All About BP Rania Members: Profile, Discography, Controversies, and Much More!


Shirt Lifting

During their promotion period of “Make Me Ah,” BP Rania attended many music shows to perform. But, their comeback this time drew controversy. This was because of their controversial choreography. In the middle of the song, they lifted up their shirts, flashing their bodies.


They instantly became a hot topic among netizens. Many people praised them for their braveness and confidence, but many people also threw negative feedback saying that the choreography was not necessary and was too much. What do you guys think?

Alex’s Departure and Her Struggle as an African-American Idol

BP Rania got their name talked about a lot after the new member line-up was revealed. When Alex was introduced in the new line-up, many people showed their support to the first African-American to debut in K-pop. Alex joined the group after the old members decided to leave (except Yoo-min), and she became the leader of the group.

However, Alex’s career in the group was not as good as people’s expectations. Fans started to smell the problem between Alex and the agency when she didn’t participate in a whole performance. In the middle of the song, she left the stage until the end of the song. Their choreographer explained that Alex did not participate in the whole song because her position was as the rapper. Of course, this clarification was not easily accepted by fans until, finally, the choreographer spoke up again that that was because Alex had problems with the work ethic.

Hearing this, Alex tweeted through her Twitter account. According to her, what the choreographer said was wrong. Reading her tweets, fans got mad and accused DR Music Entertainment of being racist. Not long after the racism rumor spread wide, DR Music Entertainment declared that it had nothing to do with racism and everything was simply because of work ethic.

In April, Alex tweeted on her twitter account again saying that she heard news about her being kicked out of the group, but it turned out that the rumor was brought up by a fake account. However, not long after that, Alex was really announced to be officially leaving the group.

After the announcement of her departure, Alex uploaded a video for A1STs and her fans for giving her support and strength. Check out her video below.

The group is currently not active. Their latest comeback was Start a Fire. Let’s check out the music video!