BTOB’s Ilhoon Leaves Group and Is Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Marijuana Use

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

What Happened to BTOB’s Ilhoon? Find Out More About His Current News Here!

Lately, many K-pop idols have been involved in scandals, and their fans had no idea they were abusing their popularity. In the end, K-pop idols have to accept the consequences for being reckless and making the wrong decisions.

There are laws that run and regulate every community without exception to comply with existing regulations. When scandals arise, there is a lot of news about those involved having to face punishment as a form of responsibility for their previous mistakes.

So, what happened to BTOB’s Ilhoon? Why is he involved in marijuana use? Let’s find out more information in the article below!

CUBE Entertainment Confirmed BTOB’s Ilhoon Was Being Investigated For Marijuana Use

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

On December 21, 2020, Channel A reported that BTOB’s Ilhoon was accused of using drugs by the police, and they are investigating. According to an exclusive report, the BTOB member was arrested on charges of using marijuana. His case was sent to prosecution in July 2021.

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“The police have confirmed through testimony and account tracking that Ilhoon smoked marijuana several times with his acquaintances starting from 4-5 years ago to last year. Traces of the drug were also detected in the hair samples during drug tests,” Channel A wrote.

“We have secured evidence that Jung Ilhoon bought marijuana not with cash but with cryptocurrency to avoid investigation. There has been more controversy surrounding this since he joined the military during his investigation,” added Channel A.

As soon as this news was released, Cube Entertainment immediately made a brief response stating, “We don’t know about the situation involving Ilhoon and drugs. His enlistment was originally scheduled for March but was postponed due to COVID-19.”

Shortly after, Cube Entertainment officially confirmed that Ilhoon was indeed being investigated for suspected marijuana use. Here’s the full statement from the agency:

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

“Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. After checking with Jung Il Hoon regarding the news released today, it has been confirmed that he has been summoned by the police investigation agency for questioning on charges of smoking marijuana, as previously reported.

He feels a heavy responsibility for causing concern to many people and he will do his best to faithfully carry out future investigations. Once again, we apologize for causing concern.”

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

Meanwhile, Channel A also reported that the police were able to find circumstantial evidence pointing to marijuana use including virtual currency transactions and test results from a hair drug test.

BTOB’s Ilhoon Spent Around 100 Million Won on Marijuana

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

Channel A reported on December 21, 2020, that Jung Ilhoon was investigated by the police on charges of using marijuana, and the news was confirmed by his agency, Cube Entertainment. The report further mentions how much money the BTOB member spent on marijuana.

Channel A reported that the police were able to find circumstantial evidence showing Jung Ilhoon’s use of marijuana. The evidence collected includes virtual currency transactions and test results from a hair drug test.

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

In the latest exclusive coverage of SPOTV NEWS, it was revealed that Jung Ilhoon spent around 100 million won in cash to buy marijuana. This huge amount of money is quite surprising to the public.

According to the coverage, the police investigation confirmed that over the past 4-5 years, Jung Ilhoon sent his money to intermediary A who then exchanged the cash into cryptocurrency, purchased, and redistributed marijuana to Jung Ilhoon. Jung Ilhoon is also reported to have shared marijuana with his friends at home and in his vehicle since 2016.

The investigation also ran a drug test on Jung Ilhoon using a sample of his hair. The 1994-born idol tested positive for marijuana.

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

Following the news, Cube Entertainment released an official apology for worrying many fans, stating “We apologize for causing fans to worry and we are very aware of our responsibility regarding this matter. We will ensure that Jung Ilhoon is thoroughly investigated by the police.”

Both BTOB fans and netizens were shocked at how much money Jung Ilhoon spent on marijuana. A 2018 report shared that in Korea, one gram of marijuana is sold illegally for prices starting at 37,000 won.

A Sign That BTOB’s Ilhoon Was Using Drugs

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

BTOB’s Ilhoon has been handed over to the prosecution on charges of marijuana use, which has also been confirmed by his agency, Cube Entertainment. The idol who started his career in 2012 was known to almost always dye his hair.

Last year, Ilhoon appeared on Mnet’s TMI NEWS where he shared that he dyed his hair blonde for his older sister’s wedding.

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When he shared this information, another guest on the show asked, “Why don’t you paint it black so it looks more formal?” and, “It would be better to have black hair for your sister’s wedding.” Ilhoon replied, “An idol must always be ready [to work],” as his reason for dyeing his hair blonde.

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

Coloring, bleaching, and hair removal are known as some of the main methods of drug users to avoid drugs being detected through hair tests. Repeated coloring and bleaching are known to dilute the residual concentration of drug components in the hair. However, with new advances in drug detection methods, it is almost impossible to avoid detection.

Park Yoochun, also known as Micky Yoochun, was arrested last year on charges of drug use and also dyed his hair several times to avoid detection during drug tests. He is suspected of pulling all the hair from his body while dyeing his hair several times. However, he was later caught using methamphetamine because traces of the drug were found in his leg hair.

btob ilhoon drugs marijuana

Therefore, Ilhoon is suspected of also dyeing his hair while he was consuming marijuana. It was reported that Ilhoon used to smoke marijuana with his acquaintances. He bought the drugs using virtual currency so as not to be tracked.