BtoB’s Leader Eun-kwang: Full Profile and Updates on His Military Service

Cafe in Singapore

On January 19th, 2018, Eunkwang opened his bingsu (Korean shaved ice) cafe PLUS EIGHT TWO +82 which represents the country code for South Korea. This cafe is located at 9 Bras Basah Road, Rendezvous Gallery #01-02, Singapore 189559. All the Singaporean Melodies must be screaming out loud because at the grand opening they could meet Eunkwang oppa.

The cafe itself serves some desserts menu such as bingsu in various flavors and toppings, toasts, coffees, and many more. The interior design is such an Instagram-able situation with the fancy minimalist design, dominated with white and clean vibes.


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Eunkwang’s Military Enlistment

All the Melodies out there are probably sad due to the abrupt announcement, a few months ago, about Eunkwang’s military enlistment. On August 6th, Cube Entertainment issued a statement that Eunkwang will be enlisting on August 21st as an active duty soldier. Eunkwang wanted to enlist quietly so the agency didn’t announce the location and the time Eunkwang got in. As the oldest member of BtoB, Eunkwang is the first one to enlist the military service.

As he felt sorry for his fans, Eunkwang released an apologetic statement through his agency: “I’m very sorry to the fans who felt surprised by the news of my enlistment. I’ve made many promises to my fans, so I feel apologetic and regretful for the ones I couldn’t keep. After fulfilling my duty to the country, I will return in good health and keep the broken promises.”

Because of this sudden news about Eunkwang, Cube Entertainment got some criticism due to their lack of management skills to prepare for the situation although the military enlistment was inevitable. Eunkwang was originally scheduled to perform in the musical stage Barnum: The Greatest Showman until October, which is among the reasons the audience was confused and complained, because they had already bought the tickets to see Eunkwang’s performance.

Well, let’s hope that Eunkwang will always be in good health and safe!

Eunkwang’s Instagram

Check out these recent posts from Eunkwang!


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이기자! 일병 서은광 인사드리겠습니다! 안녕 멜로디! 너무너무 보고싶은 나의 사람들😁 다들 잘 지내고 열심히 살고 있습니까?! 저도 열심히 매우 건강하게 군생활을 하고 있습니다^^ 아! 군대안에서 비투비 1등하는 것도 보고 MMA수상하는 것도 보고 우리 비투비 멜로디 역시 잘 지내고 있고 다들 열심히 살고 있는 것 같아서 넘 기분 좋았습니다!!!😁 어느덧 2018년이 지나가고 저의 20대도 마무리가 되네요ㅎㅎㅎ으악 시간이 너무 빨라 야속하기도 하고 씁쓸하기도 하지만 그러기에 매 순간, 1분1초가 참 소중한 시간이구나 라고 느끼게 됩니다. 여러분들과의 만났던 시간들 그리고 만날 시간들 소중히 감사하게 생각하며 살겠습니다^^ 저에게 아름다운 20대의 추억들 만들어주셔서 너무 고맙고 사랑합니다 멜로디♡ 늘 한 해의 마무리를 우리 비투비와 멜로디와 함께 하다가 몇년만에 가족들과 보내니 조금 어색한만큼 그 동안 함께 하지 못했던 가족들에게 미안한 마음과 가족의 소중함과 사랑을 느끼게 되는 연말입니다. 여러분들도 늘 옆에서 함께 해주는 가족들과 친구에게 소중함을 느낄수 있는 연말이 되시길 기도 하겠습니다. 그래도 비투비 멜로디 너무 보고싶다!!!아우😂😂😂😂 그럼 2019년도 건강한 행복한 한 해 되시고 이루고싶은거 다 이루고 복 많이 받고 운수대통하시길 응원하겠습니다!! 마지막으로.. 사랑합니다! 나의 사람들💕

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Eunkwang’s message for the new year 2019.

Congratulations for your achievement oppa!

A sweet, sweet letter for all the Melodies (BtoB’s fandom name) out there 🙂


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BtoB family group shot.

Memorable show with BtoB before enlisting in the military.

Latest News

BtoB-Blue Comeback

Before Eunkwang enlisted for his military duty, the BtoB subunit BtoB-Blue made their comeback with their new song “When It Rains” on August 2nd, 2018. Eunkwang left a good memory before he left the Melodies with this good mellow song, making the Melodies remember Eunkwang oppa every time it rains! Let’s check out the song!

A Cast Member of Real Life Men and Women 2

Besides the BtoB-Blue comeback, Eunkwang also participated in the variety show Real Life Men and Women 2 that aired its first episode on August 10th, 2018. In this program, Eunkwang has to live alone, without the members of BtoB, after 6 years of their debut together. This made the viewers feel even closer to Eunkwang personally, and fall in love with him even deeper.