Learn More About Boys24 Contestant Yonghyun: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Latest News

boys24 yonghyun profile

Everything You Should Know About Boys24 Contestant Kim Yong-hyun

Many people in South Korea, especially teenagers, want to start their career as K-Pop idols so that many opportunities can be taken when it comes to the entertainment industry. Not only that, some teenagers have even decided to become trainees so that they can quickly debut as idols in a group or as solo artists. This is commonplace because South Korea also provides many opportunities for people to debut and become K-Pop idols.

Survival shows are also increasingly being broadcast and feature pre-debuts or trainees who are ready to debut, one of which is Boys24, a show formed by CJ E&M. In this article, we are going to provide you with detailed information about one of the contestants of Boys24, which is Kim Yong-hyun. Do you know him? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more in this article below!

Boys24’s Yonghyun’s Full Profile

boys24 yonghyun profile

Real Name: Kim Yong-hyun (Hangul: 김용현)

Stage Name: Yong-hyun (Hangul: 용현)

Date of Birth: September 13th, 1996

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 174 cm (5’8″)

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Official Sites:

Fun Facts

  1. Boys24’s Yong-hyun was in the unit Blue, Black, and Sky
  2. Boys24’s Yong-hyun used to be the leader of Unit Sky
  3. Boys24’s Yong-hyun is really close with former Boys24 contestants Park Doha and Oh Jin-seok (OBON)
  4. Boys24’s Yong-hyun has the cutest eye smile
  5. Boys24’s Yong-hyun is an amazing dancer
  6. Boys24’s Yong-hyun was the 6th member to join the promotional Unit Black and released a single album, Steal Your Heart, which was released on April 11th, 2017
  7. Boys24’s Yong-hyun was a backup dancer for BTS
  8. Boys24’s Yong-hyun was a dancer in the Auspicious Crew
  9. Boys24’s Yong-hyun joined an audition for MIXNINE but he didn’t pass
  10. Boys24’s Yong-hyun debuted as a solo artist named R1AN on June 23rd, 2020

Boys24’s Yonghyun’s Visual

boys24 yonghyun profile

Being an idol usually does have a standard in terms of visuals, where every trainee who is preparing for debut looks beautiful or handsome. Not only naturally, but visuals that look perfect can also be achieved by doing facial treatments or also plastic surgery.

In this session, we invite you to take a closer look into the sea of information about Boys24’s Yong-hyun’s visual!

As already written in the fun facts, you can see that Boys24’s Yong-hyun seems to have the best eye smile and it is often shown in front of his fans. From the photo we can see above, Boys24’s Yong-hyun is seen posing with his hands forming a V-finger pose and also smiling at the camera. The fans who follow Boys24 must also be very aware of Yong-hyun’s charming eye smile, right?

boys24 yonghyun profile

If you pay attention, Boys24’s Yong-hyun really likes to pose with a V-finger pose and is very friendly in front of the camera. He always provides the best fan service for his fans, even if only by posing so that fans can also capture the moment very well.

boys24 yonghyun profile

Not only that, the visual appearance of Boys24’s Yong-hyun, which is very charming, is also enhanced when seeing his appearance on stage. Being an idol is a pretty tough job, especially when it comes to performing. They have to do their best every time they appear in front of fans and the public. In the photo above, Boys24’s Yong-hyun, who is seen wearing an all-black outfit like the other members, looks very charismatic when starting his performance.

boys24 yonghyun profile

Not only that, but Boys24’s Yong-hyun was also caught making funny faces several times and was seen often joking with other members. Even though he was on stage, Boys24’s Yong-hyun was not shy in showing his very humorous and funny nature. This is also one of the reasons why he has a lot of fans and also an adorkable personality.

boys24 yonghyun profile

Being one of the K-Pop idols also has a huge influence. What does it mean if a K-Pop idol who has debuted is not friendly with his fans? Thus, every K-Pop idol also has the responsibility to always say hello or just take a photo for a moment as a form of interaction.

boys24 yonghyun profile

The fashion style used by Boys24’s Yong-hyun also looks more like it has boyfriend material vibes, right? You can see the photo above; one of the contestants who was born in 1996 looks like he has broad shoulders and is also a very tall figure. Without prompting, fans might have been traveling with the imagination that Boys24’s Yong-hyun who looks very cute wearing glasses and also this very boyfriend-able outfit already looks like your boyfriend, doesn’t he?

What do you think about Boys24‘s Yong-hyun’s visual?