Brand New Girl (2018) by Twice

twice brand new girl

Brand New Girl (2018) by Twice

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Candy Pop
Release Date February 23, 2018
Length 3:30
Label Warner Music Japan
Songwriter Na.Zu.Na
Composer Na.Zu.Na, Michael Yano (M.I), and Yu-ki Kokubo
Genre J-pop


The year 2018 was one of the busiest years for Twice, especially in Japan. This can be seen from the number of songs they released in Japan since officially debuting in Japan in 2017. And, mostly, the songs that they released in Japan received good responses both from their fans and the public, just like for the song entitled “Brand New Girl” which was included as the second track on Twice’s 2nd Japanese maxi single, Candy Pop.

Both the song and the CD single that were released by Warner Music Japan on February 7, 2018, were well received and achieved many things on the charts. Let’s find more details and information about this song in this article together.

Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Brand New Girl” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account.

Here is the full instrumental version of Twice’s “Brand New Girl” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account.

Background of “Brand New Girl”

Just 2 months after releasing the first Japanese maxi single, Twice made an announcement on December 22, 2017, that they will release the 2nd Japanese maxi single called Candy Pop where “Brand New Girl” was also included as the second track. Twice also revealed some of the photo teasers for the new track.

As the second track for Twice’s 2nd Japanese maxi single, “Brand New Girl” was also selected as the commercial music for Line’s Clova Friends speaker which made this song have its own music video. The full music video was uploaded on February 22, 2018, on Twice Japan’s official YouTube channel alongside “Candy Pop” as the lead single.

Just like any other song from Twice, “Brand New Girl” was also released both as a digital single and with a physical version. The digital single was pre-released on Line Music on January 23, 2018, 11 days after the lead single “Candy Pop.” It was pre-released on different online music platforms as a digital single. The physical version was released on February 7, 2018, for both songs.

Before the official music video of “Brand New Girl” by Twice was released by Warner Music Japan, they released the 2 other versions, the audio and instrumental versions. Both of those videos were uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account on February 6, 2018. The audio version of “Brand New Girl” has gained 621,426 views and 6,980 likes. The instrumental version has gained 20,324 views and 888 likes.

Here is the photo teaser of “Brand New Girl” by Twice.

The Group Photo Teaser

twice brand new girl

Story of “Brand New Girl”

The amazing people behind the successful “Brand New Girl” by Twice include Na.Zu.Na who previously wrote the lyrics for Twice’s song entitled “L.O.V.E.” She was in charge of almost anything for this song. Starting with writing the lyrics, the arrangement and composing of the music were done alongside Michael Yano (M.I) and Yu-ki Kokubo. The producer for this song was J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul.”

Through the song “Brand New Girl,” Twice and the songwriters, Na.Zu.Na and Yu-ki Kokubo, try to convey a message of enthusiasm for the girls to start their day and life to be a better one. And, to make this happen, you can start with the smallest things like starting the day with a happy heart and a smile on your face.

Also, always remember that whatever happens in your life, nothing happens forever. Each thing has its own time. Therefore, do not give up easily when trouble comes. Hypnotize yourself by saying good and positive things so you can be excited again and start with a new spirit as well.

MV of “Brand New Girl”

Different from any other second track from Twice that usually does not get an official MV, “Brand New Girl” through Warner Music Japan released an official MV that was uploaded on Twice Japan’s official YouTube channel on February 22, 2018. The MV was directed by Jimmy of BS Picture, the same team that previously produced Twice’s other MV “TT (Japanese Ver.).”

As always, the MV of “Brand New Girl” by Twice was colorful like their previous MVs. The MV starts with Twice’s members getting ready for a new day with beautiful outfits and makeup. It includes them waking up in pajamas and getting ready with beautiful outfits, perfect makeup, and smiles on their faces. They look so happy and are enjoying each other while dancing to the song and the music.

The MV of “Brand New Girl” from Twice has gained 36,683,252 views and 516,001 likes since it was first uploaded on YouTube.

Here is the full MV of “Brand New Girl” by Twice.

“Brand New Girl” Performance

For the live performances, Twice performed “Brand New Girl” for the first for their Twice Showcase Live Tour 2018 “Candy Pop” alongside the lead single “Candy Pop” that started in Seto, Aichi, on January 19, 2018. Twice also performed “Brand New Girl” on TBS’s Count Down TV on February 3 and 10 respectively alongside “Candy Pop.” And, we have prepared the live performance videos of “Brand New Girl” by Twice that you can watch here.

“Brand New Girl” by Twice Live Stage From Showcase Live Tour 2018

“Brand New Girl” by Twice Live Stage From Day Dream Concert at Tokyo Dome

“Brand New Girl” by Twice Live Stage From BDZ Tour

“Brand New Girl” by Twice Live Stage From Concert Twiceland (Fancam Version)

“Brand New Girl” Achievement

The achievements that Twice gained with “Brand New Girl” were kind of a lot. The song achieved some positions on the charts.

Here are the details of the “Brand New Girl” achievements on song charts.

Song Charts

Chart Date Peak Position
Japan Line Music Monthly Chart February 1, 2018 28
Japan Line Music February 3, 2018 31
Japan Line Music February 4, 2018 43
Malaysia iTunes February 7, 2018 3
Billboard Japan Hot 100 February 15, 2018 66
Melon Chart (J-POP) February 25, 2018 9
Line Music Year End Chart December 26, 2018 17