BREAKING NEWS: TST’s Yo-han Dies At The Age Of 28

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After Yohan’s death, a TST fan made a post in an online community. In the post, the fan expressed his sadness over the death of Yohan. In addition, he also revealed that a fan stated that Yohan had hoped that the song “Paradise” released by TST in 2018 would make the group famous.

“I suddenly heard the news of his death on June 16th,” read the post. “On May 29th, he is still performing Vlive and no one is worried about him. It was revealed that in 2018, his wish was that the song they promoted, ‘Paradise,’ would make them famous.”

“I dreamed that this song would work well on the charts and that they would go up,” said a fan who posted this. “But that never happened and my heart hurt. It hasn’t been long since they were on Vlive, and I still can’t believe what just happened!”

Knowing this, netizens were very sad and grieving. They then praised the song “Paradise” as a good song. The netizens then encouraged the fans to be steadfast because their idol had just died.

“Paradise is a good song, I hope your heart finds peace,” said a netizen. “OP-ah is a strong person, huh,” added another. “I will listen to the song,” said another. “Be tough OP-ah. I can’t find anything else to say other than be strong,” said another netizen. “’Paradise’ is a great song, why don’t I know about this work, I will listen to it all the time!”

Those are all the details about TST’s Yohan’s death. Although there is still no complete news about the reasons and the chronology of how Yohan died, let’s pray that he will be accepted in heaven and now he is calm without any obstacles or disturbance. Let’s continue to support the other TST members so they can be strong in facing Yohan’s departure and hopefully their future careers will be more successful.