Brown Eyed Soul’s Ahn Jungyup: Full Profile, Solo Debut, Marriage, Recent News

Brown Eyed Soul’s Ahn Jungyup’s Solo Debut

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

Jungyup, who made his debut as a member of Brown Eyed Soul in 2003, said that it took him 10 years to debut. Of course, it wasn’t like he was a trainee at a major agency, but 10 years of being in the music industry until he got the chance to become a solo artist in the middle of his career with the group, Brown Eyed Soul. He has built his career up from the deep pits and he is also considered indispensable to be from a famous naval promotion group in Korea.

Jungyup released his 1st album titled Thinkin’ Back On Me on November 3rd, 2008, with the lead single “You Are My Lady”. Pop-type songs that are easy to listen to were mainly made. If you listen carefully, his delicate expressiveness and attractive voice can easily be heard.

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

Jungyup also has a skill that unfolds like moderation, which is another attraction of this album. Especially when listening to Jungyup’s songs, the lyrics are really good beyond words.

Jungyup released his second solo album Part 1: Me on October 11th, 2011. At the same time, rumors that Jungyup is gay and is not interested in women started circulating on the Internet for a while. Male fans who know him as gay and like him have also increased. “At first, I laughed off a little bit by saying, ‘It’s getting more popular, so rumors like this come up.’ But as I kept hearing about that, I didn’t feel good. I want to appeal to women of the opposite sex.” Regarding male fans, he carefully continued, saying, “I think I like it because I am manly and humane.”

The lead single from this album, “Flowing Tears” (Hangul: 눈물 나) is a song that fits the public’s sympathy and interest. “In the upcoming album Part II: No More Us we are planning to showcase various types of music such as rock, electronica, and soft folk songs,” Jungyup said.

When asked how MBC Radio Blue Night was broadcast for more than a year, he said, “DJing is my dream since childhood and I want to do well for a long time.”

At the same time, he said, “It is the hardest to have an ‘actor special feature’ inviting new actresses every week. Other people say it would be nice to meet the actress, but it’s not that they don’t know. Originally, I only contacted people I was close to, so I never asked for a phone number even when I met an actress. However, it is burdensome to prepare for an interview with the actress and lead the conversation freely. It’s much easier to be interviewed like now.”

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

“Of course, there are also men who like me with more advanced emotions. I also respect them because the world is where various people live. In the meantime, I haven’t strongly denied that ‘gay’ they might get hurt, but I’m a man who likes women,” Jungyup shared his feelings regarding the rumor saying that he is gay.

Jungyup said that he wants to become a singer who walks slowly in the future. “It wasn’t that I gained popularity at some point. As I walked steadily, at some point, I released an album with my name on it, and people recognized it. I hope it goes like a subtle fire, not a fire that suddenly burns. Like the lyrics of ‘Nothing Better’, I hope to continue singing and be loved as I do now, no more or less.”

Jungyup released his 3rd studio album titled Part II: No More Us on December 12th, 2012, with the title track “No More Us” (Hangul: 우리 는 없다). Compared to the album composed of the consistent theme of sadness in the first part, it can be said to be a big change. It contains a variety of pop numbers, hockey numbers, sad ballads, neo-souls, and remixed versions that combine electronic sounds.

“I think I’m going crazy when I think of the lyrics of the song. This song was made while thinking about the past, a relationship that you will never meet again. We met again after parting with a lover. It’s completely and really over. They said let’s think we were dead. It’s a really heartbreaking story,” Jungyup said. “No More Us” has Jungyup’s sweet voice and instruments for him raised the atmosphere.

Jungyup released his fourth solo album Merry Go Round on May 15th, 2015, with two lead singles, “My Valentine” and “Island” feat. Uniqnote. As soon as it was released, Lee Jong-suk who appeared as a model in the “My Valentine” music video that attracted a lot of hot interest captivated women’s hearts at once by making viewers flutter with a uniquely warm and lazy smile that harmonizes with the sweet voice of the best vocalist Eun-sob. In addition, it presents a different sensibility by capturing the man’s fluttering look with deeper eyes.


