Here’s the Story of BT21: Expanding Worldwide, Loved by Many People

BT21 name

BT21: Created by BTS and Trending Ever Since

BTS and trending are two things that can’t be separated. Whenever BTS release something or simply do something, they immediately turn into a trending topic. They are pretty much the talk of the town. With the high popularity ranking and strong influence in the world, LINE FRIENDS collaborating with BTS created the project LINE FRIENDS CREATOR by creating avatars that can convey the physical appearance of the artists.

From this project, BTS then created a sketch of the character, then the designer team helped to turn the rough sketch into the character we know now, BT21. The BT21 project started in 2017 and since its launch, the character has captured the hearts of youths around the world. The name BT21 was inspired by Suga who thought that the character represents BTS very well and the 21st Century so they could live for the next 100 years.

There are 8 characters of BT21 and each character represents a member of BTS: let’s get to know each character of BT21!

BTS Member BT21 Character
Jin RJ
Jimin Chimmy
V Tata
Suga Shooky
RM Koya
J-Hope Mang
Jungkook Cooky


BTS’s Jin: RJ

BT21 name

Jin created the BT21 character named RJ. RJ is an alpaca who often wears a red parka because he catches colds easily. RJ is a kind and loving alpaca who loves cooking. Aside from cooking he also likes eating. He has a fluffy fur coat and a compassionate soul that makes everyone feel at home.

Jin had been long doodling alpaca before the collaboration happened. When he could finally bring the character to life, he felt excited about it. Jin’s similarity to an alpaca is uncanny especially when he eats. It’s also confirmed by other BTS members that Jin looks like alpaca.

BTS’s Jimin: Chimmy

BT21 name

While Jin created a character based on an alpaca, Jimin created a playful puppy in yellow named Chimmy. Jimin thought that a puppy is an animal that can represent BTS because they love to hang out and be active, so they remind him of a puppy. The character Chimmy who has chubby cheeks reminds people of Jimin when he first debuted in BTS.

Chimmy is a playful puppy who is pure at heart. Chimmy wears a yellow hoodie and is always working hard on anything that catches his attention.

BTS’s V: Tata

BT21 name

Tata is the mastermind behind the BT21 Universe. He is the Crown Prince of BT Planet. Tata is an alien with transforming powers. The character Tata with a huge heart-shaped head was created by V. Tata has limbs that can bend and stretch into weird lengths and shapes. V had been drawing the Tata character for a while so he wanted the character to be unique and cute.

With a heart-shaped head, V created Tata with the hope that Tata can help those who have low self-esteem so they can gain confidence; V also thought that Tata’s role is to become the missing piece that fills what each other lack.

BTS’s Suga: Shooky

BT21 name

Shooky is a cookie with a badass attitude. This character was created by Suga. When Suga first drew the character for LINE FRIENDS, he actually drew his dog Holly, but Holly looks similar to other characters. Suga then decided to draw Holly’s expression and the LINE designer made the Shooky character according to Suga’s drawing.

Shooky is a mini prankster and loves to pull pranks, especially on friends. Shooky is friends with Cooky and the thing Shooky hates most is milk.

BTS’s RM: Koya

BT21 name

RM loves koalas because he thinks koalas are cute, which is why at the initial stage he drew pages of koalas. RM’s character in BT21 is a blue koala named Koya. Koya is a sleepy Koala with removable ears. Koya has a purple nose as purple is the color that represents love.

Koya is brilliant and multitalented. Koya loves to take naps, especially when Koya’s mind is heavily filled with thoughts.

BTS’s J-hope: Mang

BT21 name

J-hope’s character named Mang has several meanings in Korean. It can be translated as to fail or hope (huimang). Mang is a dancing pony who keeps his face hidden in a mask. The mask Mang wears has a nose that is shaped like a heart, similar to J-Hope’s lips that form a heart when he laughs.

Mang loves music and whenever there’s music, Mang would make cool moves.

BTS’s Jungkook: Cooky

BT21 name

The pink rabbit who loves to work out is the character created by Jungkook. With the name Cooky, this character is able to transform into a huge muscle when he gets angry. With the strong appearance and boundless stamina, Cooky is a character that can be counted on.

Cooky always has chocolate chip cookies and Cooky is also friends with Shooky.



The last character of BT21 is specially created by the LINE designer. Van is a grey and white space robot that always protects BT21. This character represents ARMY as the ones who always protect BTS. Van is a knowledgeable robot that knows about everything in the galaxy.

BT21’s popularity led the characters to become icons for several brands like Dunkin Donuts, Uniqlo, and Converse. The cute characters surely can attract people regardless of their age. So who is your favorite BT21 character?