Learn More About Brown Eyed Soul’s Young-jun’s Full Profile, Solo Debut, Discography, and Recent News

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The Cool Sub-vocalist of Brown Eyed Soul, Young-jun

Are you a K-pop fan but are bored with the same K-pop songs that you listen to? Well, you have to check out the Korean vocal group, Brown Eyed Soul. In this article, we will be talking about one of the members of Brown Eyed Soul. It’s Young-jun, the sub-vocalist of Brown Eyed Soul.

Young-jun is a South Korean singer in the group Brown Eyed Soul under Next Music. He also launched his debut solo album Easy on January 20, 2012.

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Brown Eyed Soul’s Young-jun’s Full Profile

brown eyed soul young jun profile

Stage Name: Young-jun
Birth Name: Go Young-jun
Birthday: December 28, 1978
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 187 cm (5’11″)
Birth Place: Eunpyeong-gu, South Korea
Blood Type: O type
Twitter: @yjhkewdh

Facts About Young-jun:

  • Brown Eyed Soul’s Young-jun is a regular guest along with Lady Jane on a radio broadcast, “Kan Mi-yeon’s Close Friend” on MBC FM4U.
  • Brown Eyed Soul’s Young-jun was known as the ‘biggest guy on the group’. However, he said that he went on a diet several times.
  • All members of Brown Eyes Soul have great voices but Young-jun’s voice is standing out with his deep-bass tone.
  • Brown Eyed Soul’s Young-jun is rumored to have judo experience in his school days.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Young-jun’s Career Journey

brown eyed soul young jun profile

Youngjun is cultivating his journey step by step. He started with a small boy group called TEAM. He also entered the spotlight in some television series called Potato Star, Love Frequency, High Kick! 3, and Lovers of Music.

In 2003, Youngjun showed his creativity by releasing his self-titled album. This also brought him into collaboration with other successful artists in South Korea such as Girls’ Generation’s  Seohyun and Lee Hyori.

Moreover, Youngjun was appointed to be a judge in a rapper survival show called Superstar K season 4.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Youngjun’s Solo Debut

brown eyed soul young jun profile

Youngjun released his solo album Easy on January 20, 2012. The album is under the Nex Music label and gained rank 10 on the music chart. The sales were around 1,547. Isn’t that cool?

Brown Eyed Soul’s Young-jun’s Solo Song, “Pray”

brown eyed soul young jun profile

This song is one of the songs from his solo album Easy called “You and the Flower.” The pop music and rap from Simon D really make this song chic and easy to listen to. Starting your day with this song could be a wise thing to do!

His vocals are also manly yet so melodic. Can you hear his R&B vibes?

This song is also a happy song to hype you up. You can dance and be ecstatic while listening to the song “Pray.” Again, Youngjun collaborated with the skilled rapper Simon. D. You’ll love it so check this song out!


That’s all of the information about Youngjun and his career journey. Let’s keep supporting him with everything he works on. You can check out other articles from Channel Korea to keep you updated on the news about your favorite Korean celebrities. Don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your thoughts below!