South Korean Band, Brown Eyed Soul: Profile, Discography, Debut Era, Etc.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Debut Era

brown eyed soul

Are you curious about what Brown Eyed Soul looked like when they were still in their debut era? Let’s take a look at the more detailed explanation in the section below.

Debut Stage

Brown Eyed Soul debuted with the release of a single titled “Did We Really Love?” (Hangul: 정말 사랑 했을까) and had set a record by getting the highest top rank on KBS. The ballad song sung by the four members of Brown Eyed Soul can steal the attention of many people. This song was also sung as a tracklist of their concert, Brown Eyed Soul Christmas Concert Live 2007.

The four members harmonized well with each other in performing this song so that the message contained in this song could be delivered well and reached the heart of each fan.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Stage Performance

At the end of 2011, when this live album was released, Brown Eyed Soul were preparing for another luxury concert. Brown Eyed Soul’s Soul Live concert was held in Ilsan from December 24th to December 25th. It means that fans could see their favorite band through a live album and two times of happiness that they can experience their performance at the concert site. After that, Brown Eyed Soul held a concert in Seoul that started on January 28th and went on till January 29th, 2012.

The songs that were delivered were also some of the top hits from Brown Eyed Soul, one of which was “Did We Really Love?” their debut single at that time. With the nuances of the ballad song, the fans who were present at the concert seemed to really enjoy the songs sung by the members. All the members also look cool wearing matching black suits and ties.

Some of the performances of Brown Eyed Soul can be seen through their concerts, which are always successful in bringing thousands of spectators who enjoy their performances.

One of the singles from Brown Eyed Soul, titled “My Story,” which was popularized in 2007 was also on the tracklist performed at their concert a few years ago. It can be seen from the video above, that many fans attended the concert and sang along with the song which was one of the top hits of Brown Eyed Soul at that time. You could say that the four members are very good at singing ballad and R&B songs. Like their group name, Brown Eyed Soul gave an optimal performance and immersed in every song that was sung.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Solo Concert

brown eyed soul

Brown Eyed Soul held a concert at the Yonsei University Open-Air Theater in Seoul on October 5th and 6th, 2019, under the same title as their half album, it took place once again at the open-air theater following the last spring concert. Many audiences visited the concert hall to listen to the songs from the album released in four years, and Brown Eyed Soul sold out all seats of 15,000 seats on both days, showing once again the performance of the group.

Brown Eyed Soul created a different atmosphere by showing a variety of stage devices along with a special selection suitable for the autumn atmosphere. In particular, for the first time, this performance was decorated with a special stage composition where you can feel the harmony of the four Brown Eyed Souls without a solo stage.

Brown Eyed Soul opened the show with the title of this performance and the intro song of the half album It’ Soul Right as the opening act. It was a perfect opening stage with the expression “It’ Soul Right” from the mature performances of the best sessions in Korea, gorgeous stage devices, and special videos that match the genre of Blaxploitation.

brown eyed soul

On the stage that followed, they sang “Brown City,” a song that deeply felt the emotions of autumn, and “Can’t Stop Loving You” with an exciting atmosphere that made you forget even the chilly weather, raising the heat of the venue. Immediately, it made the atmosphere of the concert hall sweet by showing off the stage of “Love Ballad” from the 3rd regular album and “Right” (Feat. SOLE), the pre-release song of the half album released in September 2019.

brown eyed soul

As it was a tour concert that took place with the release of the half album, the album’s title track, “Night and Day,” as well as “Your Song” (Motown Lover) and “When the Rain Stops,” did not leave out the stage of new songs. Brown Eyed Soul played the stage of the new song in perfect harmony and brought out the hot cheers of the fans.

brown eyed soul

In this performance, not only the stage of a new song, but also the stage of “Promise You” and “Life & Love Are The Same” (Feat. Jung In), which were shown after a long time since the performance in 2007, and “Rainy,” which is the first live song from their 3rd regular album. “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin was sung as a male version, and a special selection was followed by a live performance with SungHoon’s piano performance.

brown eyed soul

The bridge video, which was organized in the form of a Q&A interview that could give a glimpse of each member’s individuality, was also indispensable to the performance. In the video, various questions were answered to learn more about Brown Eyed Soul members, which are not normally seen in a broadcast, they were pleasantly contained, so there was no end to the laughter of the audience.

brown eyed soul

Brown Eyed Soul sang “I Really Loved You,” a representative song that reminds the fans of memories, and the audience who filled the concert hall responded to the song together with the song by making bright lights with cell phone lights.

brown eyed soul

Following this, the encore stage, the highlight of Brown Eyed Soul’s performance, continued, and the audience who visited the concert hall in autumn, deepening by singing a total of three songs, “Always Be There,” “I Wish You That Kind Of Person,” and “My Story,” where the harmony of the four members stands out more.

brown eyed soul

Well, that was the full profile of the South Korean R&B group Brown Eyed Soul. It cannot be denied that Brown Eyed Girls is arguably a successful band in the South Korean music industry and also has many loyal fans to date. Let’s keep giving Brown Eyed Soul lots of support and love so they can continue releasing new music and songs as soon as possible!