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Sungjae is the third and also the last member of BtoB whose dating scandal will be investigated in this article. As an idol actor who also becomes the most famous member of his group, Sungjae obviously cannot be left out of the dating topic. On 11 January 2015, Sungjae became the guest of MBC’s army variety program ‘Real Men’. After finishing the tough cold weather training at a unit in Gangwon-do, Sungjae and the fellow soldiers gathered in front of a heater in order to warm their freezing bodies and had a short time to rest. During the rest time, a few of the sergeants asked Sungjae, who became the youngest member, about the celebrity whom he wants to date. Without much time to think, Sungjae immediately picked the youngest member of Miss A’s Suzy because he has always liked older women.

Conceivably, his statement about liking older women may be true as in August 2015, Sungjae and After School’s Nana’s name filled the guess in a blind item made by a writer in ‘Woman Sense’ magazine. For your info, a lot of blind items that got mentioned in ‘Woman Sense’ would come out as a true occurrence, so this blind item may be true or not as long as you take it with a grain of salt.

Now, for the real talk, the article in ‘Woman Sense’ stated that there is a beautiful female idol group member who goes by the initial ‘A’ found herself in a pit between two guys, namely ‘B’ and ‘C’. The woman and the ‘B’ guy have four year age gap and had been going out for two years. However, the woman ‘A’ found her new love interest, the guy ‘C’ whom she meets as if by fate and starts to date him too. In detail, ‘Woman Sense’ described the ‘B’ guy as a male idol group member who debuted in the spring of 2012. In addition, the ‘B’ guy is also the son of a leading company, has a cute face and a great body as he unexpectedly has a chocolate abs. Many Korean netizens named Sungjae as the ‘B’ guy, as he seems to fit the blind item description the best. However, the international netizen thought otherwise and named other boy groups which hd members who could possibly to be the ‘B’ guy, such like EXO, JJ Project, and VIXX.

Not only was he a rumored item with After School’s Nana, Sungjae was also involved in a dating rumor with AOA’s Seolhyun. Through the netizen’s assumption, the story goes that Sungjae and Seolhyun began to date in early 2015 until they broke up in March 2016 because of Block B’s Zico whom Seolhyun went out with in public in August 2016. The several pieces of evidence regarding Sungjae and Seolhyun’s dating relationship were brought out by the netizens, such as at the ending of KBS ‘Gayo Daechukje’ in 2015; idol groups and singers like Ailee, BTS, and VIXX who tried to let Sungjae and Seolhyun be close to each other; Sungjae who keeps asking his fans whether he looks like a prince during BtoB’s concert in 2015, referring that Seolhyun’s part on AOA’s ‘Heart Attack’ is “Oh my prince’; and Sungjae who posted the lyrics of One Direction’s History, which mainly talked about how the guy insisted that the relationship with his girlfriend is not finished yet because they are stronger than they initially thought.

On the other hand, Block B’s Zico, whom Seolhyun went out with publicly, pointed out in his song ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ that he will treat his crush (which refers to Seolhyun) nicely so that his crush’s obsessive ex-boyfriend (which refers to Sungjae) will be out of his crush’s hair. While singing this part, Zico’s ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ music video showed the subtle hints regarding Sungjae and Seolhyun’s past relationship on the digital clock.


As you can see, the first picture shows the time as ’12:00:52’ which many netizens thought referred to Sungjae’s birthday on 2 May, while the second picture shows the time as ’12:01:03’ which refers to Seolhyun’s birthday on 3 January. While this may be a stretch and just a pure coincidence, can we not help but feel amazed by this kind of allusion, dear readers?

sungjae sohyun

Besides his alleged dating rumors with After School’s Nana and AOA’s Seolhyun, Sungjae is also being rumored to be with his co-stars on television dramas and variety shows. The first female celebrity who got paired with Sungjae and rumored to be his lover is actress Kim So Hyun whom Sungjae met as a co-star on KBS ‘Who Are You (School 2015)’. Although in ‘Who Are You (School 2015)’. They did not end up as a final couple, but many people think that Sungjae and Kim So Hyun have better chemistry than the original couple that is Sohyun and actor Nam Joo Hyuk.

Moreover, Sungjae and Kim So Hyun often took a selfie to show their close friendship and they were involved in the same projects after their drama, such as magazine photoshoot and the popular drama ‘Goblin’ (despite the fact that they did not even act on a scene together in the drama). Don’t you think Sungjae and Sohyun look good together, dear readers?

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The second and also last female celebrity who got paired with Sungjae and rumored to be his lover is the member of Red Velvet’s Joy whom Sungjae met as his virtual wife on the fourth season of MBC ‘We Got Married’. Although their on-screen marriage on the show has ended, Sungjae and Joy are occasionally rumored to be the real couple by their shipper (people who want the canon (unreal) couple to be the true item). The wish of Sungjae and Joy’s shipper to see their pairing one more time came true on the 7th of August 2017 as MBC ‘Oppa Thought’ linking Red Velvet’s Joy as the ‘ex-girlfriend’ of Sungjae. In one segment, the MCs of the show surprised Sungjae by showing a message from his ‘ex-girlfriend’.

Soon after, a mysterious girl whose hair is red and wearing a pink flower headband said on a video that she is in a close oppa-dongsaeng (older brother and younger sister-like) friendship with Sungjae. During their time on a variety show, Sungjae advised the mysterious girl who is confused about what she has to do at that time by saying that the mysterious girl should not try hard to impress everyone and just be herself because everyone has their own unique vibe, including her. The mysterious girl thought that it was cute for Sungjae to act like an oppa (older brother) because he is only one year older than the girl.

At first, Sungjae seemed to have no clue about the girl who is dubbed to be his ‘ex-girlfriend’ but soon he seemed to recognize Red Velvet’s Joy who later greeted him with a smile and said that even though their virtual marriage has ended, she will always root for Sungjae in her heart. Joy concluded the video by hoping that she and Sungjae will stay close and she cheered on Sungjae. Aww, how sweet!