Meet The Controversial Member of Brown Eyed Girl Son Ga-in





Brunch ft. Cho Hyung-woo

Truth or Dare

Nostalgia ft. Eric Mun

Fxxk You ft. Bumkey

A Tempo

Paradise Lost

Apple ft. Jay Park

Carnival (The Last Day)

Imi Oneun Sori with Minseo

Pray with Jeff Bernat


Ga-in’s Filmography


Gain also made an appearance in a sitcom drama and also a few movies.

Sitcom Drama

Year Title Role
2010 MBC All My Love For You Hwang Geum-ji



Year Title Role
2009 Closer to Heaven Seo Jin-hee
2014 The Huntresses Ga-bi
2015 Love Forecast Joon-soo’s ex-girlfriend (cameo)



We Got Married with Jo Kwon

instyle wedding

Together with 2AM’s leader Jo Kwon, Ga-in appeared on season 2 of the MBC show We Got Married. They appeared in episodes 10 through 69. They also received the Best Couple Award and the Best Newcomer Award at the 2010 MBC Entertainment Awards. With their intimate and cute relationship in the show, the couple gained the public’s love and were deemed the “Adam couple” (meaning a ‘petit couple’ in Korean).

The video below is the first episode of their appearance in the show together. Jo Kwon put a funny and unique performance on the first day of their meeting!

Ga-in looked so pretty in a wedding dress!

This was when they were on their honeymoon in Bali.

After they ended their virtual marriage, Ga-in visited Jo Kwon at his musical performance in May 2017.

Jo Kwon also invited Ga-in to performed together Ga-in’s song, “Bloom,” on MNet’s Golden Tambourine where Jo Kwon was a regular cast member of the show.

Plastic Surgery Rumors

On KBS’s Yoo Hee-yeol’s sketchbook, Ga-in shared the fact that Brown Eyed Girls’ agency has banned plastic surgery for her team. She added that they would prepare for their album healthily by taking care of their health and aging. People also talked about how Ga-in looked much better after promoting her Truth or Dare album. Many have suspected that Ga-in might have gone under the knife to enhance her jawline. But Ga-in explained that she hasn’t done any plastic surgery and said that her changing appearance had more to do with her age than with anything else. Look at Ga-in’s before and after debut photos below and tell us what you think!


kpop herald

Ga-in’s MV for her solo song, “Bloom,” became a hot topic of conversation at the time it was released, mainly because of the masturbation and bed scene. This is not her only song that has attracted the public’s attention and has become a hot topic. There is also her “Fxxk U” music video.

In 2017, Ga-in shared information about her mental health on her Instagram account. She revealed that she has been suffering from panic disorder, insomnia, anxiety, and other issues. Fortunately, she is currently receiving treatment and medication for it.

Ga-in was in an on and off relationship with actor Joo Ji-hoon before finally breaking up in 2017. Joo Ji-hoon plays the role of the model in her controversial “Fxxk U” music video. Prior to the breakup, she posted that Joo Ji-hoon’s friend had offered her marijuana, on her Instagram. She wrote, “As you all may already know, I am the girlfriend of an ex-junkie (of course, as far as I know, he has already undergone punishment and is currently living diligently). But even though I am his girlfriend, Joo Ji-hoon‘s friend, Park Jung-wook, had the audacity to suggest me to try marijuana. To be honest. I almost fell for it since I’m not in the right mental state. However, I have been clean all my life and will not touch that stuff until it is legalized. I am already on morphine legally. So, you guys can all go smoke marijuana and go to jail or get really super sick and get on morphine, like me.”

Most Recent News

There’s no information for her upcoming project, for now, it seems that Ga-in is still in recovery, healing her mental health, but you can always follow her Instagram profile to learn more about her activities and support her on @songain87. Here are some of her recent posts: