Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’ Going Viral after Its Release over 4 Years Ago!

Brave Girls Re-Promoting “Rollin'” on Music Shows

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It’s up to the agency whether they want to promote their artists’ songs or not. Usually, artists promote their songs in music shows for around 4 to 6 weeks. According to sources, K-pop agencies don’t get paid for music show performances. And, they have to bring their own props which, of course, costs a lot.

However, Brave Girls who released their songs in 2017 returned to the music shows due to high demand from fans. Not only their original fans, but former Korean army members and new fans also want to see them. So, let’s check out the performances of “Rollin'” in music shows!

Let’s check out the interview of Brave Girls in some music shows! They are so happy to finally be able to see Brave Girls’ fans, Fearless!

They also wore a military outfit. Brave Girls must be loving their Korean army fans so much. Thanks to them, their song became a big hit around the country!

Brave Girls also performed on the radio. It’s so good to see them performing happily. Their fans must be so happy, too!

What do you think about Brave Girls’ performance on music shows? The song might have been released for over four years, but it lasts forever!

SNSD’s Taeyeon Reacts to Brave Girls’ “Rollin'”

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Everybody loves “Rollin’.” Everybody really means everybody because the whole nation fell for “Rollin’.” Even Taeyeon from SNSD is included. When Taeyeon did a Live on March 18, 2021, she said that she was already a fan of the song when it was released. Taeyeon even has cover songs, and “Rollin'” is one of the songs she covered.

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“The song has been good ever since it released for the first time. Why did everyone just pay attention to it now?” she said jokingly. Even Taeyeon sang a bit of “Rollin'” when she did the Live. It’s really good that Taeyeon supports Brave Girls’ “Rollin’!”


Well, it’s a wrap, everyone! It’s a pleasure for us to introduce to you Brave Girls’ viral song “Rollin’.” Even though Brave Girls debuted in 2011, they are just now becoming a big hit. Luckily they didn’t give up yet, and one of their songs became a song liked all over the country. Brave Girls has good songs besides “Rollin'” that you can check it, too! Share your love and support for Brave Girls in the comment section below!