Brown Eyed Soul’s Jungyup’s OST For K-Dramas

On top of all this, Jungyup is also active in K-Drama soundtracks: he has sung songs for various dramas, such as “That Love” for The Doctors (2016), “Flutters” for The Sound of My Heart (2016), “Lean On You” for Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), and “Doors of Time” for When the Weather Is Fine (2020).

One of the last songs released by Jungyup in 2020 was the soundtrack for a K-Drama aired on JTBC, titled When the Weather Is Fine (Hangul: 날씨 가 좋으면 찾아가 겠어요) with lead actor Seo Kang-joon and lead actress Park Min-young. The song released on March 2nd, 2020, as Part 2 of the K-Drama soundtrack is titled “Doors of Time” (Hangul: 시간 의 문) by Jungyup, and the lyrics were composed by Banana, Clef Crew, and March.


Brown Eyed Soul’s Ahn Jungyup’s Marriage

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

On March 10th, 2020, Jungyup posted two photos on his fan café. In the photo, Jungyup looks at his wife with loving eyes, dressed in a neat robe. In particular, the smiling wife’s wedding dress is captivating.

Jungyup said on his fan café, “Is everyone getting along well in this difficult time? I used to come here every day, but maybe because of the uncomfortable world, I have a lonely energy. But we are naturally preparing for our return.”

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

Jungyup added, “I’m embarrassed, but I’ll upload a photo taken at the wedding. I want to show it to you guys. It was meaningful to be able to take it in my space.” Jungyup had his wedding ceremony on March 3rd, 2020, with no relatives or acquaintances, only family members attending. Jungyup and his wife have a 7-year age gap and met each other at the church, and the two of them turned into lovers through similarities such as religion, then eventually got married.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Ahn Jungyup’s Restaurant Appears in Itaewon Class

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

Until now there have been no recent activities or promotions from Jungyup after he married his wife in March 2020. In one of his interviews with Olive Magazine Korea, Jungyup explained that one of the restaurants he owns, Oriole, located in Itaewon, became famous after appearing in the highest-rated drama of 2020, Itaewon Class.

In March 2020, the restaurant became a hot topic. In the drama, Danbampocha is a store where Park Sae-roi was forced to relocate due to the interference of Chairman Dae-hee Jang, a rooftop overlooking the wonderful night view of Seoul, and a place where he talked about tomorrow with friends.

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

The actual location of Danbampocha is located in Oriol, which is famous for its rooftop café in Haebang Village. Oriole is a bistro and bazaar café opened by Jungyup in 2016. Thanks to the huge success of the drama, Oriol and also Jungyup, the president of Oriole, began to get more attention.

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

In June 2020, Jungyup reportedly opened his newest restaurant called Rinja Myeon-ok which is located in the same Haebang Village. “I like to cook noodles, so I go to eat a lot. I also evaluate it in my own way. Rinja Myeonok started because of Naengmyeon; I wanted to sell homemade noodles. Would people really like it? What about the reaction?”

Jungyup also said, “I wanted to make Rinja Myeonok into a ‘noodle-cooking fast food’ restaurant, just as the charm of our noodles that can be eaten quickly but enjoyably. That is why the table was finished with Korean paper, a lotus-shaped lamp was used, and a grid-shaped window frame was used.”

brown eyed soul ahn jung yup profile

He continued, “It’s cheap, but I wanted to be able to access it as easily as fast food enough for one meal. Korean noodles are just like that. Instead, with a younger sensation, it blends our own style well.” In the interview, Jungyup also said that he wants to try another store that was already on his plan since he likes meat and wanted to fulfill his dream that is full of affection and reflects his taste. “I want to name the restaurant soon to be called ‘Jungyup Meat House’,” he said.

Well, that’s the complete information about Brown Eyed Soul’s Ahn Jungyup, who has now become a successful solo artist with his musical career and is also happy with the marriage that took place in early 2020. With that, Jungyup can definitely receive the label as a senior entertainer in South Korea and also succeeded with his hard work and achievements in owning a famous restaurant. Let’s keep giving lots of support and love to Brown Eyed Soul and also to Ahn Jungyup!