Profile of BtoB’s Lee Changsub: Family, Tattoos, and Facts


Changsub: the Pisces Boy from BTOB

BTOB or Born To Beat is a seven-member boy group that debuted in 2012 under Cube Entertainment. BTOB is known for having members with very unique and strange personalities. For example, Lee Changsub. Changsub is known as the member with the strongest charisma in BTOB, even other BTOB members do not know what the strongest charisma is within Changsub.

Members who have tend to dress in hip-hop styles, and bite their nails when they’re nervous become the members with the most bizarre habits. Let’s take a closer look at Lee Changsub from BTOB.

Profile of BTOB’s Lee Changsub


Name : Lee Chang Seob

Stage Name : Changsub

Date of Birth : February 26, 1991

Age : 26 years old

Position : Lead Vocalist

Height : 177 cm

Weight : 64 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Pisces

Blood Type : O

Hobbies : Listening to music, Drinking coffee

Education : Modern K Music Academy; Howon University, Major in Applied Music

Instagram : @lee_cs_btob

Twitter : @LeeCS_BTOB

Lee Changsub of BTOB’s Family

changsub family

Lee Changsub was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Before his debut with BTOB, he lived with his parents. He has one younger sister named Jungeun. Everyone in BTOB has posted photos of themselves in childhood with their family, including Changsub. He posted a photo from his childhood of him with his family. There are photos taken by his mother, photographs of him with his sister and mother, photos of him riding bikes with his sister, to the amazement of netizens there is even a really adorable photo of Changsub when he was tiny. There was even a photo of him being picked up by his father, and it was really very sweet.

Changsub isn’t the only strange one, but also his family. Goblin is one of the dramas starring BTOB member Sungjae, and because of Goblin, Sungjae’s is getting more popular. Sungjae even managed to steal the attention of Changsub’s family. On the January 26, 2017 airing of Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon, DJ Kim Shin Young asked the guests if their family members or nephews ever ask them about celebrities. VIXX’s Ken revealed that his cousins ​​always ask him about Park Bo Gum.

Next, Changsub answered, “Sungjae has gained great popularity due to ‘Goblin’, and they asked me for his autograph.” When asked if he actually got the autographs for them, Changsub replied, “No, I just give them mine.”


Since Sungjae’s popularity has increased, he has also become the talk of many people in Changsub’s family. Changsub admits he is a bit annoyed if his family talks about Sungjae and even asks for his autograph, but he is also pleased that with Sungjae’s growing popularity, more and more people are getting to know about BTOB.

Changsub is also the BTOB member who is closest to his family. In fact, he was a bit unwilling to leave his family for his BTOB debut but his mother assured him that they would be fine. When he gets time off, Changsub makes sure to go home and meet his family.

Facts About BTOB’s Lee Changsub

  1. His favorite color is black.
  2. He is good at rapping and beat-boxing.
  3. Changsub is good at cooking kimchi fried rice.
  4. He was a skateboarder.
  5. Changsub really like to brush his teeth.
  6. Changsub’s mother did not allow him to get more tattoos.
  7. He starred in musicals: “Boys over Flower”, “Napoleon”, and “Edgar Allen Poe”.
  8. His role models are Rain and Michael Jackson. “Rain sunbaenim once said ‘Everyone’s life will be in front of a clogged path at some time. Soon you will go through the tollgate and come onto the highway’. When I’m having hard times I remember this. And thus, along with his motto ‘Things are only difficult right now’ .
  9. He is close to all A pink members.
  10. His promises his future girlfriend he will “Buy you the best food, would not compare you and other girls, because my woman is the best. Even if I can’t promise that forever, but I will try my best, like the first time we met.”
  11. His ideal type is someone with a small, egg-shaped face with long, straight hair or wavy curls, who wears sports shoes, has a height 165cm, s line, smiley eyes, someone who is more lively than him, and thinks before acting, doesn’t put on thick make up, milky white skin, who leads him on, someone who will go with him to busan’s haeundae to look at the sea and eat sashimi, who will go to awesome places to have coffee together, and someone to eat pork soup and rice with at night.
  12. He is left-handed.
  13. Changsub is in charge of the aegyo.
  14. His favorite number is 27.
  15. Changsub’s motto is “Things are only difficult now”.
  16. Changsub is the BTOB member who needs the most sleep.
  17. Changsub likes sexy girls with barely open eyes.
  18. He can play the drums and the piano.
  19. He is the only one with the blood type “O” among BTOB members.
  20. He wants to get married at the age of 22 and have one son.

Lee Changsub of BTOB’s Tattoos

Tattoo is a sign made on the body of a person that has a certain meaning. Many Korean idols get tattoos on their bodies, even more than one. Including the lead vocalist of BTOB, Lee Changsub. Changsub has about three tattoos on his body, and his mother will not allow Changsub to get anymore tattoos. Melody (a fan of BTOB) sees Changsub showing off his tattoos as a sexy and hot gesture. Melody does not object to Changsub’s decision to have a tattoo.

On his shoulder, he has the words “Do not be defeated from yourself”

On his chest, he has “Make a change” (along with a drawing of a clock)

On his forearm: “So do not be dismayed, for I’m your God” with a cross drawing (It’s from the Bible Isaiah 41:10). His clock tattoo also stands for their debut day (it reads 3:21 which stands for March 21st).

changsub tattoo

Even in concert, Changsub shows off his sexy body, and the tattoos on his body that invited screams from BTOB’s fans.