question that only Changsub and God can answer. But on March 1, 2017, suddenly rumors started to spread. It was revealed when BtoB appeared on the second episode of ‘New Yang and Nam Show’.

A-Pink Chorong as Changsub Girlfriend

btob changsub apink chorong

A-Pink Chorong has long been known as one of Changsub closest friends, Changsub even agreed to lend Chorong a big amount of money when Chorong prank-called him on ‘Yang and Nam Show’. Their close friendship makes people wonder whether Chorong is just a friend or a girlfriend for Changsub.

When BtoB appeared on the variety show, Changsub said that Chorong is currently in Hong Kong and that they often called each other. Changsub then prank-called A-Pink Chorong, asking her to be his girlfriend for that day. To which, unexpectedly, Chorong laughed out loud and said “You have a lot of girls!“. Changsub flustered hearing her answer.

GFriend Umji as Changsub A Girlfriend

btob changsub umji

Not only A-Pink Chorong, GFriend’s Umji was also rumored to be a girlfriend of Changsub. It was because Changsub always showed his interest toward Umji, especially when he appeared in ‘The Boss is Watching’ variety show. Changsub was asked about who he would bring if he went to a trip. Shyly Changsub mentioned G-Friend Umji. Changsub is also a big fan of GFriend, and used GFriend’s songs to practice his lower vocals. His bias in GFriend is Umji.

Does BtoB Ilhoon Have A Girlfriend?


Ilhoon was known for never having a girlfriend before. Although BtoB Il-Hoon never had a girlfriend, he said he wanted to have a couples date one day with his other friends.

Does BtoB Peniel Shin Has A Girlfriend?


Up till now, there are no rumors about BtoB Peniel having a girlfriend. But he once said that he wanted to marry when he is 25 years old if he found the right girl. Other BtoB members also picked Peniel to be the first member who would have a girlfriend.

Does BtoB Eunkwang Has A Girlfriend?


Being the leader of the group, it must be hard for Eunkwang to find a girlfriend, as the girl would need to accept his career as an idol and a leader. Eunkwang said that he is currently in love with music and has never been rumored to be dating anyone since debuting. Eunkwang once mentioned that there is no female idol that has asked him out. (probably this is the reason he is still single)

Does BtoB Hyunsik Has a Girlfriend?

btob Hyunsik

In August 2013, there was a big rumor about Hyun-sik having a girlfriend. The rumor was uploaded by Ilhoon on BtoB Official Twitter. It was a picture of Hyunsik with a girl, but then it was clarified by Ilhoon that it was him who dressed like a girl.

Does Cube Entertainment Restrict BtoB From Dating?


Dating restrictions have always been questioned by the media regarding K-pop idols since Korean agencies are known for tight restrictions, especially when it comes to dating. But it is different for BtoB members. Being guests in SBS Power Fm ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School’ in July 2015, Minhyuk revealed that there is not any dating restriction from their agency, Cube Entertainment. “I don’t believe I’ve heard anything about dating restrictions,” Minhyuk said.